15 Ways to get business

Having launched new businesses, before you get the momentum built up of hot leads coming in on the daily, you’ve got to hustle to get in front of prospects and find new work.  Here is a list of 15 ways to get business that might help inspire you to find some fresh clients!

  1. Client referrals:  Don’t let those past clients go dormant.  Be sure to stay in front of past clients and ask for referrals of people that might need your services.
  2. Facebook:  Posting a healthy balance of personal and business on your personal facebook page will get you in front of prospective clients and people who might look for business for you.
  3. Facebook Ads:  You can target specific demographics on facebook to get in front of the right people – potential new clients with a low commitment.
  4. Instagram:  Posting consistently and hashtagging properly can get you discovered by new clients.
  5. Pinterest:  Posting consistently depending on your market will get you in front of the right clients.
  6. Email Marketing:  All of your contacts should be in an CRM and you should be sending out relevant information to promote yourself and your business.
  7. Print Advertising:  Targeting the right print ads might be a great way to get in front of your target market.
  8. Other businesses like yours:  Even your competitors might refer business your way.  Expect to pay a referral fee.
  9. Networking:  Getting out there and staying connected with people you already know, or meeting new people.
  10. Mailers:  Depending on your niche, this might be a great way to get in front of people with an offer.
  11. Blogging:  Educating and providing content is king!
  12. Friends + Family:  Every contact is a source for referrals.  Stay in touch, stay in touch!
  13. Trade Shows:  Hit it with a big bang, but be sure you have an offer, a way to collect lead information and an amazing, impressive presence.
  14. Volunteering:  Get out there and give your time and resources.
  15. Online Groups:  Be the go to expert in your field.

There are so many places and ways of getting business.  I’d love to hear what your favorite is, or if we didn’t get it on our list, what we should add on!

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