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4 Tips to Maximize Your Morning

If you’re a morning person like me, you know how important a morning routine is and how it affects productivity.  Here are 4 tips to maximize your morning and make you more efficient!


When you have the most energy you need to take advantage of that and put it in action.  I’ve adopted a morning routine of starting off by working out, getting ready, eating breakfast and then into my daily work.  I found that if I said I’d work out later in the day, it simply wouldn’t happen because I got tired.  You should know yourself and what works and doesn’t work to make sure you are harnessing your energy levels.


The more habitual you are in your tasks, the more likely they are to get done.  Have you heard the phrase “eat that frog?”  That’s the one thing you need to get done that you necessarily don’t want to do, but need to do.  The point is to get it done and over with so you don’t lose track of the most income producing energy during your day.


With all of our technology and falling victim of opening that Facebook tab, tell yourself you get 10 minutes on the “book,” and be off.  This can drastically cut into production hours, but if you cap it, it simply can’t get the best of you.


Not literally, but seriously – how much time are you wasting on emails that aren’t generating you income?  I used to live in my inbox – not anymore!  I now block off time in my schedule to address emails – but not stay in there all day.

I hope these 4 tips to maximize your morning help you stay focused and producing as much as you can in your peak performance time!  What morning habits have you adopted to make your mornings more efficient?

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