Creating Home Together

Now that the wedding is complete, you might be asking… What’s next?  With new wedding gifts and possibly the merging of your homes (if you weren’t already living together), what more exciting project than turning your house into a home!  Maybe you’re looking to spend more time really defining your home and style as a married couple to make it a bit more sophisticated.  Here are a few tips to make the process an easy transition!  Love the images in this post?  Brittany Williams of The Sage Dove captured all of these lovely items from our inventory!

  1. Condense.  Go through your items to see if you need to dispose or donate duplicate items.  You don’t need two sets of sofas for your home, especially if they don’t match or fit into your space.  Maybe you got that new mixer you always dreamed of off your registry.  It’s time to part ways with the old and only keep items you really need and use.  Plus, so many others out there can benefit from your unwanted items collecting dust in your cabinets.  Try and tackle one room per weekend to keep things manageable.
  2. Organize + Systems.  Use this opportunity to organize life so that you’re using time efficiently, and have a process for your home.  What better way to avoid arguments than to agree on a system of organizing and how things around the house are going to be done?  If it’s a little extra effort to sort your laundry daily, trust me, it will keep you from going crazy on Sunday having to sort everything before the weekend ends and you’ve got to get back to work on Monday.  Come up with some ideas you both like to help make life around the house that much more enjoyable.
  3. Your Style.  This might be the toughest of all of the steps!  Choose a style for your home based on your looks combined.  You’ll most likely need to compromise on a look you both can live with.  Get involved together and share ideas via pinterest, magazine clip outs, etc.  Whatever you can do to help visualize the space and make it a collaborative effort.  Maybe one of you has more functionality requests, while the other cares more about the aesthetic (look) of the space.   Hear out the other person’s side, it’s important you’re working together as one!
  4. Shop.  Purchase items you truly need.  Now that you’ve cleaned out, organized and come up with a mutual look and design you are going for, go ahead an purchase in the pieces you need to complete the space.  It makes it so much easier knowing what you need if you already have it mapped out, and it prevents purchasing items you are going to not want and that don’t fit the design need upfront.
  5. Fun!  Have fun with it!  Take it to social media to see who’s color should win for the master bedroom.  Or, why you should chose a certain layout of a room?  It’s about working together to make your house a home!  Remember to keep things light, take consideration for the others point of view and making it together!

Hope this post keeps you inspired and trending forward as a married couple!  To get more ideas like this, sign-up for our Home + Lifestyle posts, below.