Home Submission

Home Submission….

Want your home, or event thrown at your home, to be featured on our blog?  We’d love to see where you live and the lifestyle you live!

Types of submissions we are currently accepting:

Home Tour // Outdoor Space // Specific Room // Office // Kid’s Room
Before + After // DIY Project // Interior Designer’s Projects // Home Party

Here’s how to submit for our home submission:

    • Submit 20-60 individual, professional (.jpg) images, no more than 5MB each, of your home or event thrown at your home.  Vertical images are preferable, with some horizontal mixed in.  We request images be at least 900 px wide.
    • Content:  Overall shots of your favorite interior spaces, outdoor spaces, small detail shots of your coffee table, home accents, food you’ve prepared for a backyard dinner or party, and details you use to decorate and make your space more inviting.  We want to see how your personal style shines through in the details you’ve selected for your home and the way you entertain in your home.
    • Please provide website url’s and social media handles of facebook and instagram of any vendors, photographers, interior designers or specialty furniture pieces you have purchased or custom made.
    • Basic Information:  Your name(s).  Where you live.  What you do for a living.
    • Favorite things to do in the city you live.
    • Inspiration:  Why you chose the colors you did.  What inspired the space you live in.  What’s your favorite room of your home + why.  Your favorite places to shop.  What unique elements have you included.  Did you work with any specialty artisans.  What has been your favorite part of the process.  What advice would you give to a new space owner.

We can’t wait to get your home submission!  Please send information to:  audrey.chaney@gmail.com.  Thank you!

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