Incorporating Geodes, Agates, and Quartz

Incorporating Geodes, Agates, and Quartz

Incorporating Geodes, Agates, and Quartz

How about something that is earthy and a little glitzy at the same time? Incorporating Geodes, Agates, and Quartz are a rising trend in both interior and wedding design.  Today, we’re going to talk about how to incorporate these cool little touches into your wedding style. But first, let’s talk about the natural processes that form these minerals and what differentiates them.  If you’re not interested in the science, feel free to scroll down to the juicy part of the post about how these minerals will play a role in your wedding!

How were these made?

Geodes most commonly form in igneous rock (rock that was created by volcanic processes).  Rather than forming from the stone, geodes form in the stone.  Bubbles of carbon dioxide or water vapor create cavities in the cooled magma, leaving behind several geodes.  A geode is the entire hollow rock sliced open so that you can see the inside.  Mineral-rich water seeps into the geode cavities, causing different materials to grow.  Over thousands of years, crystals begin to form inside of the geode.  Agate, quartz, “fool’s gold,” and many other mineral deposits can be formed inside of a geode.  Agates are a banded mineral of Chalcedony (a varitey of quartz).  When agate is first revealed by cutting open a geode it is very ugly.  Only after it has been polished and dyed like the ones pictured above does it sell in the mass market.  Some of the time the agate is left inside the geode, more often though the geode is cut up into agate slices.  A lot of the time, the geode is not completely filled with agate, leaving a hollow center.  This often causes crystalline quartz to form where the agate bands have ended.  While quartz is the most commonly found mineral, it also has the most variants of any other mineral.  When people buy quartz it has usually been treated with heat.  Heating quartz by fire will change the color and transparency.

Integrating Minerals Into Your Wedding Style

I’ve seen geodes, agates, and quartz used as design accents in my friend’s and family’s homes.  They can be used as coasters, paperweights, jewelry, etc…But how can we include these minerals in our wedding design?  After doing some hunting, I’ve found several elegant ways to fit them in to your big day and you’re going to love it!

Wedding Favors

There are so many ways to use these rocks in your design that it might just be the perfect reminder of your big day.  Taking home an agate slice, a geode or a piece of quartz is a nice piece of decor, so if your guests decide to put it on their mantle or on the office desk, they will always remember the wedding where they got it.  Not to mention, these tiny favors won’t be hassle to carry with them when they’re on their way home.

Escort Cards

Similar to the wedding favors, the escort cards will be small and simple.  With a geode, agate, or crystal, your guests will have a personal touch that your guests can take home with them.  Much like the individuals at your wedding, each rock has its own unique natural design and will be a special reminder to all your guests about your beautiful wedding.


Incorporating Geodes, Agates, and Quartz are easily added into the centerpieces.  They can be incorporated into the flowers, the place setting, or as a non-floral addition to the center of the table.  These minerals provide an elegant, unique, and mystical tone to your wedding decor.  It will be a wedding that your guests will never forget!

Table Numbers

Table numbers are an important part of the centerpieces since they serve a primary function.  But it’s always fun to find new ways to make the numbers stand out.  These table numbers would also be something fun to keep or to give away to guests. For the middle image, you could switch out the photos on the crystal stands with table numbers. Super cute!

Other Design Elements

Incorporating Geodes, Agates, and Quartz as statement jewelry by the bridesmaids.  They can be slipped into your wedding invitation.  Or they can even be in your boutonnieres and bouquets!  There are so many different possibilities, but why not put them everywhere! Personally, I think these rocks are a unique addition to any wedding.  It’s an earthy flare that will no doubt grow in popularity!

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