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Under settings, be sure to make your list PUBLIC, and please fill out your name, email and event information.  Then, you can simply contact us from our contact page, and we will provide a Quote and check availability for you!

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List Name Name Date Added
Audrey’s List 3-24 Audrey Chaney March 24, 2017
Shannon Behnke Shannon Behnke March 24, 2017
Shannon’s Test List Shannon Behnke March 3, 2017
Wedding 11/11/17 Simone Benoit February 12, 2017
Wishlist Emily Nugent February 10, 2017
Wishlist Irene Ramirez February 6, 2017
Celtic Girls Concert Tickets Brett Cloud February 3, 2017
Finding A Band To Employ The Service Of A Dwell Band Jimmy Broughton February 3, 2017
Tatiana Martinez Tatiana Martinez February 3, 2017
Live Tunes For Halloween Percy Leason February 2, 2017

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