New Year Goals Mean Nothing.

Yeah.  You heard me right!  New Year Goals mean nothing.  How many people set New Year goals that they abandon and loose accountability on by the time February rolls around?  I’ve never been much to set New Year goals simply because it’s the New Year – I mean – why do we need the fresh start of a year to set a goal?  It just seems so conventional.  Why isn’t this something we are always striving for and doing throughout the year?

I’ve found that the best entrepreneurs and people excelling in bad-assery life take action on a daily, weekly and monthly level – always tracking and making themselves accountable.  You can have your spouse, significant other, or if you’re really honest – yourself help keep you accountable – but honestly – if you can’t even be accountable to yourself, is it really a desire and goal of yours or something you kind of want?

My challenge for you this year is to not just set goals because it’s the start of a New Year, but to be constantly evaluating your situation on a monthly, weekly or daily timeframe.  That’s the ONLY way I’ve found to stay accountable.  What systems do you have to put into place to ensure the things you are doing each day are getting you to your goals?  It’s not just about setting an intention, but also the action behind that intention – the daily tasks that all lead up to that desired goal.

Instead of a New Year Goal this year, I challenge you to create some habits and ways of staying accountable with yourself and your goals as they change throughout the year.  A year is a long period of time – shouldn’t we be continually evaluating and modifying our needs and wants?


So, who do you have to become to create the life you want this day, this month, this year?  What would you like to accomplish?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below about what habits you are taking on to make yourself a more accountable, ever-goal setting action taker!

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