Photo Shoot Partnership

Photoshoot Partnerships

We love to partner and work with wedding professionals on photo shoots!  Please email us with ALL information listed below to be considered for photo shoot partnerships.  Thank you!

A few items we would like to share:

  • The main reason we participate on photo shoots is to get referrals.  Yes, photos are great, but paying clients are our main focus.
  • Because our focus is on referrals, we have come up with a fair way of providing our items to vendors for shoots, but also keeping alignment with our goals.  We ask vendors to pay a fee upfront to utilize our inventory, but this fee can be recouped when you refer us booking clients.
  • We are a small business, and have hard costs it takes to participate on shoots such as:  labor to pull/re-stock, admin the order, and clean items.
  • We do have delivery fees which we can quote should you need delivery for your shoot.  Most vendors will do a pick-up from our studio to save on cost.
  • We require non-watermarked images within 3 weeks of a shoot.  We will have a contract all shoot requests must sign.
  • We must be provided with product images of each of the items used on a shoot.  We prefer vertical images.  We also like to have images with and without models in shots.
  • We do not partner on photo shoots where items of decor from other vendors resemble any of our inventory.  This is up to Botanica’s discretion and any additional decor/props used will need to be approved 10 days prior to the shoot.  We are open to partnering with larger general rental companies, but all decor items must be reviewed.
  • If your shoot is less than 10 days out, there will be last minute fees added to your order.

Please submit ALL of the following information to:


  • Your Name:
  • Your Business Name:
  • Please list two client names of weddings we have worked together on:
  • Number of Instagram Followers:
  • Number of Facebook Followers:
  • Number of weddings you have booked this year:
  • Number of weddings you will do this year:


  • Date of Shoot:
  • Name of Shoot:
  • Location of Shoot:
  • Timing of Shoot:
  • Color Theme:
  • Vendors Participating:
  • Vendor Website Links:
  • Vendor Instagram Links:
  • Photographer:
  • Places Photographer has been featured with links to at least 3 shoots/features:
  • Where is the shoot being submitted to?
  • Does that photographer agree to get images to us within 3 weeks of the shoot?
  • Are you in any way profiting from this photo shoot?  Shoot outs, etc.
  • An Inspiration Board or Pinterest Board MUST be included:
  • Please describe what you are desiring to evoke from your shoot:
  • Is your shoot guaranteed to be published on a particular blog or print publication (meaning you have written communication guaranteeing a feature).
  • A list and quantities needed from our inventory. Or, if you need help in selecting items, please let us know you will be needing tabletop, lounge, etc.

Thank you!

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