Style: Great Gatsby

We are loving the inspiration that has arisen from the revival of the Great Gatsby time.  We are seeing a lot of brides choose this style as inspiration for their weddings.  This time era is typically categorized with the following design elements:

Art Deco Shapes // Glitz & Glamour // Metallic Elements

Gatsby_WeddingCreating cake designs, escort cards, table menus and invitations with art deco designs brings this look to life.  Typically we see colors of black, gold, whites and reds, but you can certainly incorporate other colors in or combinations thereof.  Metallic elements are key, and you can even mix tones of gold, silver and rosegold altogether.

With this trend being so prevalent, we’ve pulled and tagged some of our favorite pieces of our inventory that work well with this theme.  Check out the link below to see some inventory items that can work for you!

Gatsby_Wedding_RentalsGatsby_table_designPhotography:  de la Barra Photography

Seating Vignette Design

how_toWe obviously love the special touches and additions added to a wedding to make them unique and special, but we also having those items be functional!  Today, we’re talking about seating vignettes, how to use them, what’s the minimum you need to make a big impact, and suggestions to making it affordable.

A seating vignette is a styled seating arrangement of upholstered sofas, benches, trunks, coffee tables, rugs, wingback chairs or some combination thereof to create a seating area for your guests to lounge in. They are functional in that they offer a place for guests to relax; especially if you have elderly folks at your wedding, but it also can be used for seating around a dance floor, during cocktail hour, or for a casual wedding ceremony where multiple seating vignettes are arranged around where the couple will marry.

Camille SetteeThere are a few essential pieces we feel are necessary for a seating vignette.  This will help break down the rules we see fit for choosing a seating vignette:

  • Choosing the Right Pieces:  You’ll need some larger “grounding” pieces for the vignette, this can be a larger sofa, or a combination of two large sofas or settees.  From there, you can pair two arm chairs across from each other or next to each other.  Some sort of coffee table is essential for guests to place their drinks on.  We suggest a trunk, a traditional coffee table, or some mixed crates of various heights.  Additional tip!  A nice rug makes all the difference if you are on a flat surface.
  • Placement:  Will there be a focus for the seating vignette to face?  This will determine how to place the pieces within the seating vignette.  You may want to face an opening towards a dance floor, or where people will congregate. Or, you may want a closed off style where seating faces the center from all four sides.


  • How many people are you looking to seat?  Typically, most seating vignettes can seat 5-8 people. This will determine what pieces you choose.
  • Color/Look/Style:  What is the look you are going for?  Are you looking for something leather, or something velvet, or patterned?  This is where you can tie in your wedding colors and look!
  • Finish off with accents:  Choosing great upholstered pieces is fantastic, but you have to accessorize after you’ve got the basics.  …just like any good outfit!  We suggest pieces on any side tables, or coffee tables.  AND!  Be sure to throw some pillows into the mix as well!  On a solid sofa, a sequin or patterned look is awesome!  Or a nice throw blanket for when the evening gets cold!

Hope these tips help you a bit in choosing a seating vignette!  We are always here to help assist you in designing the perfect seating arrangement for you!

Top 3 Mistakes Brides Make…

Today we’re talking about the top 3 mistakes brides make when planning their wedding flowers.  We’ll address these issues, and I’ll offer some advice to making sure you don’t fall victim to the 3 deadly sins of planning your wedding flowers.  As a side note, this post follows our Unspoken Flowers Series which addresses, de-mystifies and sheds light into the world of a floral designer.  Be sure to check it out!!

For us floral designers, we get 3 days to create and make everything perfect for our brides.  Working with a product that is essentially dying from the moment it enters the door of our studio, there isn’t much room for error.  Sounds kind of stressful, right?  But, it’s the months leading up to this that truly ensure everything goes to plan perfectly.  It’s the time, effort and care you take in planning all of details up to the wedding that will ensure everything will go to plan, and your dreams will be brought to reality.  So, here’s the top 3 mistakes brides make when planning their wedding flowers:

1.  Lack of information provided:
When I sit down with a client, I want them to aesthetically walk me through the start to finish of their wedding.  What linen colors are they using?  What rentals have they chosen?  Are they doing any lighting?  What are the men wearing?  What are the women wearing?  Do we have swatches of these items?  What decor items do you have?  All of these questions extract the correct information so that I as a professional can properly make suggestions based on the look you are going for.  When we don’t have these items, it makes your wishes and desires very hard to create, especially since I can’t read minds :)  After all, your idea of blush may be very different than what your designer’s idea of blush is.
To Avoid This:  Provide all pieces of the puzzle when asked, & provide them at least 45 days out from the wedding to your designer.  At Botanica, we mark everything needed from our clients in red on their descriptions and details of their order.  We also schedule design meetings with our clients in which we use these times as opportunities to getting this information.  Pinterest is a useful tool in sharing ‘general’ ideas and overall feels.

303f93eec6179773fc5c2aa6f7481384 Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.23.27 PM2.  Lack of organization:
If you’ve chosen to plan your wedding by yourself, sans a wedding planner (which I fully endorse hiring one), you have GOT to be sure you are reading your contracts, documents and keeping on top of your homework that your vendors are giving you.  I always say, we can design the most beautiful flowers, but if you don’t let us know the details and timeline for the day of, what have we spent all of this time doing if you haven’t given us enough time to properly set them up and go above and beyond.  I’ve found that the majority of brides are late in getting their final payments, details and information needed for us to place their orders and schedule their deliveries.  So, what does that mean?  It could mean not getting the flowers you want, the colors desired, or the containers needed.  It could also mean additional fees added to your delivery and order.
To Avoid This:  Read your contracts carefully.  If there are deadlines for items needed, mark this off on your calendar a week before they are due, and reach out to your designer if you are falling behind on tasks and payments you need to make.  Communication is better than avoidance.  Start talking about your timeline, and draft one, whether or NOT you have a planner.  It’s so, so important for all of your vendors to know what the game plan is on the day of.  And, if you don’t have a planner, we’ll see anything that could be an issue and let you know up front, rather than running into a dilemma on the day of.

3.  Unrealistic Expectations:
The world of flowers is mysterious.  There are so many tricks and things of knowledge that I would only know about because I have been working with flowers for over half of my life.  But, here’s the good news… I’m going to be completely honest about what I know based on my experience.  I know the pinterest ideas you pin are cute and adorable, but they are NOT always realistic.  I had a bride sent a photo of boutonnieres this past week made of anemones.  Sure, they photograph gorgeous, but to uphold throughout the day, hugging, and in the heat… think again!  They would be dead within an hour or two.  There are so many factors that go into flowers: availability, time of year, supply and demand.  Did you know that the majority of weddings we did this year had Juliet garden roses, blush tones and grey accents?  Think about the fact that EVERYONE had the same colors (thanks trends!)  With only so many flowers in these colors available every week, there becomes a supply and demand issue.  But, that may be getting onto a new topic…. Anyhow, to be more realistic about what you’re looking for, you need to trust that the person you’ve hired to be your designer is someone knowledgeable and able to carry out your look.  And, someone who is honest in what is or potentially isn’t available for your wedding.
To Avoid This:  Share overall conceptual ideas you like & flower types liked.  Trust the person you hire.  We are selling artwork.  I realize when a bride hires me, she is hiring my look and brand, she’s not picking out a cookie cutter design out of a floral book.  We pin ideas of conceptual inspiration, but when we go to design and create the wedding, it is completely unique in itself.  Never a perfect recreation.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.11.56 PMI hope some of these points help you in planning your wedding!  Feel free to leave your comments, feedback and questions for our next post!


Unspoken Flowers: A New Blog Series

Unspoken Flowers

Ever wonder what it’s like being a floral designer?  Want some extra tips to ensure your wedding flowers turn out just as you’d like?  Be my friend, and follow me along some of the journeys I take day in and day out within this mysterious industry of flowers!

Having graduated with a degree in horticulture, the knowledge I gained and learned by the books is great to have, but it’s the experiences and the things I’ve learned from working with many other great designers and having run and operated my business for the past 7 years that have given me the knowledge and understanding of this ever-changing industry.  I’ve been involved in the floral industry since before I had a driver’s license, and made my first floral arrangement in the 4th grade.  I guess you can say it’s in my blood.  But, enough about me, I’m sure you have some questions of your own on this perceptively glamorous industry of weddings and flowers.

So, feel free to email me your questions, concerns and dilemmas!  You can contact me at :



Laurel Garland

A laurel garland with citrus accents makes for the perfect accent to a bar display.  We love this look, and thought it was a fitting design for this bar for a Sonoma wedding.


Laurel Garland

A Wine and Roses Evening

There are some things in life that are just meant to be. Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, chocolate and strawberries. If we are lucky enough, we find someone who we are meant to be with. Sometimes we meet them in a pub, a coffee house, or through friends. Usually people will date for a few years, get engaged, and get married.

But there are other times, in very rare circumstances, when two people will meet as children and just know that they are meant to be together. George Straight’s song, ‘Check Yes or No’ comes to mind. We recently got an opportunity to do a wedding with just such a couple. Jessica and Doug met in elementary school and were immediately drawn to each other. The years and the military separated them, but as adults, fate placed them both in jobs in Central California. The rest, as they say, is history.

This love filled day of personalized fun and uniqueness was set at the ever fabulous Wine and Roses Hotel, Restaurant, and Spa. The gorgeous pictures seen were taken by True Love Photo.

The details in a ceremony and reception are what solidifies a moment in someone’s mind, and this wedding was full of them! Pfeiffer Event Planning did a phenomenal job at planning and designing this day.

We love this intricate hanger, and the dazzling jewelry matches wonderfully with these bedazzled heals. The earrings can be found at Adore. bridal detailsThe time a bride spends getting ready is almost as important as what she puts on. When planning your big day make sure to allow plenty of time for sleep, breakfast, and relaxation. Hiring someone to do hair and makeup for you and your bridal party can lift a big part of the preparation stress off of your shoulders. Jessica’s hair was done beautifully by Tina Romo. Her flawless make-up was done by Shana Beals Makeup Artistry & Skin Studio. 
getting readingOf course, Jessica is absolutely stunning on her own but this dress, oh this dress. We love this ruffled number, bought from La Soie Bridal. thedressA little personality can make a wedding unique. The amount of personality at this wedding made it unforgettable. Check out this garter! It’s obvious that there was thought put into every inch of this event.FandomThe lush gardens at Wine & Roses, Restaurant and Spa are a perfect backdrop to the elegantly draped curtains, luxurious chandelier, and breathtaking couple.
ceremonyWe loved putting together these beautiful bouquets. The pops of hot pink from the bridesmaids bouquets pull colors from the floral pieces in the pictures above, as well as the surrounding gardens. Jessica’s magnificent bridal bouquet used lisianthus, spray roses, dusty miller & ranunculus. We also added sparkly pearl brooches to add a bit of glitter and shine.
FlowersInvitations, place cards, and table numbers that match add a cohesive motif to a wedding day. Jessica and Doug’s invitations, place cards, and menu cards were done by Angela Dal Bon for Invitations Inkpaper funThough the entire purpose of a wedding is for two people to commit themselves to each other, a huge perk of getting married is the wonderful party that comes after the ceremony! This reception was beautifully designed by Pfeiffer Event Planning with silver and gold accents and shades of pinks. The gorgeous cakes were done by Above and Beyond Cakes. The floral arrangements and roses also draw from and accent the pink motif of the evening. reception tablesA unique part of Doug and Jessica’s reception was the amazing performance by the folks from Golden Turtle Lion Dancereception1Finding a home in a another person is a priceless miracle that not many people have the opportunity to experience. We are so happy for Doug and Jessica, and wish them many years of joy and happiness. We felt so blessed to be a part of their big day.
the couple

To read more about Doug and Jessica in the blog that Real Wedding published, please click the photo below.
Real Weddings

Venue and Caterer: Wine & Roses Hotel, Restaurant and Spa // Photographer: True Love Photo // Videographer: Real 2 Reel Video // Wedding Planner/Designer/Favors: Pfeiffer Event Planning // Bridal Hair: Tina Romo // Bridal Make-up: Shana Beals Makeup Artistry & Skin Studio // Florist: Botanica Floral & Event Design // Cake: Above & Beyond Cakes // DJ/Entertainment: Music & More Entertainment // Bridal Earring: Adorn // Bridal Gown: La Soie Bridal // B&G Rings: Sharif Jewelers // Lion Dance: Golden Turtle Lion Dance










Bohemian Nights

It was our honor to have the opportunity to host a open house at our studio last month. We were so excited to see so many of the industries professionals attend. It was so much fun to dress up our studio for our very first open house! Thank you to everyone who came out for the event! A special thanks to all the wonderful vendors who made this event happen!

Photography: Carmen Salazar-Burke with Carmen Salazar Photography
Dessert Display: Shelley Larkin with Give Me Smoochies
Invites:Ntina Argyropoulos with Throne Invitations
Hand-Letting and Henna: Rosaura Unangst with Pigment & Parchment
DJ & Lighting: Joe Kalamaras with SJ’s Disc Jockey
Bohemian Treats and Tea: Beth Sogaard Catering & Amador Vintage Market

Entering through the lobby of our studio guests were welcomed warmly into the main warehouse, where a feeling of eclectic creativity surrounded them. They were invited to travel over to a wonderful display of stones on a mossy bed. On each stone there was a a name and each guest got to chose their new bohemian name for the evening. Everyone then wrote their dreams on a card to be hung on a display. After that, guests could choose from different colored goblets in different styles and fill it with their beverage of choice.

On the other side of the room, if they could be dragged away from the sweet treats on the dessert buffet,  different vignette’s of couches, chairs, tables, and decor were arranged so that everyone could peruse through our inventory. A fabulous table of delicious bohemian treats were offered to everyone, as well as henna designs that were drawn onto anyone who wanted to partake in the unique and fun activity. The entire evening was tied together with up-lighting and music that set the mood for this enjoyable open house.

Placed around the room were signs and thank you placards that were penned beautifully by Rosaura Unangst with Pigment & Parchment.

Handlettered Signs

The Bohemian Treats and Tea were delicious, and beautifuly presented by  Beth Sogaard Catering & Amador Vintage Market


 All of the rentals here can be found at .


Everyone loved this delectable dessert buffet by  Shelley Larkin with Give Me Smoochies.


Henna drawings were available by Rosaura Unangst with Pigment & Parchment.

The entire warehouse was transformed by the music and lights provided Joe Kalamaras with SJ’s Disc Jockey.


Beaulieu Gardens Wedding

 “Romantic: the feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.”
This wedding epitomized a dreamlike romantic evening and it was hard not to be inspired by the lovely couple and this incredibly dreamy venue. If you haven’t seen the breathtaking Beaulieu Garden, put it on your bucket list. The beautiful pictures below were captured by the talented Brian Ganyo Photography.

We wanted to bring the elegance and whimsy of the location into our floral arrangements. The class of the beautiful white spray roses, ranunculus, and hydrangeas compliment the whimsical and green succulents and scabiosa pods in each bouquet.Snider-0046E

Snider-0049E The luxurious wrap on this bouquet and sparkling
broach make this a perfect piece for the beautiful bride. Snider-0805E Snider-0819E

The floral accents down the aisle used a dark purple artichoke and deep burgundy dahlias to bring depth, contrast, and interest to the bouquets. The burlap wrap tied these florals into the gorgeous wooden boxes in the centerpieces at the venue. Snider-1113EThe soft dusty miller leaves and dark agonis foliage bring texture to the pieces as well.Snider-1401EIncorporating the purple succulents and white garden roses
into the different parts of the venue assist in tying together the space.Snider-1604E We are in love with these rustic wooden boxes, that tie in well with the burlap from the ceremony.
The height of these centerpieces ensure that guests will be able to see each other across the table.
The purple, greens, and whites play wonderfully off of the burlap runners, intricate green chargers, and garden setting. Snider-1608ESnider-1612E Snider-1615ESnider-1619E

Photography: Brian Ganyo Photography // Planner:  Alison Ulshoffer Events // Venue: Beaulieu Garden // Caterer: Paula DeLuc Fine Catering // Florist: Botanica Floral and Event Design

Central Coast Wedding

Erin & Matt were so much fun to work with on their San Luis Obispo, Central Coast wedding!
Erin and Matt chose the Flying Caballos Ranch in San Luis.
Their love for each other was tangible and that warmth overflowed into their entire day.

Thank you to Sarah Kathleen Photography for these gorgeous pictures!


We are obsessed with the soft pink garden roses and creams in her bouquet.
A great way to add a bit of vintage glam to a bouquet is to wrap it in lace. Garvey_Kramer_Sarah_Kathleen_kramer1067_low

The bridesmaid’s bouquets marry the simple look of baby’s breath and the glamour of a  jeweled brooch. Garvey_Kramer_Sarah_Kathleen_kramer1080_low

Simplicity is beautiful with these creative gold vases that the bride painted herself!
Dahlias, roses, and baby’s breath bring the soft pink of the decor into the centerpieces, and were a fun pop with some teal glass!Garvey_Kramer_Sarah_Kathleen_kramer1288_low Garvey_Kramer_Sarah_Kathleen_kramer1289_low

The bride and groom went to a beer and cheese pairing the day they got engaged,
so it was a nice personal touch to add this as part of their wedding day love story as well!Garvey_Kramer_Sarah_Kathleen_kramer1291_low


Each table was labeled with the name of a place the couple had traveled together!
We love the look of the long farm dining tables with chevron runners to add a bit of pattern. Garvey_Kramer_Sarah_Kathleen_kramer1314_low


Check out Glamour and Grace’s blog of this wedding by clicking the screenshot below.

Photography: Sarah Kathleen // Venue: Flying Caballos Guest Ranch // Planner: Sealed With A Kiss Events // Florist: Botanica Floral & Event Design // Caterer: In Good Taste Catering, Inc. // Rentals: Taylor Rentals // Gown: Enzoani // Hair: The Bladerunner Salon // DJ: Kramer Events








ViV Feature: Elisabeth Arin Photography

A fabulous photographer doesn’t simply click a button and capture faces, they capture moments, memories, and emotions. We had the honor recently to work with such a photographer and we’ve been itching to introduce her to all of you! Lisa Mezzanotte with
Elisabeth Arin Photography creates photographs that make you smile, sigh, and makes your breathe catch in your throat.
She’s also fun, quirky, and incredibly kind. We’re sure you’ll all love her as much as we do.

Here’s an example of some of her work!


 Kim specializes in wedding and lifestyle portraits.



“Photography is the art of freezing time, memories and emotions to tell a story. It is a breathtaking way to document and preserve memories that you never want to forget. Having a professional document your wedding day is important. You want someone that will capture those small moments and expressions that no one else saw. Photography has the power to take you back in time, enabling you to relive your giddy feeling, the smell in the air, the most memorable kiss of your life and the overwhelming love of your family and friends. Photographs will help you remember and take you back to the day you both started your lives as one. I love to tell stories through my photographs and I would love to tell yours.” – Lisa Mezzanotte, Elisabeth Arin Photography


6IMAGE5eapThis is Lisa! A little about her:

“I LOVE chocolate. CHOCOLATE!!
I can’t jump. I can only jump 2 inches off the ground…. Ok… maybe 3 inches. It’s sad.
I have been to 16 different countries and plan to visit many more.
I love cows. They are adorable and I wish I had five.
I can’t snap. It actually hurts my fingers.”

3Me-bio-eapCheck out our Blue Valentine Inspired shoot we worked on together.