• Time Lapse Wedding Arbor

    November 14th, 2014 admin

    We thought this would be pretty cool to share on the blog! This is a time lapse of an arbor set-up at Vizcaya in Sacramento. We used part of our birch arbor as a structure and added layers to it to create this Fall look.


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  • Seating Vignette Design

    October 20th, 2014 admin

    how_toWe obviously love the special touches and additions added to a wedding to make them unique and special, but we also having those items be functional!  Today, we’re talking about seating vignettes, how to use them, what’s the minimum you need to make a big impact, and suggestions to making it affordable.

    A seating vignette is a styled seating arrangement of upholstered sofas, benches, trunks, coffee tables, rugs, wingback chairs or some combination thereof to create a seating area for your guests to lounge in. They are functional in that they offer a place for guests to relax; especially if you have elderly folks at your wedding, but it also can be used for seating around a dance floor, during cocktail hour, or for a casual wedding ceremony where multiple seating vignettes are arranged around where the couple will marry.

    Camille SetteeThere are a few essential pieces we feel are necessary for a seating vignette.  This will help break down the rules we see fit for choosing a seating vignette:

    • Choosing the Right Pieces:  You’ll need some larger “grounding” pieces for the vignette, this can be a larger sofa, or a combination of two large sofas or settees.  From there, you can pair two arm chairs across from each other or next to each other.  Some sort of coffee table is essential for guests to place their drinks on.  We suggest a trunk, a traditional coffee table, or some mixed crates of various heights.  Additional tip!  A nice rug makes all the difference if you are on a flat surface.
    • Placement:  Will there be a focus for the seating vignette to face?  This will determine how to place the pieces within the seating vignette.  You may want to face an opening towards a dance floor, or where people will congregate. Or, you may want a closed off style where seating faces the center from all four sides.


    • How many people are you looking to seat?  Typically, most seating vignettes can seat 5-8 people. This will determine what pieces you choose.
    • Color/Look/Style:  What is the look you are going for?  Are you looking for something leather, or something velvet, or patterned?  This is where you can tie in your wedding colors and look!
    • Finish off with accents:  Choosing great upholstered pieces is fantastic, but you have to accessorize after you’ve got the basics.  …just like any good outfit!  We suggest pieces on any side tables, or coffee tables.  AND!  Be sure to throw some pillows into the mix as well!  On a solid sofa, a sequin or patterned look is awesome!  Or a nice throw blanket for when the evening gets cold!

    Hope these tips help you a bit in choosing a seating vignette!  We are always here to help assist you in designing the perfect seating arrangement for you!

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  • Top 3 Mistakes Brides Make…

    October 8th, 2014 admin

    Today we’re talking about the top 3 mistakes brides make when planning their wedding flowers.  We’ll address these issues, and I’ll offer some advice to making sure you don’t fall victim to the 3 deadly sins of planning your wedding flowers.  As a side note, this post follows our Unspoken Flowers Series which addresses, de-mystifies and sheds light into the world of a floral designer.  Be sure to check it out!!

    For us floral designers, we get 3 days to create and make everything perfect for our brides.  Working with a product that is essentially dying from the moment it enters the door of our studio, there isn’t much room for error.  Sounds kind of stressful, right?  But, it’s the months leading up to this that truly ensure everything goes to plan perfectly.  It’s the time, effort and care you take in planning all of details up to the wedding that will ensure everything will go to plan, and your dreams will be brought to reality.  So, here’s the top 3 mistakes brides make when planning their wedding flowers:

    1.  Lack of information provided:
    When I sit down with a client, I want them to aesthetically walk me through the start to finish of their wedding.  What linen colors are they using?  What rentals have they chosen?  Are they doing any lighting?  What are the men wearing?  What are the women wearing?  Do we have swatches of these items?  What decor items do you have?  All of these questions extract the correct information so that I as a professional can properly make suggestions based on the look you are going for.  When we don’t have these items, it makes your wishes and desires very hard to create, especially since I can’t read minds :)  After all, your idea of blush may be very different than what your designer’s idea of blush is.
    To Avoid This:  Provide all pieces of the puzzle when asked, & provide them at least 45 days out from the wedding to your designer.  At Botanica, we mark everything needed from our clients in red on their descriptions and details of their order.  We also schedule design meetings with our clients in which we use these times as opportunities to getting this information.  Pinterest is a useful tool in sharing ‘general’ ideas and overall feels.

    303f93eec6179773fc5c2aa6f7481384 Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.23.27 PM2.  Lack of organization:
    If you’ve chosen to plan your wedding by yourself, sans a wedding planner (which I fully endorse hiring one), you have GOT to be sure you are reading your contracts, documents and keeping on top of your homework that your vendors are giving you.  I always say, we can design the most beautiful flowers, but if you don’t let us know the details and timeline for the day of, what have we spent all of this time doing if you haven’t given us enough time to properly set them up and go above and beyond.  I’ve found that the majority of brides are late in getting their final payments, details and information needed for us to place their orders and schedule their deliveries.  So, what does that mean?  It could mean not getting the flowers you want, the colors desired, or the containers needed.  It could also mean additional fees added to your delivery and order.
    To Avoid This:  Read your contracts carefully.  If there are deadlines for items needed, mark this off on your calendar a week before they are due, and reach out to your designer if you are falling behind on tasks and payments you need to make.  Communication is better than avoidance.  Start talking about your timeline, and draft one, whether or NOT you have a planner.  It’s so, so important for all of your vendors to know what the game plan is on the day of.  And, if you don’t have a planner, we’ll see anything that could be an issue and let you know up front, rather than running into a dilemma on the day of.

    3.  Unrealistic Expectations:
    The world of flowers is mysterious.  There are so many tricks and things of knowledge that I would only know about because I have been working with flowers for over half of my life.  But, here’s the good news… I’m going to be completely honest about what I know based on my experience.  I know the pinterest ideas you pin are cute and adorable, but they are NOT always realistic.  I had a bride sent a photo of boutonnieres this past week made of anemones.  Sure, they photograph gorgeous, but to uphold throughout the day, hugging, and in the heat… think again!  They would be dead within an hour or two.  There are so many factors that go into flowers: availability, time of year, supply and demand.  Did you know that the majority of weddings we did this year had Juliet garden roses, blush tones and grey accents?  Think about the fact that EVERYONE had the same colors (thanks trends!)  With only so many flowers in these colors available every week, there becomes a supply and demand issue.  But, that may be getting onto a new topic…. Anyhow, to be more realistic about what you’re looking for, you need to trust that the person you’ve hired to be your designer is someone knowledgeable and able to carry out your look.  And, someone who is honest in what is or potentially isn’t available for your wedding.
    To Avoid This:  Share overall conceptual ideas you like & flower types liked.  Trust the person you hire.  We are selling artwork.  I realize when a bride hires me, she is hiring my look and brand, she’s not picking out a cookie cutter design out of a floral book.  We pin ideas of conceptual inspiration, but when we go to design and create the wedding, it is completely unique in itself.  Never a perfect recreation.

    Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.11.56 PMI hope some of these points help you in planning your wedding!  Feel free to leave your comments, feedback and questions for our next post!


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  • Unspoken Flowers: A New Blog Series

    September 30th, 2014 admin

    Unspoken Flowers

    Ever wonder what it’s like being a floral designer?  Want some extra tips to ensure your wedding flowers turn out just as you’d like?  Be my friend, and follow me along some of the journeys I take day in and day out within this mysterious industry of flowers!

    Having graduated with a degree in horticulture, the knowledge I gained and learned by the books is great to have, but it’s the experiences and the things I’ve learned from working with many other great designers and having run and operated my business for the past 7 years that have given me the knowledge and understanding of this ever-changing industry.  I’ve been involved in the floral industry since before I had a driver’s license, and made my first floral arrangement in the 4th grade.  I guess you can say it’s in my blood.  But, enough about me, I’m sure you have some questions of your own on this perceptively glamorous industry of weddings and flowers.

    So, feel free to email me your questions, concerns and dilemmas!  You can contact me at : audrey@botanicaevents.com



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  • Laurel Garland

    August 26th, 2014 admin

    A laurel garland with citrus accents makes for the perfect accent to a bar display.  We love this look, and thought it was a fitting design for this bar for a Sonoma wedding.


    Laurel Garland

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  • A Wine and Roses Evening

    July 25th, 2014 admin

    There are some things in life that are just meant to be. Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, chocolate and strawberries. If we are lucky enough, we find someone who we are meant to be with. Sometimes we meet them in a pub, a coffee house, or through friends. Usually people will date for a few years, get engaged, and get married.

    But there are other times, in very rare circumstances, when two people will meet as children and just know that they are meant to be together. George Straight’s song, ‘Check Yes or No’ comes to mind. We recently got an opportunity to do a wedding with just such a couple. Jessica and Doug met in elementary school and were immediately drawn to each other. The years and the military separated them, but as adults, fate placed them both in jobs in Central California. The rest, as they say, is history.

    This love filled day of personalized fun and uniqueness was set at the ever fabulous Wine and Roses Hotel, Restaurant, and Spa. The gorgeous pictures seen were taken by True Love Photo.

    The details in a ceremony and reception are what solidifies a moment in someone’s mind, and this wedding was full of them! Pfeiffer Event Planning did a phenomenal job at planning and designing this day.

    We love this intricate hanger, and the dazzling jewelry matches wonderfully with these bedazzled heals. The earrings can be found at Adore. bridal detailsThe time a bride spends getting ready is almost as important as what she puts on. When planning your big day make sure to allow plenty of time for sleep, breakfast, and relaxation. Hiring someone to do hair and makeup for you and your bridal party can lift a big part of the preparation stress off of your shoulders. Jessica’s hair was done beautifully by Tina Romo. Her flawless make-up was done by Shana Beals Makeup Artistry & Skin Studio. 
    getting readingOf course, Jessica is absolutely stunning on her own but this dress, oh this dress. We love this ruffled number, bought from La Soie Bridal. thedressA little personality can make a wedding unique. The amount of personality at this wedding made it unforgettable. Check out this garter! It’s obvious that there was thought put into every inch of this event.FandomThe lush gardens at Wine & Roses, Restaurant and Spa are a perfect backdrop to the elegantly draped curtains, luxurious chandelier, and breathtaking couple.
    ceremonyWe loved putting together these beautiful bouquets. The pops of hot pink from the bridesmaids bouquets pull colors from the floral pieces in the pictures above, as well as the surrounding gardens. Jessica’s magnificent bridal bouquet used lisianthus, spray roses, dusty miller & ranunculus. We also added sparkly pearl brooches to add a bit of glitter and shine.
    FlowersInvitations, place cards, and table numbers that match add a cohesive motif to a wedding day. Jessica and Doug’s invitations, place cards, and menu cards were done by Angela Dal Bon for Invitations Inkpaper funThough the entire purpose of a wedding is for two people to commit themselves to each other, a huge perk of getting married is the wonderful party that comes after the ceremony! This reception was beautifully designed by Pfeiffer Event Planning with silver and gold accents and shades of pinks. The gorgeous cakes were done by Above and Beyond Cakes. The floral arrangements and roses also draw from and accent the pink motif of the evening. reception tablesA unique part of Doug and Jessica’s reception was the amazing performance by the folks from Golden Turtle Lion Dancereception1Finding a home in a another person is a priceless miracle that not many people have the opportunity to experience. We are so happy for Doug and Jessica, and wish them many years of joy and happiness. We felt so blessed to be a part of their big day.
    the couple

    To read more about Doug and Jessica in the blog that Real Wedding published, please click the photo below.
    Real Weddings

    Venue and Caterer: Wine & Roses Hotel, Restaurant and Spa // Photographer: True Love Photo // Videographer: Real 2 Reel Video // Wedding Planner/Designer/Favors: Pfeiffer Event Planning // Bridal Hair: Tina Romo // Bridal Make-up: Shana Beals Makeup Artistry & Skin Studio // Florist: Botanica Floral & Event Design // Cake: Above & Beyond Cakes // DJ/Entertainment: Music & More Entertainment // Bridal Earring: Adorn // Bridal Gown: La Soie Bridal // B&G Rings: Sharif Jewelers // Lion Dance: Golden Turtle Lion Dance










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  • Bohemian Nights

    July 1st, 2014 admin

    It was our honor to have the opportunity to host a open house at our studio last month. We were so excited to see so many of the industries professionals attend. It was so much fun to dress up our studio for our very first open house! Thank you to everyone who came out for the event! A special thanks to all the wonderful vendors who made this event happen!

    Photography: Carmen Salazar-Burke with Carmen Salazar Photography
    Dessert Display: Shelley Larkin with Give Me Smoochies
    Invites:Ntina Argyropoulos with Throne Invitations
    Hand-Letting and Henna: Rosaura Unangst with Pigment & Parchment
    DJ & Lighting: Joe Kalamaras with SJ’s Disc Jockey
    Bohemian Treats and Tea: Beth Sogaard Catering & Amador Vintage Market

    Entering through the lobby of our studio guests were welcomed warmly into the main warehouse, where a feeling of eclectic creativity surrounded them. They were invited to travel over to a wonderful display of stones on a mossy bed. On each stone there was a a name and each guest got to chose their new bohemian name for the evening. Everyone then wrote their dreams on a card to be hung on a display. After that, guests could choose from different colored goblets in different styles and fill it with their beverage of choice.

    On the other side of the room, if they could be dragged away from the sweet treats on the dessert buffet,  different vignette’s of couches, chairs, tables, and decor were arranged so that everyone could peruse through our inventory. A fabulous table of delicious bohemian treats were offered to everyone, as well as henna designs that were drawn onto anyone who wanted to partake in the unique and fun activity. The entire evening was tied together with up-lighting and music that set the mood for this enjoyable open house.

    Placed around the room were signs and thank you placards that were penned beautifully by Rosaura Unangst with Pigment & Parchment.

    Handlettered Signs

    The Bohemian Treats and Tea were delicious, and beautifuly presented by  Beth Sogaard Catering & Amador Vintage Market


     All of the rentals here can be found at http://botanicaevents.com/rentals/inventory/ .


    Everyone loved this delectable dessert buffet by  Shelley Larkin with Give Me Smoochies.


    Henna drawings were available by Rosaura Unangst with Pigment & Parchment.

    The entire warehouse was transformed by the music and lights provided Joe Kalamaras with SJ’s Disc Jockey.


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  • Beaulieu Gardens Wedding

    June 13th, 2014 admin

     “Romantic: the feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.”
    This wedding epitomized a dreamlike romantic evening and it was hard not to be inspired by the lovely couple and this incredibly dreamy venue. If you haven’t seen the breathtaking Beaulieu Garden, put it on your bucket list. The beautiful pictures below were captured by the talented Brian Ganyo Photography.

    We wanted to bring the elegance and whimsy of the location into our floral arrangements. The class of the beautiful white spray roses, ranunculus, and hydrangeas compliment the whimsical and green succulents and scabiosa pods in each bouquet.Snider-0046E

    Snider-0049E The luxurious wrap on this bouquet and sparkling
    broach make this a perfect piece for the beautiful bride. Snider-0805E Snider-0819E

    The floral accents down the aisle used a dark purple artichoke and deep burgundy dahlias to bring depth, contrast, and interest to the bouquets. The burlap wrap tied these florals into the gorgeous wooden boxes in the centerpieces at the venue. Snider-1113EThe soft dusty miller leaves and dark agonis foliage bring texture to the pieces as well.Snider-1401EIncorporating the purple succulents and white garden roses
    into the different parts of the venue assist in tying together the space.Snider-1604E We are in love with these rustic wooden boxes, that tie in well with the burlap from the ceremony.
    The height of these centerpieces ensure that guests will be able to see each other across the table.
    The purple, greens, and whites play wonderfully off of the burlap runners, intricate green chargers, and garden setting. Snider-1608ESnider-1612E Snider-1615ESnider-1619E

    Photography: Brian Ganyo Photography // Planner:  Alison Ulshoffer Events // Venue: Beaulieu Garden // Caterer: Paula DeLuc Fine Catering // Florist: Botanica Floral and Event Design

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  • Central Coast Wedding

    June 5th, 2014 admin

    Erin & Matt were so much fun to work with on their San Luis Obispo, Central Coast wedding!
    Erin and Matt chose the Flying Caballos Ranch in San Luis.
    Their love for each other was tangible and that warmth overflowed into their entire day.

    Thank you to Sarah Kathleen Photography for these gorgeous pictures!


    We are obsessed with the soft pink garden roses and creams in her bouquet.
    A great way to add a bit of vintage glam to a bouquet is to wrap it in lace. Garvey_Kramer_Sarah_Kathleen_kramer1067_low

    The bridesmaid’s bouquets marry the simple look of baby’s breath and the glamour of a  jeweled brooch. Garvey_Kramer_Sarah_Kathleen_kramer1080_low

    Simplicity is beautiful with these creative gold vases that the bride painted herself!
    Dahlias, roses, and baby’s breath bring the soft pink of the decor into the centerpieces, and were a fun pop with some teal glass!Garvey_Kramer_Sarah_Kathleen_kramer1288_low Garvey_Kramer_Sarah_Kathleen_kramer1289_low

    The bride and groom went to a beer and cheese pairing the day they got engaged,
    so it was a nice personal touch to add this as part of their wedding day love story as well!Garvey_Kramer_Sarah_Kathleen_kramer1291_low


    Each table was labeled with the name of a place the couple had traveled together!
    We love the look of the long farm dining tables with chevron runners to add a bit of pattern. Garvey_Kramer_Sarah_Kathleen_kramer1314_low


    Check out Glamour and Grace’s blog of this wedding by clicking the screenshot below.

    Photography: Sarah Kathleen // Venue: Flying Caballos Guest Ranch // Planner: Sealed With A Kiss Events // Florist: Botanica Floral & Event Design // Caterer: In Good Taste Catering, Inc. // Rentals: Taylor Rentals // Gown: Enzoani // Hair: The Bladerunner Salon // DJ: Kramer Events








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  • A fabulous photographer doesn’t simply click a button and capture faces, they capture moments, memories, and emotions. We had the honor recently to work with such a photographer and we’ve been itching to introduce her to all of you! Lisa Mezzanotte with
    Elisabeth Arin Photography creates photographs that make you smile, sigh, and makes your breathe catch in your throat.
    She’s also fun, quirky, and incredibly kind. We’re sure you’ll all love her as much as we do.

    Here’s an example of some of her work!


     Kim specializes in wedding and lifestyle portraits.



    “Photography is the art of freezing time, memories and emotions to tell a story. It is a breathtaking way to document and preserve memories that you never want to forget. Having a professional document your wedding day is important. You want someone that will capture those small moments and expressions that no one else saw. Photography has the power to take you back in time, enabling you to relive your giddy feeling, the smell in the air, the most memorable kiss of your life and the overwhelming love of your family and friends. Photographs will help you remember and take you back to the day you both started your lives as one. I love to tell stories through my photographs and I would love to tell yours.” – Lisa Mezzanotte, Elisabeth Arin Photography


    6IMAGE5eapThis is Lisa! A little about her:

    “I LOVE chocolate. CHOCOLATE!!
    I can’t jump. I can only jump 2 inches off the ground…. Ok… maybe 3 inches. It’s sad.
    I have been to 16 different countries and plan to visit many more.
    I love cows. They are adorable and I wish I had five.
    I can’t snap. It actually hurts my fingers.”

    3Me-bio-eapCheck out our Blue Valentine Inspired shoot we worked on together.


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  • Moroccan Wedding Inspiration

    May 20th, 2014 admin

    Creativity and personality are integral in shaping a wedding day to match a couples vibe and style.
    A strong motif will entwine guests into an evening that feels more like a celebration than an event.
    The key is to focus on eye-catching details that mesmerize your guests.

    Alluring Events and Design coordinated this shoot that brought a collection of pieces that, when put together, make an exotic scene.
    This picturesque feel of Moroccan luxury is completed with pops of red and purple floral arrangements.


    This same feeling is carried over into other areas of the shoot. The breathtaking cakes by Pretty Sweet below compliment the gold goblets and vases, as well as the stunning floral arrangements.


    The striking centerpieces create a photographer’s dream with their differing heights and contrasting colors. All of these captivating photographs were taken by the talented Beth Baugher, owner of True Love Photo.


    Another way to add detail is to have different textures in a display. These soft carnations and spiky veronica & blue eryngium play off each other as if they were created to be placed together. The complimenting colors of greens, reds, maroons, and purples produces a depth that guests will remember long after the last song.




    Even this bouquet has a collection of fun florals such as eucalyptus pods and tillandsia that enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the stunning bride below.


    This handsome groom’s boutonniere is a perfect partner to his brides bouquet.


    Coordination and Design // Alluring Events and Design // Photography // True Love Photo // Cakes // Pretty Sweet // Florist // Botanica Floral and Event Design

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  • Creating An Enchanted Forest

    May 14th, 2014 admin

    “To inspire: to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” The perks of being in an industry of talented individuals is that we often get the opportunity to inspire others to create beautiful and memorable things. Last March we got to do just that with an amazing group of industry professionals. The person that captured the stunning scene was the ever exceptional Mischa Purcell with Mischa Photography. Another in the group was the fabulous Darcie, with A Dazzling Day by Darcie, who organized and styled this gorgeous shoot.

    The romantic forest tablescape that everyone created speaks to the woodland faerie in all of us. From the beautiful setting to the feathered tablecloth, one can just picture a fairytale evening being held among these graceful pines.

    Now, this type whimsical atmosphere doesn’t simply create itself. To fully give your guests the feeling of a fanciful romance one must look at the details.


    The strong wooden table, wooden chairs, and timber vases compliment
    the surrounding forest scenery and pull nature onto the tables themselves.


    The beautiful multi-colored goblets and flutes, gold chargers, gold frames,
    intricate metal bird cage, delicate cakes, and the gracefully knotted chair
    wraps add luxury and elegance to the arrangement.


    The fantastical flowing floral arrangements of ferns, dried lotus pods,
    and various succulents in different shades of green and white
    tie everything together into this brilliantly rustic scene.
    Each element lends to a feeling of a sumptuous
    woodland kingdom of old, dressed up for a noble wedding.


    And finally, the beautiful bride with a breathtaking
    gown compete this fantastical photo shoot.

    The entire setting looks primed and ready for an enchanting evening filled with love.

    To see this shoot in Glamour and Grace where it is published ,
    click on the screenshot below.

    Photography // Mischa Photography // Planner // A Dazzling Day by Darcie wedding planner // Florist // Botanica Floral & Event Design // Cake // Pretty Sweet // Gown // Enchanted Bridal Shoppe // Makeup // Henna Moods // Hair // Janae Smith Studio









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  • Vintage Rentals : Table Settings

    March 24th, 2014 admin

    Whether you are planning a bridal shower or looking to add a unique look to your wedding tables through your place settings, we are here to share some planning ideas and basics when it comes to place settings and vintage rentals.  We’ll help guide you through the process to figure out exactly what your needs and design options are when it comes to tabletop.

    BlueValentineInnatParkWinters_019   Let’s first talk about different types of meal service:

    • A plated meal is the most formal.  Guests are served at the table by a server.  Chances are you have given them a meal option.  Traditionally a service plate or charger is used for a formal dining experience.
    • A buffet or stationed service is where guests get up and are served from a food line or various stations throughout the reception area.  If you are doing a buffet meal, but are using beautiful vintage china, we suggest setting the tables with plates and asking guests to bring their plates to the buffet area.  A charger can also be used for this type of setting, but is not necessary.
    • Family style dining is where platters of food are placed on the tabletop for guests to pass and share food.  Vintage place settings would be placed on the tables.  A charger can also be used for this type of setting, but is not necessary.

    View More: http://kimjmartin.pass.us/villaprivatashootThere are different elements and options available for each place setting for your guests:

    • Bread & Butter Plates:  If you will have a formal meal, or will be serving bread, a bread and butter plate which is the smallest of plates is used for this portion of the meal.  These can also be used for appetizers.
    • Salad Plate:  For a salad course, appetizers or dessert.  Smaller in size than a dinner plate.
    • Dinner Plate:  For main entree.
    • Dessert Plates:  Same size as salad plates, can be stacked near cake or dessert table or simply just served on these plates.
    • Flatware:  Depending on the courses you will serve, you may consider the following:  Salad Fork, Dinner Fork, Butter Knife, Dessert Fork.  You may also need a steak knife, spoon or teaspoon for coffee services.
    • Chargers:  A base or service style plate that is not actually eaten on, but used as a decorative accent.
    • Wine Goblets:  Most can get away with one wine glass unless you will have red and white wine served with different courses.  You can actually use a colored goblet or crystal goblet for this.
    • Water Goblets:  Available in colored glass or clear glass.
    • Coffee Mugs:  For after dinner tea or coffee these are clear cut glass that work nicely for those of your guests looking for a warm beverage after dinner.  Teaspoons are nice to provide with this service.


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  • ViV: Kim J Martin Photography

    March 18th, 2014 admin

    We love our many talented photographer friends and we have a huge shout out and some Vendor loving going out today to Kim J Martin Photography!  Kim is amazingly talented and has such a fresh look to her work.  We feel she captures her clients and their weddings in a clean and true-to-life feel.  Her photos have gorgeous lighting, emotions and the sweetness of her subjects!

    We think you’ll enjoy some of her work as well…

    granite-bay-wedding Kim specializes in weddings and engagement sessions.   photographer-weddingssacramento-photographer“The biggest honor I have is thinking about the kids and grandkids of my couples looking at their images, and being able to see a raw, honest depiction of them and how happy they were. I know how much I love looking back at my grandparents wedding pictures, and seeing the moments that were captured in between the posed, professional shots. This is why I capture people the way that I do, because I feel you can’t truly tell a story with stiff, posed images. So for couples who feel the same way about photography and want their story told in this way, it usually makes for the perfect fit! I think professional photography is important to capture all the bits and pieces of your wedding day that you might miss or that fade from your memory over time, and finding the right photographer with a style you connect with is so important.” – Kim J Martin

    sacramento-wedding-photographer wedding-reception-photokim-j-martinAnd, this is Kim!  Ryan Greenleaf, took this photograph of Kim chilling on the beach.

    Some things you might not know about Kim:
    She auditioned for American Idol when she was 16, sleeping on the street for 2 nights waiting in line!

    She started out as a band photographer, but then began interning with a photographer who shot weddings and was immediately hooked!

    She loves bruschetta and salsa, but hates tomatoes.

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  • Inn at Park Winters Wedding

    March 18th, 2014 admin

    This shoot is far too delayed in hitting our blog, but if you follow us on Social Media, you’ve already seen these dreamy images and of course, my adorable dog.  Yes, she is adorable, single and a princess.. but hey, she does make the perfect Valentine!  Inn-at-Park-Winters

    Taking inspiration from the movie Blue Valentine, Hailey Erin Yeager with The Pretty Planner, our coordinator and designer came up with a moody feeling inspiration board that we completely ran with when we opened up our prop inventory and florals for this sweet little shoot.  Lisa with Elisabeth Arin Photography captured everything so beautifully… I refer to her images as dreamy.. they are just scrumptious!  Yes, photography can be scrumptious!

    BlueValentineInnatParkWinters_030We adore the Inn at Park Winters, so when it came to deciding upon a beautiful backdrop for this Valentine’s themed Styled Shoot, we loved the idea of utilizing the quaint cottage for the perfect setting!

    BlueValentineInnatParkWinters_072With a color palette of blues and reds with gold accents this whole look is color-fun and elegant.    Mussarat with Pretty Sweet made the most delicious and beautiful treats for a dessert display.  From chocolate covered hearts to a blue velvet cake and marizpan cherries… everything was so decadent!BlueValentineInnatParkWinters_079

    We utilized two of our Sparrow chairs to add a stately look to this wooden table we draped with gold mirrored trays, crystal accents, proteas, gold painted tillandsia and blue winter berries.BlueValentineInnatParkWinters_083

    Here is Miss Ebi looking stylish with her red little bow.  I do have to admit it is quite a challenge doing a shoot with a dog, let alone an excited little one.  I think she was promised far too many treats and walks, which she is still cashing in on!  She was a great sport and we all had a lot of laughs!BlueValentineInnatParkWinters_124

    Ava and Reeve, our blue velvet upholstered chairs were the perfect additions for a seating vignette.  BlueValentineInnatParkWinters_211Dena with Throne Invitations created a beautiful suite of invitations and escort tags.  We loved the addition of vintage stamps she incorporated!  So pretty!  Place settings of teal and blue plates and goblets were paired with gold flatware.  What do you think?  Do you love these colors together?

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  • ViV : Throne Invitations

    February 18th, 2014 admin

    One of the coolest things about the wedding industry is the fact that each event we work on is completely unique, and so are the vendors that we collaborate with!  We’d like to introduce you to some of our favorite vendors and share some of their amazing work.  These are our ViV’s, Very Important Vendors.
    Today we are featuring the amazing designs of Throne Invitations.  We’ve had the opportunity of working with Dena, (Paper Goddess) on many projects.  Her amazing sense of style & ability to take a vision and make it into reality always wows us!  Here are a few of our favorite designs of hers…
    Oh-Deer-Wedding-InvitationThe value in hiring a local paper designer is that you can customize your font, colors and graphics and get a very unique invitation suite that matches your needs.  Also, the quality and ability to get in touch with someone local makes for an easy process in getting all of your etiquette questions answered.
    Wonka-Inspired-InviteWhen it comes to wedding design, we love how paper products tie the entire look together of an event.  I always say it takes everything to another level!  Your invitation sets the tone for the wedding well before your guests arrive, but the paper products also finely tie everything together on the wedding day as well.Great-Gatsy-Invite Consider having custom signs, escort cards, place cards, programs, menus, favor tags and stickers professionally made to make every last detail completed to perfection! Perfect-Pair-Wedding-InvitationWhen it comes to bright colors, patterns and other details, I always suggest tying in certain elements with the paper products.  Dena can help do this, and we can also help assist in suggestions based on your table decor, linens and colors you are using. Eggplant-Wedding-InvitationDena“In today’s tech savvy world, there is something special about receiving a lavishly colored invitation in the mail that stands out from all the white envelopes and bills (-we barely even get those anymore!) The process of opening the envelope gets your guests excited about your wedding/event and the design of it sets the overall tone you want to convey. I think it’s important to keep sending mail and have something we can hold and feel, it’s all so digital now that these little touches will make all the difference for your guests-even subconsciously-for an unforgettable event!”

    -Dena, Throne Invitations

    Some fun and interesting facts about Dena:

    She would save her entire book collection in a fire.
    She feels most “normal” when her hair is fuchsia colored.
    She loves all the superhero movies; particularly Iron Man and the X-Men.

    To reach Dena with Throne Invitations, please visit her website at: www.http://www.throneinvitations.com/

    Call – Text her at:
    Email her at:

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  • Coral & Peach Wedding Flowers

    January 16th, 2014 admin

    We were so excited to have the opportunity of working with Lisa, aka Elisabeth Arin Photography on this styled sweetheart table we designed for The Westin’s Open House this past weekend.  Lisa’s fresh style and beautifully lit images are swoon-worthy!  We think you’ll love these beautiful pops of coral to brighten your day!


    Brass elements, coral spray roses and a mod patterned linen from Mimi & Co. made for the perfect pairing.coral_wedding_centerpiece

    Gold peony holders add to the height variations on the tables.  coral_wedding 2014-01-15_0047

    Beautifully designed menus from none other than Dena with Throne Invitations finishes off the gold charger place settings.  We love the arrow touches to the graphics and place cards!coral-wedding-flowers gold-containers sweet-heart-table coral-and-peach-flowers

    Photography:  Elisabeth Arin Photography  // Venue:  The Westin, Sacramento, CA  // Paperie:  Throne Invitations // Floral Design: Botanica Floral & Event Design // Linens:  Mimi & Company

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  • Design Workshop

    January 4th, 2014 admin

    Attend our Design Workshop Series!  For more information click here!


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  • Design Workshop

    January 4th, 2014 admin

    Attend our Design Workshop Series! For more information click here!


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  • Vintage China Rentals

    December 19th, 2013 admin

    Vintage China Rentalsvintage_china_rentals

    Our vintage china rentals are the perfect addition to finish off your wedding reception tables.  We offer the most beautiful vintage china rentals, each design being hand-selected.  To view more, visit: http://botanicaevents.com/rentals/inventory/tabletop/mismatched-vintage-china-rentals/

    We love the look of mismatched vintage china rentals as it adds a unique look to your tabletop.  Each of your guests will have a different look to their place setting, but in complimenting patterns.


    With multiple patterns and styles, this brings many layers to the overall feel of the table.  We love these blush pink and rose patterned plates.


    With gold leafing accents and the finest craftsmanship, each plate we collect is beautiful in itself.  vintage-china-rentals

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  • Vintage Milk Glass Rentals

    December 13th, 2013 admin

    Vintage Milk Glass Rentals

    Vintage milk glass rentals are great for centerpieces and tabletop decor. We love our vintage milk glass collection that we have hand-picked because each item is unique and special. We have bud vases, hobnail, Fenton milkglass and all different sizes to make your milk glass centerpieces unique.

    Check out more of our lovely pieces in our inventory:



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  • Rustic Fall Wedding

    December 12th, 2013 admin

    Amy and Avery’s rustic, Fall wedding was gorgeous, and perfectly set in Forest Hill, at the Forest House Lodge.  We love all of the wonderful touches to this wedding, and think you will as well!

    The Fall bridal bouquet was designed with plucked sunflowers, orange gerbera daisies, yellow craspedia, scabiosa pods and green dianthus.  We love this look for a Fall wedding!

    Accents of miniature pine cones, burgundy mums and moss makes for a great rustic boutonniere.

    Amy and her Mother-in-law decorated each of the mason jars we used for centerpieces.  Burlap, lace and orange accents made these very special and unique!  Flowers used were green dianthus, bupleurum, burgundy chrysanthemums and safflower.

    The ceremony was accented with arrangements on large stumps.  Pine cones and moss finished off the look.

    The styled centerpieces consisted of a wood round with various heights of containers and flowers.  When styling centerpieces it is so important to keep height in mind.  Having various heights of interest, and not obstructing the view across the table is essential.

    Congratulations Amy and Avery!  Wishing you many happy years ahead!!


    Venue:  Forest House Lodge // Photography:  Jaqueline Photography // DJ:  Swerve Entertainment // Hair & Make-Up: Traci Lynn Make-Up Design

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  • Vintage Rentals

    December 9th, 2013 admin

    Vintage Rentals

    Krista and Drew’s wedding was held on a family estate property in Napa, California.  The soft-toned florals and romantic setting was breathtakingly beautiful.

    The bridal bouquet featured white hydrangea, white anemones with black centers, astrantia, roses and dusty miller.

    A floral garland swagged the wrought iron balcony to soften the look.

    Even the family dog wore flowers!  We love to add some fun florals, even for the animals!

    Vintage furniture and floral accents were added to the spaces to add to the romantic look.

    The escort card display was designed with one of our vintage frames.  We love this look!

    Table numbers were displayed on our wooden stands.  Amersand Ink made these adorable table numbers, and on the back sides, the menu for dinner was featured!  So cute!!  Centerpieces were created in mason jars, mercury glass and milk glass.

    A vintage suitcase was used for guest cards.  We love this look, and it’s a great way to add some color.

    Bridesmaids all wore different shades of pastel dresses.  Their bouquets all designed in the same color scheme tied everything together.

    Congratulations Krista & Drew!!!


    Venue:  Family Estate Napa, CA // Photography:  Chris and Kristen Photography // Planner:  Your Event by Erin // Catering:  Mangia Nosh // Vintage & Unique Rentals, Florals:  Botanica Floral & Event Design // Cake:  Buttercream Bakery // Officiant: Courri Brady // DJ: Pacific Entertainment // Hair & Make-Up: Grenhaus Salon // Stationary:  &ink Designs

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  • Napa Estate Wedding

    December 9th, 2013 admin

    Krista and Drew’s wedding was held on a family estate property in Napa, California.  The soft-toned florals and romantic setting was breathtakingly beautiful.

    The bridal bouquet featured white hydrangea, white anemones with black centers, astrantia, roses and dusty miller.

    A floral garland swagged the wrought iron balcony to soften the look.

    Even the family dog wore flowers!  We love to add some fun florals, even for the animals!

    Vintage furniture and floral accents were added to the spaces to add to the romantic look.

    The escort card display was designed with one of our vintage frames.  We love this look!Table numbers were displayed on our wooden stands.  Amersand Ink made these adorable table numbers, and on the back sides, the menu for dinner was featured!  So cute!!  Centerpieces were created in mason jars, mercury glass and milk glass.  A vintage suitcase was used for guest cards.  We love this look, and it’s a great way to add some color. 

    Bridesmaids all wore different shades of pastel dresses.  Their bouquets all designed in the same color scheme tied everything together.

    Congratulations Krista & Drew!!!


    Venue:  Family Estate Napa, CA // Photography:  Chris and Kristen Photography // Planner:  Your Event by Erin // Catering:  Mangia Nosh // Vintage & Unique Rentals, Florals:  Botanica Floral & Event Design // Cake:  Buttercream Bakery // Officiant: Courri Brady // DJ: Pacific Entertainment // Hair & Make-Up: Grenhaus Salon // Stationary:  &ink Designs

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  • San Francisco Vintage Rentals

    December 9th, 2013 admin

    We are so excited to be offering San Francisco vintage rentals.  We have a wide range of our inventory available to rent.  We travel all over Northern California.

    You are a free-spirit, your eclectic and personal style emanates your essence. Embracing this, Botanica has hand-selected our distinctive collection that brings to life your vision and true nature with our unique inventory. Offering florals, rentals and design, our creative team looks forward to collaborating with you to beautify your event.

    Items Offered: Vintage furniture, vintage rentals, votives, wedding decor, wedding centerpieces, lanterns, rustic wedding, vintage centerpieces, vintage scale, vintage doors, burlap, burlap runners, lace runners, vases, vase, mason jars, vintage china, vintage china rentals, flatware, decanters, candelabras, mercury glass, vintage globe, picture frames, vintage suitcase, vintage camera, antlers, cloche, bell jars, apothecary jars, vintage books, silver teapots, silver platters, cake stand, vintage bottles, candelabras, vintage chairs, vintage trunks, settee, vintage sofa, vintage radio player, coffee tables, wood stumps, wood blocks, wood signs, chalkboard signs, pendant banners, vintage goblets, vintage crystal, vintage linens, gold chargers, black chargers, brass containers, brass candlesticks, mercury glass candlesticks, milkglass, milk glass, vintage windows, window panes, window pane, barnwood tables, farm table, farm tables.

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  • Napa Vintage Rentals

    December 9th, 2013 admin

    We are so excited to be offering Napa vintage rentals.  We have a wide range of our inventory available to rent.  We travel all over Northern California.

    You are a free-spirit, your eclectic and personal style emanates your essence. Embracing this, Botanica has hand-selected our distinctive collection that brings to life your vision and true nature with our unique inventory. Offering florals, rentals and design, our creative team looks forward to collaborating with you to beautify your event.

    Items Offered: Vintage furniture, vintage rentals, votives, wedding decor, wedding centerpieces, lanterns, rustic wedding, vintage centerpieces, vintage scale, vintage doors, burlap, burlap runners, lace runners, vases, vase, mason jars, vintage china, vintage china rentals, flatware, decanters, candelabras, mercury glass, vintage globe, picture frames, vintage suitcase, vintage camera, antlers, cloche, bell jars, apothecary jars, vintage books, silver teapots, silver platters, cake stand, vintage bottles, candelabras, vintage chairs, vintage trunks, settee, vintage sofa, vintage radio player, coffee tables, wood stumps, wood blocks, wood signs, chalkboard signs, pendant banners, vintage goblets, vintage crystal, vintage linens, gold chargers, black chargers, brass containers, brass candlesticks, mercury glass candlesticks, milkglass, milk glass, vintage windows, window panes, window pane, barnwood tables, farm table, farm tables.

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  • Vintage Rentals Sacramento

    December 8th, 2013 admin

    Vintage Rentals Sacramento

    We are so excited to be offering Sacramento vintage rentals.  We have a wide range of our inventory available to rent.  We travel all over Northern California.


    You are a free-spirit, your eclectic and personal style emanates your essence. Embracing this, Botanica has hand-selected our distinctive collection that brings to life your vision and true nature with our unique inventory. Offering florals, rentals and design, our creative team looks forward to collaborating with you to beautify your event.

    Items Offered: Vintage furniture, vintage rentals, votives, wedding decor, wedding centerpieces, lanterns, rustic wedding, vintage centerpieces, vintage scale, vintage doors, burlap, burlap runners, lace runners, vases, vase, mason jars, vintage china, vintage china rentals, flatware, decanters, candelabras, mercury glass, vintage globe, picture frames, vintage suitcase, vintage camera, antlers, cloche, bell jars, apothecary jars, vintage books, silver teapots, silver platters, cake stand, vintage bottles, candelabras, vintage chairs, vintage trunks, settee, vintage sofa, vintage radio player, coffee tables, wood stumps, wood blocks, wood signs, chalkboard signs, pendant banners, vintage goblets, vintage crystal, vintage linens, gold chargers, black chargers, brass containers, brass candlesticks, mercury glass candlesticks, milkglass, milk glass, vintage windows, window panes, window pane, barnwood tables, farm table, farm tables.

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  • Half Moon Bay Wedding

    December 5th, 2013 admin

    We absolutely love the beach, and we were absolutely in love with Crystal and Bobby’s Half Moon Bay wedding.  Crystal’s bubbly personality fit right along with her fun and bright color scheme.

     The bridal bouquet was designed with green cymbidium orchids, green berzelia, white hydrangea and blue delphinium.  For a little sparkle, we added rhinestone starfish.. just love this!

    For the bridesmaid bouquets, we kept to the green and white, but added turquoise ribbon wrap, a color we don’t have access to in the floral world, but a great way to tie it in is with ribbon.

    Bobby’s boutonniere was designed with a green miniature cymbidium orchid.  We even added in miniature, preserved starfish!

    The ceremony was held right on the beach.  We utilized our natural wooden stands to give height to the “altar” area, framing the couple for the ceremony.  Curly willow and turquoise crystals swayed in the breeze.  Sandblasted grapewood was also incorporated which added to the underwater feel.

    We always like to design something a little more unique and interesting for cocktail tables, and this was the perfect place to have some of the brighter colors shine through!  Blue crushed glass, green reindeer moss, orchids and preserved starfish all brought this beach wedding together.

    The escort card display was styled from props out of our inventory.  Since the wedding invitations and theme was based on travel, we used vintage maps, grapewood, and glass buoy orbs as well as seafans to bring more focal interest to this table.  Travel ticket escort cards were placed both on the map backdrop, as well as in the wooden slots of the planks.

    Centerpieces were styled with moss, green dianthus and our turquoise votives which complimented Crystal & Bobby’s color palette.  Candlelight, sand and shells all tied together the outdoor setting indoors.

    We thought their cake was pretty cool!  The stand it is displayed on even fits in!

     Wishing Crystal & Bobby many travels around the world together!!

    Get the look, vendor love…

    Venue:  Oceano Hotel //   Photography:  Darya Dyatlova Photography // Video: Bonetti Videography // Bridal Gown, Bridesmaid Dresses:  Enchanted Bridal Shoppe // Alterations:  Bridal Perfections // Invitations, Paper Products:  Throne Invitations DJ:  A Big Ticket Sound Experience, Mark Hardin // Cake: Elegant Cheesecakes, Susan Morgan

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  • Union Hill Inn Wedding

    December 3rd, 2013 admin

    We are absolutely in love with Union Hill Inn, which is located in Sonora, California!  Their lovely barn is the perfect, romantic setting for a gorgeous wedding!  And, Nora and Justin’s wedding was just that!  With super lovely photos from Andrea with Cloverfield Photography, we think you’ll just love this look as well!


    Nora’s peach and white bridal bouquet featured white hydrangea, peach garden roses, scabiosa pods for a rustic touch, blushing bride and silver brunia.  We finished off the stems with natural jute.


    The beautiful backdrop for the ceremony!


    The aisle was lined with mason jars Nora wrapped with burlap.  Baby’s breath, en mass, were added to give a soft touch.


    Sonora Wedding Film | Nora & Justin from Phillip Alan Films on Vimeo.

    Congratulations Nora and Justin! Wishing you many happy years ahead… this is just the start!


    Get this look, we are loving this team!


    Venue:  Union Hill Inn Photography:  Cloverfield Photography Video: Phillip Alan Films // Catering: Dickey’s BBQ in Jackson // Cake: Maya: Butter & Cream in Murphy’s //Bar Service: A Perfect Pour // Officiant: Rev. Dave Conley // Hair: Dexe Thao of Beela & Dexe // Makeup: Julie Cruz // DJ: Rick Jenkins-Vision Entertainment

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  • Vintage Baseball Wedding

    August 27th, 2013 admin

    Take us out to the ballgame! This was a wonderful shoot with our friends from Real Weddings Magazine. We took all the recent hype over America’s beloved past time of baseball and turned it into a wedding as classic as the sport itself. Whether you are an A’s fan or a Giant’s or just a fan in general here are some ideas to bring the sport you love into your special day!

    With neutral colors like white, green, and some infusions of purple compliments the versatile wooden boxes that can be used to create a focal point of your ceremony or to help create eye-catching centerpieces.


    For our centerpieces we used Eryngium, Sweet William, snapdragons and Stellata pods. They add beauty and whimsical air to your centerpieces that all your guests will be talking about. Personal touches can be added anywhere whether it be the repurposed goblets and jars for vases or the banner expressing your love.

    Babe Ruth once said “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” So do not let the fear of having a wedding that is a little different keep you from having the wedding of a  lifetime. Let’s play ball!

    Cake and Desserts: Sweet Cakes by Rebecca 

    Decor and Vintage Rentals: Simple Country Weddings 

    Banner: Lisa T. Creations

    Design, Setting and Decor: Stephanie Teague Events

    Location: UC Davis

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  • Westin St. Francis Wedding

    June 12th, 2013 admin

    Pamela and Zack exchanged wedding vows in San Francisco this past November.  With a fun and bright color palette to transform the top floor of the Westin St. Francis, it was a lovely & fun evening for friends and family.  With her designer, Michelle Barrioneuvo-Mazzini an elegant event was centered around deep blues, purples and magenta pinks.  With a bit of bling, metallic accents & some gorgeous lighting, this wedding was a stunner!

    Pamela’s bridal bouquet was created with white ranunculus, white hydrangea, white spray roses and accents of jewels.  Since this was a city wedding, and a bit modern, we went with a compact feeling bouquet to carry out that feel.

    The bridesmaids wore purple dresses, and to get some contrast with the florals, we used blue, magenta and deep purple florals of stock, hydrangea and lisianthus.

    Centerpiece styles alternated with silver manzanita and magenta phalenopsis orchids, hanging crystals and modern containers.  The base of each arrangement also tied in the bright color tones of blues, greens and purples.

    Amazing linens complimented the floral arrangements and added a bit of sparkle to go with the lighting the couple chose.

    Michelle came up with this awesome tiered floral pillar look for the cake.  Since two-bite treats of cake pops and macaroons were on display, a smaller cutting cake was dressed up for show on this silver cake stand and floral riser!

    Congratulations Pamela & Zack!

    Venue: Westin St. Francis (Imperial Floor) | Wedding Planner & Event Designer: MB Wedding Design and EventsPhotographer: Gustavo FernandezVideographer: Kevin Chin | Rentals: Hartmann Studios | Linens: Napa Valley LinensDesserts: Cake Coquette & Sweet Lauren Cakes | Wedding Dress: Lazaro purchased at Marina Morrison | Hair and Makeup: Joey Cheung of JBeautiqueDJ: BFL Productions (DJ Ruben and DJ I-CUE) | Band: Keith Johnson All Stars | Stationery: Creative Designs by Mimi

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  • Yellow & Grey Wedding

    May 20th, 2013 admin

    Amy & Ken’s Crocker Art Museum wedding was yellow and grey and all things eclectic!  Both Amy and Ken have an eye for design, and the look and feel of their wedding was very important to them.  They loved a sort of Mad Men look paired with clean glass and succulents.  A lot of the found objects we paired with our own inventory came from Amy & Ken’s house.

    With a grey, white and yellow color palette, we utilized some of our favorite blossoms such as yellow David Austin garden roses, yellow craspedia or billy balls, grey dusty miller, yellow ranunculus, and of course, succulents!

    For the ceremony, we flanked either side of the couple with tall yellow and white floral arrangements which were moved into the reception area following vows.

    White chivari chairs were paired with yellow and white striped linens.  A white charger for each place setting was finished off with craft paper boxes for favors.

    Brass, gold and glass objects were grouped for each centerpiece.  There were no two centerpieces that were matching… we love that!! This not only makes for a more interesting look, but adds variety throughout the room.

    Linens used were yellow and white ticking from La Tavola Linens.  This was the perfect subtle use of color and pattern to be brought throughout the room, and upon sitting and looking closely at the tabletops. 

    Congratulations Amy & Ken!

    Vendors:  Photography: Milou + Olin Photography | Venue: The Crocker Art Museum | Florals: Botanica Floral & Event Design | Linens: La Tavola Linens 

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  • Party Plants

    May 1st, 2013 admin

    There’s nothing like a plant with some style!  WE love our new party plant line, launching just in time for Mother’s Day!  Be sure you send one to Mom and let her know how hip and stylish she really is!

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  • Vintage Bike Florals

    April 19th, 2013 admin

    We loved adding florals to one of our clients’ vintage bikes for their wedding!  For a couple who loves cycling, it’s the perfect way to incorporate a personal touch into your wedding day decor!

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  • Flower Girl Florals

    April 9th, 2013 admin

    We think flower girls are a sweet and special touch to the wedding day!  Usually, it is a family member or close friend who takes on this role, and every little girl wants to feel like a princess, so why not give her florals!  Here are a few ideas to make these special additions to your bridal party feel special!

    A floral head wreath is a sweet touch to any outfit chosen.  A dog is a sweet touch too!

    A flower wand is perfect for any little girl.  With streamers and fresh florals, she will love this  accessory to play with and stream down the aisle!

    Sometimes a simple and elegant golden box or floral pomander is perfect to carry down the aisle.  Especially if you don’t happen to have a ring bearer, this is the perfect solution!

    More and more flower girls aren’t carrying the traditional basket and petals, but something like a starfish would be the perfect accent for a beach wedding!

    And, I love the idea of a church wedding where the flower girl passes out long stemmed roses to guests as she walks down the aisle!

    Make sure you make your flower girls feel special on the wedding day too, and shower them with flowers!

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  • Hot Pink & Teal Flowers

    April 3rd, 2013 admin

    We loved working with Tammy and Casey on their hot pink and teal country wedding!  We met Tammy at one of our November weddings, and it was so nice when she called to have us help out with her own Winter wedding.  Gorgeous photographs provided by Heather Smith Photography!

    Tammy’s bouquet was designed with standard hot pink roses and hot pink spray roses.

    The hot pink bridal bouquet just “pops” in this photo!  Love it!

    Cowboy boots were worn by the bridal party.

    Hot pink centerpieces in large mason jars with hot pink flowers were designed for the centerpieces.

    Tammy and her Mom made cute touches with horseshoe favors.   The horseshoes were tied off with ribbon and paper to add a special touch to each of the place settings.

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  • Sixty Inch Rounds – Six Ways

    March 27th, 2013 admin

    We recently participated in Lake Natoma Inn‘s Open House event and tasting and took the opportunity of sharing various styles and designs to inspire the styles and tastes of the season!  With gorgeous linens from Mimi & Co. and images captured from Kim J Martin Photography, take a look at Sixty Inch Rounds – Six Ways!

    Lace and burlap are such a hot trend this season, and we think it pairs perfectly with a vintage, classic touch.  Here we’ve used a silver tray with crystal compotes and glassware.  White florals and foliage accents are the perfect compliment to the look.

    For a more modern look, a grey linen with a chevron teal runner brings out the teal glassware that we’ve paired with bright yellow button mums.  Runners are all the talk this season to add a graphic print to your tables or to add in multiple colors to your palette without going overboard!

    Vintage amber colored glassware is paired with foliages and accents of orange gerbera daisies.  A very mid-century wedding feel!

    I love the combination of kelly green and shades of yellow!  Yellow stock, button mums and gerberas pop off of the green runner and hobnail glass.

    Blue bottles with burnt orange gerbera daisies are the perfect contrast against the navy chevron print runners!

    What do you think about six ways to style a 60″ round?

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  • I Want Her Job Feature

    March 25th, 2013 admin

    If you love reading and begin inspired, you will absolutely love this website!  I was honored to have been featured this past week, and able to share a bit about my career, my passion with the readers of this wonderful blog names as One of the Top 75 Websites for Your Career by Forbes.  Check it out and follow I Want Her Job on Facebook and Twitter!  Here’s the article they featured on my line of work!

    Audrey Chaney has been designing florals and events for more than a decade, but her passion was already blooming back in the fourth grade, when she came up with her first arrangement. So, it was only natural that in high school, one of her first jobs was at a flower shop where she immersed herself in the bouquets and blooms of the industry. It was around her time at the flower shop when Audrey realized she wanted to start her own business, helping clients create their own dream events — from paper to party.

    Working with many of California’s best floral designers, Audrey began her own company, Botanica Floral and Event Design, about five years ago. As noted on her website, Audrey’s ultimate goal is to offer “expertise and experience to clients with a design pairing that makes our services unparalleled.” Everything Audrey’s studio creates is an extension of her personal style or brand. “When it comes to creation, design and art, your name is on everything that goes out of your studio.”

    What drew you to your job?

    Even as a young child, I was very interested in plants and flowers. My parents actually have a photograph of me in the fourth grade with my first floral arrangement. At 15, I was working at the local flower shop. I also took courses in high school on floral design and competed in FFA (Future Farmers of America) competitions to learn and study floral design. I immersed myself in the wedding and floral industry throughout high school and college and knew that, at some point, I’d start my own business.

    The idea of working for myself — doing what I love, setting my own hours and being my own boss — is a huge plus to my career. But I will say working for yourself also can be much more demanding, with expectations set very high and hours that exceed a regular 9 to 5 job. But when you love what you do, it hardly feels like work!

    What does your job involve on a daily basis, and what types of responsibilities do you have in your position?

    As other small business owners can attest, we wear many hats. And because my work is a form of art, I believe everything I create and design at my studio is an extension of my personal style and brand.

    On the creative side, I spend time coming up with floral recipes for bouquets, centerpieces and all of the wedding designs for an event. Creating inspiration boards with photos, containers, linens and other design elements inspires our clients and helps bring the ideas together in one place.

    When we’re in production mode, it’s very hands on: think stems on the ground, music in the background and the creative juices really flowing.

    On the office end of things, I spend time sharing our art through social media, our blog and networking mixers and events. Building business and client relationships is essential; we’re all working together as a team. General office work, like creating proposals, providing a high level of customer service and setting and tracking goals and growth, can’t be overlooked either.

    What is your favorite part of your job?

    Seeing an event come to life from ideas on paper to the final product — with guests interacting in the space created and designed — is quite rewarding. I also enjoy helping clients turn their initial concepts into so much more than anything they’ve imagined.

    What challenges keep you awake at night?

    Because each project is different every week, it’s essential to be organized and on our toes. I often wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what I have coming up and what needs to be done for current projects. It’s never the same routine in a week — or day — so keeping a pad of paper bedside and a thorough planner where I can track tasks is key.

    Is work/life balance ever a problem with you? If so, what is one no-fail tactic you use to create balance?

    Audrey Chaney Working_Feature“You have to listen to your clients’ needs in order to be able to carry out what they envision and to elaborate on their ideas from the get-go,” Audrey says.

    Staying balanced in work and life is essential to being successful. Because my line of work often demands working on the weekends, in addition to the day-to-day work throughout the week, it can be difficult to balance a social life when I’m working and most of my friends are off. However, thanks to the flexibility of owning my own business, I’m able to spend time with friends and family during the week at luncheons or evening get-togethers.

    I like to try and set aside a few hours each day for myself, whether that involves reading, working out or taking a walk with my dog. I think people forget that a lot of small business owners aren’t surrounded by an office full of people, so it can be isolating at times. It’s essential to have that social networking and personal time.

    On that topic, as a business owner you sometimes work alone, so how do you stay motivated?

    Ultimately, what motivates me are the possibilities of where I want to be and go. My goals, where I’d like to see my business, the work/life balance I’d like to have. I’m very happy with my career; my passion, but I have to keep pushing myself to grow. Otherwise, there isn’t a reason to be doing this if it becomes mundane. Giving back is also key, teaching younger students, supporting new designers coming into the industry … that motivates me, as I was once in their shoes.

    On a personal level, I watch many TED Talks, read books on business ownership, entrepreneurial reads and personal growth books. I find this gives me balance and an always-learning attitude that keeps me going.

    Was there ever a moment in your career where you’ve thought, “I can’t believe I have this job?” What was it?

    Every year, I attend the American Institute of Floral Design Symposium, an international event with floral designers from around the world. Last year, I was inducted into this prestigious organization and it was a touching moment for me because it’s been a goal of mine for many years. Being surrounded by so many inspiring designs, designers, flowers and ideas always gives me goosebumps and makes me think of how I got started in this industry and where I’ve grown to today. I’m grateful for every day I’m able to wake up and pursue my passion.

    What are some of the rules you live by?

    Make whatever your passion is your career. I believe everyone should follow their dreams.

    Speak your truth. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, how you should be treated or making a choice that might be.

    Treat others with love, kindness and respect. Give and put out the energy you want in return.

    Don’t be upset by the results you didn’t get with the work you didn’t do. As a business owner, we have to be the driving force behind getting things done. Procrastination and stagnant tendencies don’t get you anywhere.

    What qualities does one need to possess to be successful in your line of work?

    Being a good listener is really important. You have to listen to your clients’ needs in order to be able to carry out what they envision and to elaborate on their ideas from the get-go.

    Having integrity when it comes to business, relationships and your own style is essential. This is where your personal values and beliefs play a big part in your business and how you operate. And this is why I feel like I’m personally so tied to my brand. I’ve had times where we’ve had to turn away work because I didn’t feel what the client was asking for was something that would align with our brand and look. When it comes to creation, design and art, your name is on everything that goes out of your studio, and you want to be sure that aligns with the business you want to attract.

    What one piece of advice do you wish you could tell a 21-year-old version of yourself?

    I started journaling a few years ago and it’s changed my life! So I’d suggest that the 21-year-old Audrey do so. Also, writing down goals and revisiting them frequently. I now write my goals down and track them to stay more focused on where I’m going and where I want to be.


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  • Once Upon A Forest

    March 18th, 2013 admin

    If you’ve ever gotten lost in a forest, it can be quite a magical place!  From little woodland creatures, to ferns and mushrooms… the flora and fauna are captivating!  When we were asked to do the “Once Upon A Forest” shoot for Real Weddings Magazine, it was exciting because there are so many great and wonderful ideas this amazing team brought together to share some forest wedding inspiration!

    A birch arbor is the perfect place for a wedding!  Doubling as a structure for the sweetheart table after the ceremony makes it doubly as useful for decor!

    An all green bridal bouquet created with ferns, millet, scabiosa pods, succulents, monkey tail and green dianthus make this green bouquet unique.  We’ve finished off the stems with a burlap treatment which is very popular this season!

    A suspended green hanging chandelier created with a wreath of foliages is the sweetest spot for the couple to enjoy their first meal together as husband and wife.  Moss orbs mixed with fresh mushroom toadstools, birch candles and unique groupings of leaves and foliages makes this table interesting!

    A ring bearer box filled with mosses and a mushroom to house the rings puts a new spin on the traditionally seen ring bearer pillows.

    You know how much we love floral headpieces, so we just couldn’t resist making this moss and fern floral accent for our bride.

    Featuring real bride Amber Williams

    Photographed on location:

    The Firehouse Restaurant  916-442-4772  | firehouseoldsac.com

    Photographer: True Love Photo

    916-223-2384  |  truelovephoto.com

    Special thanks to P.J. James

     Design, styling, décor, coordination, and paperie:

    Pfeiffer Event Planning

    916-607-6024  |  sacramentoweddingplanner.com

     Design, styling, décor and floral design:

    Botanica Floral & Event Design

    916-673-8650  |  botanicaevents.com

     Bridal gowns and accessories:

    Sparkle Bridal Couture

    916-538-6615  |  sparklebridalcouture.com

     Hair and make-up:

    Makeup by Jennifer Haupt/I Make Beautiful

    916-532-9800  |  imakebeautiful.com

     Cake and desserts:

    Sugar and Spice Specialty Desserts

    916-952-5253  |  sugarandspice.me

     Lighting :

    Music & More Entertainment

    916-601-4107  |  musicandmoredj.com


    Mimi & Co.

    916-525-1235  |  mimiandcompany.com

     Additional Décor and rentals:

    Archive Vintage Rentals

    888-459-6598  |  archivevintagerentals.com

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  • Floral Headpieces… Oh My!

    March 6th, 2013 admin

    We were so lucky to work on this fabulous shoot with Allison Stahl who beautifully photographed La Soie Bridal gowns paired with some fancy and fun hair pieces we created!  Take a look and let us know what you think of these high fashion floral accessories!

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  • Educational Speaking

    March 4th, 2013 admin

    This past week, I was lucky enough to travel back to my Alma Mater, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and present to college students an Artist in Residence program.  My presentation was centered around personal flowers and the use of decorative wiring.

    It was such a great pleasure to be able to interact with the future generation that will be coming into the floral industry!  They even created boutonnieres that I was able to critique and marvel over!  So much talent!

    The event was hosted by the Student Chapter of the American Institute of Floral Designers.  Melinda Lynch, AIFD, who was my floral instructor at Cal Poly leads her team of designers and teaches classes on floral design to students interested in getting into the floral and event management world, as well as agriculture teachers.

    I was able to share with students some fun techniques to use decorative wiring for.

    We covered floral necklaces, corsages, head wreaths, & adding decorative elements to boutonnieres and bouquets.

    Here is a fun hanging bouquet I designed with thick gauged wire I twisted with a power drill!

    It was so much fun to see all of the students, share some design techniques and ideas and visit my college!  Thank you Melinda and your students for sharing the opportunity!

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  • Blush Wedding Flowers

    March 1st, 2013 admin

    Stephanie & Todd’s Sacramento wedding was held in the agricultural area of Clarksburg.  Stephanie’s father actually built a barn for her and Todd’s wedding, yes!  Built a barn for the wedding!  Surrounded by vineyards and a lake in the backdrop, it was a gorgeous evening!  Kamee June Photography was gracious enough to share these photos with us, and she was a pleasure to work with!

    Stephanie liked pastel and blush toned florals.  We used ‘Cafe au Lait’ dahlias, roses, stock, hydrangeas and silver brunia for the bouquets.  The stems we chose to finish off with lace to compliment the bridal gown.  The overall look was soft and dreamy.

    Tall and short centerpieces decorated the tables in the barn where the reception was held.  Hanging amaranths and sage were the perfect foliage accents to these centerpieces.

    A gorgeous cake designed by Sweet Cakes by Rebecca tied in the lace and sweet details.

    Congratulations Stephanie and Todd!

    Photography: Kamee June Photography  Kamee is based out of Orange County, but travels all over the US capturing weddings.  She is uber talented and such a sweetheart!

    Cake Design:  Sweet Cakes by Rebecca  We love Sweet Cakes and all of their gorgeous works of art! This wedding was just one example of how creative and talented they are when it comes to flour and sugar creations!

    Rentals: Classic Party Rentals

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  • Rustic Country Wedding

    January 24th, 2013 admin

    Kayla + Clint’s rustic country wedding was held at Forest House Lodge this past Winter.  Kayla and Clint were the sweetest couple and were so wonderful to work with.  They were looking to tie together some of their DIY projects with there florals, and we think you’ll love how it all came together!

    Kayla’s bouquet featured succulent accents, white lisianthus, ornithogalum, baby’s breath and a rustic touch of brown vines.  We finished off the stems with jute to tie in with the rustic feel of their day.

    The caging of the branches was a perfect compliment to The Forest House Lodge.

    Boutonnieres presented in a wooden handled crate.

    The stems were finished off with the same jute treatment as the bridesmaid bouquets.  These succulent boutonnieres were created with seeded eucalyptus & succulents.  Since both Kayla and Clint work in the rice industry, we incorporated dried rice that they brought to us.

    Succulent boutonniere details with rice accents.

    Both Kayla and Clint wore their cowboy boots, along with their bridal party…. it was quite cute!!

    I had to share this clever idea they used to display their escort cards… shotgun shells!!

    Chalkboard table numbers were placed into the centerpiece design.  Mason jars which Kayla wrapped in burlap and jute were filled with rice and finished off with succulents.  The centerpieces were displayed atop of wooden log slabs Clint cut himself.  Stylized accents of succulents and foliages surrounded the base of the three mason jars to finish off the look of the centerpieces.

    Burlap and lace accents Kayla finished off the jars with.

    Monica with Forest House Lodge did a fantastic job of creating a rustic cake to tie back in with the entire look!

    Photographer:  The Goodness Venue:  Forest House Lodge  Cake:  Monica from Forest House Lodge DJ & Officiant: Matt Brys from Extreme Productions Floral Design: Botanica Floral & Event Design

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  • Geyserville Wedding

    January 22nd, 2013 admin

    Ali and John’s winery wedding took place at deLorimier winery in Geyserville, California. Ali came to us with a color palette of mustard yellow, grey and orange.  For the bridal bouquet we used bi-color dahlias, yellow kangaroo paw, ranunculus, dusty miller and billy balls.

    Don’t you love the bridesmaid dresses?  I love the two styles Ali selected!  And, the grey beaded belts were the perfect touch!

    The hint of orange in the bouquets made the florals stand out from the dresses.

    Here is a cute detail that they incorporated.  I’ve seen escort table seating displayed on vintage windows, but here they used the window for a program.

    To frame the ceremony, we placed a garland of smilax and dahlias on the large oak tree where the ceremony took place.

    Centerpieces consisted of potted herbs in wooden boxes, surrounded by small vases with yellow ranunculus to tie in with their favors.

    The centerpieces tied in nicely with the winery setting and outdoor space.

    Congratulations Ali + John!

    Venue:  deLorimier Winery  Photography: Jesse Leake  Wedding Planner:  Coquette Events  Hair & Make-Up: Luxe Image  DJ: Impact Sounds  Floral Designer: Botanica Floral Designs

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  • Carla + Evan’s Country Wedding

    December 11th, 2012 admin

    I love it when our clients make their wedding unique, true to them, and down-home.  Carla + Evan’s wedding was just that!  They were married in Sutter Creek, and hosted the reception at Carla’s families home in Elk Grove.  With their closest family and friends, this wedding was so very special in all of the details!  Captured beautifully by Teale Photography, and designed and pulled together by Stephanie Curtan Events (who were phenomenal to work with!), we think you will just love this one!

    The bridal bouquet was designed with all white flowers.  Hydrangea, and opened spray roses with a lace treatment to the stem made for the perfect accent to the bridal dress.


    Bridesmaids carried rustic bouquets made of hydrangea, scabiosa pods and Queen Anne’s lace.  Going with the rustic feel, we finished off the stems with burlap and a wrap treatment of lace.

    The bridal party in downtown Sutter Creek.

    Following the ceremony, the bridesmaids put on their cowboy boots for dinner and dancing.

    We absolutely LOVED what Stephanie Curtan designs did with the reception tent!  From hanging chandeliers to wooden tables and a reclaimed wood wall… oh my!!  Different style tables and linens were used on each of the tables.  The overall feel was to be eclectic, but cohesive.


    Centerpieces in worn ceramic containers, mercury glass and hobnail glass were all mixed together to give an eclectic feel.

    Blue nigella and eryngium were the perfect rustic accent for the color palette and feel desired.

    Long wooden tables with ivory runners, bread, and water made for a comfortable atmosphere for guests.

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  • Arden Hills Wedding

    November 26th, 2012 admin

    Edgar and Joy had their intimate Arden Hills Wedding in the Villa Courtyard where they shared the day with their children.  Here are a few gorgeous images captured by my good friend, and talented photographer, Kim J Martin Photography.

    Joy’s bouquet was designed in the purple, green and ivory tones.  Lavender stock, dark purple stock, green hydrangeas, ivory spray roses and purple scabiosa created this hand-tied style bouquet.  The stems were finished off with purple complimenting ribbon and a brooch to tie in with Joy’s jewelry.

    Congratulations Joy and Edgar!  Wishing you many happy years ahead!

    Photography:  Kim J Martin Photography

    Personal Flowers: Botanica Floral & Event Design

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  • Sacramento Winery Wedding

    November 20th, 2012 admin

    Alicia + Nick’s Wilson Vineyard’s Sacramento winery wedding was featured on Every Last Detail this week!  With gorgeous photographs, the day was captured by Elaine Palladino Photography.  The look of the day was filled with soft-toned florals, eclectic centerpieces of bottles, books and crocheted doilies.  I love how the simplicity of everything came together so beautifully!

    Alicia’s bridal bouquet was created from ‘Cafe au Lait’ dahlias, hydrangeas, spray roses, stock, roses and Queen Anne’s Lace.  We finished off the stems in a lace treatment to match her dress and added a brooch for a finishing touch.  I love how the soft-muted florals come together so elegantly!

    For the bridesmaid’s bouquets, we added a bit brighter pops with some orange tones.  Again, we’ve used the ‘Cafe au Lait’ dahlias, spray roses, Queen Anne’s Lace and ranunculus.

    Wilson Vineyards makes for the perfect setting for Alicia’s look.  It’s always important to remember that your design choices should fit into the context of your venue.  For example, here, we went for a more garden feeling palette for the florals, which goes nicely with the outdoor feel of the venue.

    The men’s boutonnieres were created from spray roses, a nice hardy choice if it is a warm day.  We finished off the stems with grey ribbon to go with the men’s suits.  I love the pop of orange with the tie!

    Centerpieces were created in bud vases purchased by the bride.  With an eclectic mix, it added a lot of interest to the tables.  Paired with crocheted doilies, vintage books in varying colors and the soft-toned florals, it all tied together nicely!

    Congratulations Alicia + Nick!  May you enjoy many happy years ahead!

    Photographer: Elaine Palladino / Flowers & Decor: Botanica Floral Design / Reception Venue: Wilson Vineyards /Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal / Bride’s Shoes: BCBG Max Azaria


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  • Rustic Peach-Toned Wedding

    October 19th, 2012 admin

    Brooke and Ben’s Taber Ranch Rustic Wedding was a great celebration to be a part of!  Taber Ranch sits in the Capay Valley, a rustic barn, surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards… it is amazing, and it always reminds me of home (The Central Coast) when I get the opportunity of working there! From the beautiful and eclectic garden to the view from atop the hill, it is an amazing venue (and a true gem) in Northern California.

    Colors:  Orange, blush pink, soft coral

    Style:  Rustic, Sweet, Soft-toned

    Brooke and Ben were such wonderful clients; they took every detail into consideration, really making their event personalized and true to their style.


    Personalized signs custom created for the wedding day.  I love this rustic touch!


    The bridesmaids wore soft, blush pink-toned dresses with nude shoes.  Their bouquets brought in the rustic elements of the surroundings.  Flowers used included ‘Cafe Au Lait’ dahlias, scabiosa pods, fragrant stock, garden roses and dusty miller.

    The barn was perfectly decorated with round tables, mahogany chivari chairs, succulent favors at each place setting and floral centerpieces of mismatched eclectic pieces from Botanica’s Inventory.

    The brighter pops of orange were the perfect accent to the color palette.  Brooke and Ben were looking for a subtle color palette, with that little “pop” of color.  

    The mix of wood elements with linen brings the soft and rustic sides together beautifully!  Each table had a photo of the couple and a place or trip they went on with a story behind each of them.  It’s these fun little touches that make your event unique!


    We used wooden elements such as wooden boxes, log slices and succulents to stylize each of the tables.  I love these two signs the bride and groom had made.  So cute!  haven’t seen this before!

    The beautiful cake was displayed on a large log slice.  Floral accents and a large bloom were added to this look.

    A closer look at the rustic centerpieces.  With a mix of wood, metal, moss and vintage glass votives, all displayed on a burlap runner, it was gorgeous!

    A sweets table we helped stylize.  Candy and mini pies were displayed at varying heights and on silver trays to add interest.

    Sweet strawberry topped cupcakes displayed on wooden slabs.  It’s so important to tie your look together in every aspect!

    I love this photo booth wall with the open frames!  Thought I’d share to inspire!  Congratulations to Brooke and Ben!  I know they have many, many happy years ahead!!


    Photography: Melissa Fuller Photography If you’d like to see Brooke & Ben’s engagement (which is amazing, check out the link here: Brooke + Ben)

    Venue:  Taber Ranch

    DJ: Denon & Doyle

    Baker – Desserts: Sassy Sweets by Monique

    Caterer:  Private Events By Eight 

    Florals: Botanica Floral & Event Design

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  • Elegant Catta Verdera Wedding

    August 27th, 2012 admin


    Nicolle and Matthew were married in June at Catta Verdera. There country club wedding was romantic, elegant and simply stunning! We hope you enjoy these photos from Christopher Kight Photography.

    Nicolle’s compact bouquet was created with white hydrangeas, and peonies. The stems were finished off with white satin ribbon and adorned with a rhinestone appliqué.

    The ballroom-style centerpieces were created with roses, hydrangeas, and hanging amaranthus. A tall glass cylinder base added a dramatic touch to the reception. The hanging crystals added just a hint of bling!

    The lush centerpieces on the sweetheart table were created with low vases consisting of peonies, hydrangeas, and roses.

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  • 2012 AIFD Convention

    July 30th, 2012 admin

    This years American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) Convention was held in Miami, FL and was a particularly important event for Botanica. Our own Audrey Chaney not only was inducted into the elite group of designers but was also asked to design and present to the whole symposium!! We are so proud of Audrey and all of her accomplishments!

    AIFD is a non-profit education association that is committed to the advancement of professionals in floral design through education and leadership. AIFD accreditation is a high honor in the floral industry. Candidates become accredited by successfully completing designs that demonstrate their advanced abilities before a international panel of evaluators. Congratulations Audrey!!

    Audrey receiving her pin on stage at AIFD symposium.

    Audrey with AIFD president, Tom Bowling.

    Audrey presenting her designs that showcased new and upcoming products in the floral industry.

    Some of the designs Audrey created! These are some new vases from Syndicate Sales.

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  • Cotton and Flowers

    April 25th, 2012 admin

    This bouquet kind of sums up a lot of the trends at the moment:

    1.  Soft, muted colors of peaches and pinks are very hot right now.  The pale and silver foliages of the dusty miller are a great addition to floral palettes of this style.

    2.  Burlap accents.  We are seeing burlap on tabletops, draping for ceremonies AND in wedding flowers.

    3.  Cotton love.  Cotton is a great dried addition to bouquets to bring that rustic touch, and add a bit of ivory.  I absolutely love the texture and unexpected element of this in a bouquet or centerpiece.

    The varying textures makes this bouquet quite interesting and unique.  What is your favorite part?

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  • Vintage Love Shoot

    April 23rd, 2012 admin

    I’m so excited to share these gorgeous images with you all from John and Lydia’s one year anniversary shoot we styled!  With a team of Tinywater Photography and Archive Rentals, we created this Napa Vintage shoot for John and Lydia, and we think you’re going to just love the details!

    Wired cloches, brown vintage bottles and a vintage scale really gave a Restoration Hardware feel to this shoot.  The dark succulents, moss accents and soft pale pink dahlias  make for a floral palette that I just love!  The addition of the pheasant feathers is a bit masculine, and I just love this combination!

    A vintage trunk from Archive Rentals makes for a perfect coffee table.  A top we placed a brass platter with more brown vintage bottles, ‘Cafe Au Lait’ dahlias and fresh grapes and decorative artichokes.

    I love the use of vintage ladders in wedding decor, and this ladder added the perfect amount of height to balance out this vignette.  With the wine barrel stool, a few vintage books and floral-succulent accents, we think this would be great to flank a dessert bar or guest book table.

    What do you think, do you like the darker tones?  A bit more on the masculine side… I love this look, it brings a feeling of an old, worn in look!

    Photography:  Tinywater Photography Rentals:  Archive Vintage Rentals Design-Styling-Florals:  Botanica Floral & Event Design

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  • Jonathan Adler Inspired Table

    April 18th, 2012 admin

    If you don’t already know Jonathan Adler, interior designer, and color lover, well, let me introduce you!  Jonathan Adler started as a potter and has since become a well-known personality, interior decorator, and cultural authority.  I am a huge fan of his fun and flirty use of color and quirky additions to rooms.

    So, when we teamed up with this amazing group of wedding professionals to put together this themed shoot, I was more than excited to be designing florals for this look!  Personally, my own house has a lot of color touches and patterns Jonathan uses.. and a moose head, so this was more than exciting to join forces on this shoot!

    Featured in Today’s Bride, you can view the magazine feature by clicking on their link.

    With geometric patterns, and the Greek key we incorporated on the floral containers, this modern look is all about shapes.  I love the finial additions to the table for a bit more of height, and I love the combination of white, grey and black!

    These acrylic place cards are super fun!  Guests can take these home with them after the wedding too!

    To make the Greek key pattern on these vases, we taped off with floral tape and spray painted the containers!  Got to love a little pattern!

    Jonathan Adler is known to incorporate animal touches into his rooms, so when we found this buck statue in BluePrint Studios warehouse, we thought, how perfect!  It’s one of my favorite parts of this whole look!!

    The bar was set-up with plexiglass containers, silver accents and pops of oranges and greens.

    And, a brightly colored bouquet!  I love it against this blue wall!  Totally fun!!

    design, styling + planning mb wedding design + events ● photographer tinywater photography ● cinematographer studio msv ● desserts sweet lauren cakes ● floral design botanica floral designs ●  lighting enhanced lighting & sound ● location, props + furniture blueprint studios ● stationery creative designs by mimi ● tableware ikea, pier1, world market ● gown, headpiece + accessories nouvelle vogue ● hair + makeup get your do up

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  • Modern Wedding Inspiration

    April 11th, 2012 admin

    This modern green wedding inspirational shoot was all about green elements, a hip feel and unique elements.

    Featured on one of our favorite wedding blogs, Green Wedding Shoes, we think you’ll walk away with some inspiring ideas!  Designed by Platinum Planning and photographed by Tinywater Photography, along with many of our wedding industry friends, let’s check out the details!

    With an art gallery reception setting, this is the perfect space for a hip wedding site!


    We used air plants and succulents to create this unique bouquet.  Tillandsia or air plants are really great because they can outlive your actual wedding day!

    A boutonniere finished off with jute and designed with succulents, rice flower and foliage accents makes for an interesting look.

    From vintage trunks to a record-lined aisle, we love this setting!  The brick backdrop and paintings also make for a great altar.

    A neutral color palette of taupe, whites and greens is subtle and organic feeling.

    We love, love, love these recycled paper invitations created by Herdah Warner!  The finishing touch of the stitched envelope just puts the detailing over the top!

    And what awesome party isn’t complete without a food cart?  Dave’s Pops are all organic and so fitting for this wedding reception!

    photography: Tinywater Photography // venue: Green Living Center, 919 20th Street, Sacramento, CA // coordinator +design: Platinum Planning // catering: Tapa the World // cinematography: LoveSpun Films // paper goods: Herdah Warner // florist: Botanica Events // hair + nakeup: Luxe Image // popsicles: Dave Pop’s // desserts: Sugar and Spice Specialty Desserts // hookah: Kasbah Lounge // attire:  Felicia Constantine


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  • Internationally Featured

    April 4th, 2012 admin

    This will be our very first international feature, and we are so very excited about it!  Festival Brides, a UK based wedding blog recently published our Music Festival wedding inspirational shoot!

    Collaborating with Carmen Salazar and the gals from Invitations Ink, this shoot was the perfect outdoor music inspired shoot!  From the detailed paper products to the casual florals and rustic elements, it’s just as if you are camping at a music festival!

    Records, quilts and rustic touches of wooden logs and cute signage makes for a perfect outdoor wedding area.

    Sweet Cakes By Rebecca created quite a spread of themed foods from candied apples to funnel cake fries and smore’s.

    A variety of mismatched containers were used for an eclectic look.  Home-brewed beer was the perfect adult beverage for guests to enjoy!

    One of my favorite elements of this shoot was the “table” created from a runner of various sized logs cut at different heights and sizes.  Don’t let this cool effect trick you though, it was a lot of moving around of heavy objects, thanks to Travis, Jessica’s husband of Invitations Ink!  Such a cool idea though!

    If the girls from Invitations Ink aren’t creative enough, they pulled out all of the stops to create and design some extremely unique pieces that tied this whole shoot together!  From Love Notes to track seating charts, they went above and beyond on the creativity here!

    Outdoor flowers of brightly colored gerber a daisies, sunflowers, safflower, rosemary and ranunculus!

    Photographer: Carmen Salazar Photography  Floral Designer: Botanica Floral Designs  Stationary and T-shirt Designer: Invitations Ink  Cake Designer: Sweet Cakes by Rebecca  Bride’s vintage gown: Fringe Boutique  Groom’s clothing: Banana Republic  Groom’s tie:  Nordstrom’s  Makeup and Hair: Desiree Fitzgerald of Ricochet Salon  Custom T-shirt  Printer: Fibers  Homemade Bottled Beer: Robert’s Home Brew

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  • The Citizen Hotel Wedding Featured

    March 21st, 2012 admin

    Elizabeth and Justin’s wedding was featured on Smitten Magazine’s Blog this past week, and we are so excited to share it with you all!  Their wedding was beautiful, sweet and so romantic.  Elizabeth walked down the aisle to “Marry Me” by Train.  It was a beautiful ceremony!  And, here are the awesome images captured by Jen Stewart Photography!

    To view more of Jen Stewart Photography’s images, check out our earlier post right here on our blog!

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  • Purple and White Wedding

    March 18th, 2012 admin

    Desiree and Donavon were married this past September, and they were such a sweet and fun couple to work with!  Their Auburn wedding was held at Vina Castellano Winery which is a gorgeous property with a lake, cave tasting room and gorgeous vineyard!  We hope you enjoy these lovely photos captured by the lovely Kristy Huston Photography!!

    Desiree’s bouquet was created with purple and white stock, scabiosa, sweet peas and tulips.

    We finished off the stems with a textured stem treatment and a brooch.

    The ceremony arch was created of birch poles, smilax vine and floral accents.

    Purple centerpieces brought out the “pop” of the purple glasses on each of the tables.  Florals of dahlias, stock and tulips made these a stunner!

    Photography:  Kristy Huston Photography  Venue:  Vina Castellano Winery  DJ:  Exquisite Events & Entertainment  Florals:  Botanica Floral & Event Design

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  • Mimi & Co. Web Launch

    March 15th, 2012 admin

    Be sure to RSVP and make it on out for Mimi & Co.’s Website Launch Party coming up, Wednesday, March 28th from 6-9pm.  It is going to be a wonderful evening with lots of new and inspiring linens and looks to see!

    Wednesday, March 28, 2012

    Sacramento Grand Ballroom

    RSVP by 3-20-12 to mimibridal@yahoo.com

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  • Trend Alert: Terrariums

    February 22nd, 2012 admin

    Oh.. my.. goodness… do I love terrariums.  They feature whatever you place inside them.  They are super cute!  They’re kinda’ quirky… some with little gnomes.

    And they are all displayed in a beautiful glass shell, making them super special!

    From hanging ones… with tillandsia {air plants} and succulents.

    Image Credit:  West Elm

    To tabletop decor….

    Image Credit: Thrift Candy

    And details galore… love these place markers – favors for your guests!

    Image via The Moody Fashionista.  Image by: Dream Box Photography

    What do you think?  Don’t you love these?!



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  • Wine & Roses Wedding

    February 10th, 2012 admin

    Megan and Justin were married at Wine & Roses in Lodi, California this past Fall.  We were lucky to work with Megan I believe for over a year, taking part in not only her engagement party, but her bridal shower as well!  It was such a treat to work with her and her family!  We hope you enjoy some of these gorgeous images captured by Jen Stewart Photography, one of our favorite teams to work with!

    Megan and Justin’s ballroom themed wedding was romantic, elegant and centered around the color purple!  Check out the details!!

    Megan and Justin were married in the garden area at Wine and Roses.  We decorated their arch with florals to soften the look of the structure.

    Megan’s dreamy dress was layered in soft organza and was complimented by her bridesmaids, wearing a deep aubergine cocktail length dresses.  For the bouquets, we chose to go with shades of purples and hints of whites for the bridesmaids.

    The shades of purple were gorgeous, from purple hydrangea, purple lisianthus, stock, tulips and orchids.

    Not only was Megan’s purple bridal bouquet finished off with a locket, but she also had lockets for each of her bridesmaids bouquets.  I think this stunning purple bouquet was beautiful against Megan’s dress.

    The groomsmen wore boutonnieres of purple Mokara orchids.  Simply finished off with grey ribbon, these were the perfect “pop” of color Megan was looking for… and it tied back into the bridesmaid’s bouquets as well.

    Justin’s favorite flower is a tulip, so we created this boutonniere accented with a few succulents for his ensemble.  Since tulips can be fragile for personal flowers, we made a second boutonniere to replace this one following the ceremony.  Tips like this is what keeps your flowers looking fresh in all of your photos & throughout the evening!

    A first kiss as husband and wife!!

    A tree finger print guest book.  So cute!

    Centerpieces were alternated from tall and short throughout the dining area.  Megan was looking for the “pop” of color in the room to be in the florals, so we chose a silver linen, white chair covers and the “pop” of purple for her flowers.  We mixed in white to soften the look and flow with the rest of the decor.

    Taller centerpieces in glass vases featured the same florals as their shorter counterparts.  Hydrangea, hanging amaranths, Moonvista carnations, stock, agonis and orchids were part of the floral palette.

    For taller centerpieces, I always suggest having shorter florals placed around the base of the centerpiece to bring some florals to the tabletop for these tables.  I think it finishes off the look and makes the composition a better flow.

    Hanging Swaovski crystals and French pendants were the perfect final touches to this look.

    We finished off each napping with a purple orchid to finish off the place setting.

    Congratulations Megan and Justin!  What a great celebration, it was so much fun working with you all!

    Get the look:

    Photography: Jen Stewart Photography | Ceremony/Reception Venue/Caterer/Coordinator/Cake Artist: Wine & Roses | DJ: DJ Party Service | Gown Boutique: Alfred Angelo | Videographer: Barbara Hintz | Hair Stylist: Amber Brewer | Make-up Artist: Katie Nash | PhotoBooth: California Photobooth Company | Stationary: The Calligraphy Girl | Floral Designer: Botanica Floral Designs

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  • Trend Alert: Lace Love

    February 8th, 2012 admin

    What is more feminine than lace?  It’s opulent, textural and well, very, very in when it comes to decor at the moment!  Here are a few of our favorite uses of lace:

    I love a lace wrapped bouquet.  If your dress has lace detailing, make sure to save any remnants from your alterations so that the stems of your bouquet can be finished off with the same look.  I think it is these little touches that make your flowers extra special.

    These paper lace placemats for a Napa Valley wedding were printed with the menu for the evening.  Displayed under clear chargers, what a special and beautiful touch to the tabletops?!

    Image courtesy:  Tinywater Photography | Desserts:  Swanky & Sweet | Florals: Botanica Floral & Event Design

    A lace linen can be the perfect ‘print’ to add to your table.  I love the look of this, it adds much more than just a plain white linen would.

    Image courtesy:  Tinywater Photography | Desserts:  Swanky & Sweet | Florals: Botanica Floral & Event Design

    Don’t you LOVE these lace votives from Annaboo’s House, so simple to create!  & I love how they are mixed up in pattern and style!  There’s a do-able DIY project!

    Are you using lace in your wedding?  We’d love to hear how!  Share right here on our blog!



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  • WedFest Inspired Shoot

    February 6th, 2012 admin

    If you love outdoor concerts, beer and delicious treats, you’re going to love this inspiration shoot!  Carmen Salazar thought up this idea, as her husband is a musician, and they love to attend concerts and music festivals.  This inspiration shoot was featured on Hi-Fi Weddings, a blog focused on music at your wedding.  It’s a super cool site to explore some tunes you might want to play, so make sure you check it out!

    Outdoor bunting flags, laid back quilts and wooden elements fit this outdoor setting perfectly!  Patterned scarves tied to wooden branches held up this cute Wed Fest sign displayed over the welcome table.
    Tracks used for a place card display are fun and certainly a different means of guiding guests to their seats!
    Invitations Ink has outdone themselves again, what a cool wedding invitation!  I absolutely love their choice of colors and fonts!  Super fun!
    From custom beer bottles, record table numbers and funnel cakes, who wouldn’t want to attend this party?  The thought behind the design elements was… what would you find at a music festival, what types of food and what things would you see?
    An installation of varying heights and diameters of wooden logs were used to create an organic table where flowers, beer, food and guests mingled around.
    Wooden logs, fresh fruit and flowers.  I love the simplicity of this.  A little more formal than a picnic, but casual and laid back!
    Gorgeous tent fort and some beautiful lighting!
    Thanks to all who put this wonderful inspiration together!
    Photography:  Carmen Salazar Photography | Paper Products:  Invitations Ink | Sweet Treats & Desserts:  Sweet Cakes by Rebecca | Custom Shirts:  Fibers.com | Beer Brewing:  Robert’s Homebrew Academy | Floral Design:  Botanica Floral & Event Design

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  • Trend Alert: Burlap Love

    January 27th, 2012 admin

    An emerging trend in the past few years, and something we will continue to see more and more this coming year is the textile use of burlap.  With rustic-chic and the popularity of a vintage feel, expect to see burlap everywhere for weddings this season.

    From burlap table runners to bunting flags and aisle runners, burlap will be seen in every aspect of wedding design.

    Image Via:  Style Me Pretty, Photographed by: Carrie Patterson

    Burlap can be used atop of a crisp linen or on top of a natural wooden table.  It brings the focus onto your centerpieces, and is an inexpensive way of adding another layer to your tables.

    Image Source:  Unknown : (

    I love this place card display with the burlap backed table assignments.

    Image Via Archive Vintage Rentals, Photographed By: Kaysha Weiner

    A burlap runner is so fitting for an outdoor or rustic venue.

    Image Via Oh So Beautiful Paper, Designed By: The Blue Envelope

    Details, such as your invitations can even have a touch of burlap.  We just love these!

    Boutonnieres can be finished off with a natural jute to compliment the burlap look.

    Photographed By:  Brian Ganyo Photography  Floral Design: Botanica Floral & Event Design

    The stems of this bouquet were simply bound with a lighter jute twine for a more fitting and rustic touch.

    Photographed By: Tinywater Photography Floral Design: Botanica Floral & Event Design

    An open pole tent structure is softened with burlap pull-backs.

    Photographed By:  Ashley Forrette Photography

    Will you be using burlap in your wedding?  We’d love to hear how you are incorporating in this element!

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  • Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

    January 25th, 2012 admin

    If this isn’t a great bridesmaid gift idea, I don’t know what is… Gift your bridesmaids a Birch Box year subscription, and they’ll receive a gift from you once a month for an entire year!  Each month five new deluxe beauty samples arrive packaged beautifully for them to try out!  What girl wouldn’t love that?  Check out Birch Box’s website for more information!

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  • Arden Hills Fall Wedding

    January 23rd, 2012 admin

    Rochelle & Michael were married at Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa here in Sacramento this past Fall.  What a more sweet and kind couple!  I enjoyed getting to know them and being a part of their special day!  With a Fall-themed floral palette, and maple syrup favors (a nod to Michael’s Northeast hometown roots), the look came together beautifully!

    Rochelle’s bridal bouquet was designed with ‘Milva’ orange roses, ‘Flame’ calla lilies, ‘Black Magic’ roses, cymbidium orchids and deep red spray roses.

    Accents on the back of the bride and groom’s chairs are always a nice addition.

    Submerged orchids with floating candles and open roses make for a romantic centerpiece.

    And, a lovely note of gratitude from our clients…

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  • Spanish Inspiration

    January 20th, 2012 admin

    This past May we were a part of the Love & Lust Event, which we were so thrilled to participate in here Sacramento.  We teamed up with Catrina of Catrina Maria Events, the ladies with Invitations Ink & Carmen Salazar Photography to bring together this Spanish Inspiration table decor.  With lace accents, pops of turquoise and ceramic printed stoneware, the look came together beautifully!

    Black vessels with pink florals are displayed atop a layered linen of turquoise with a sheer lace overlay.  Linens were all provided by Mimi & Company Couture Linens.

    I loved the flatware Catrina chose, what a perfect selection to go with the stoneware plates!

    A floral chandelier was hung over the table to tie in the decor and bring the look above the guests.

    Paper products tied in perfectly with the look.  Lace touches, turquoise elements and black finishes.  What do you think?

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  • 2012 Trends

    January 18th, 2012 admin

    2012 is here and wedding booking season is in full force!  So, what are going to be the hottest trends this year?  What is here to stay from 2011?  Stay tuned!  We’ll be sprinkling other trends throughout the blog over the next few months, so be sure you stay in touch and check back in often to see all of the exciting trends to look for!  I’m going to focus more on what I see in our market and area here in Northern California for outdoor weddings…

    Vintage:  The vintage look isn’t going anywhere soon.  From small accessories for tabletops to renting sofas, couches and steamer trunks, the nostalgia that goes with vintage pieces will be surely here to stay for a long while in weddings.

    Image via Archive Vintage Rentals, by Cami Jane Photography

    Burlap & Natural Linens:  With a more outdoor, casual feel, expect to see natural linens, napkins, burlap runners and natural accents.

    Image Via:  Decor Linen

    Soft Floral Tones:  When it comes to floral trends this year, expect to see muted tones of pale and blush pinks, ivories, sage greens and soft peach hues.

    Image Via:  Botanica Floral & Event Design

    A Move to Less Traditional:  More and more we are seeing brides & grooms opt out of traditional ceremony and reception traditions.  Sans bouquet and garter toss as well as traditional cakes are becoming the norm.  A dedication bouquet to a special friend or couple who has had a positive impact on your life, or a dessert spread with your favorite two-bite treats all lovely displayed are much more common these days.

    Different Shaped Tables & Mixing & Matching:  No need to keep a uniform look.  Add interest and layers to your ceremony & reception design by mixing things up a bit and brining out an eclectic look.

    Image Via:  Archive Vintage Rentals, Photography By: Jessica Claire

    Technology to Plan Your Wedding:  If you aren’t already on Pinterest, be sure you sign on up!  Pinterest is turning out to be a very helpful tool for many brides, allowing a one-stop inspiration board to share with all of your vendors.  You can collect ideas and store them all in one place.

    Bridal Party Attire:  Men in suits, or variations of suspenders, skinny ties or bow ties.  A vest sans jacket, and stylish leather treads keeps for a timeless look.  For the ladies, varying shades of your color palette, all in different styles to best suit body types is so much more functional and fitting.

    Keep checking back in to see more trends and ideas we’ll be sharing along the way.  What do you think?  Are you incorporating some of these trends into your own wedding?  We’d love to hear!

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  • Winchester Country Club

    January 17th, 2012 admin

    You don’t want to miss this event!  If you are still looking for the perfect venue or wedding vendors, be sure you RSVP to this Open House event at Winchester Country Club!  With the most spectacular views, you’ve got to come check out this gem of a wedding venue!

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  • Dreaming of Summer

    January 16th, 2012 admin

    One of the things on my To-Do List this weekend was to sift through Nikki & Stuart’s wedding photos to submit to blogs.  The fun and bright colors are so Summery, and while I can’t wait for wedding season to start up and the warm weather to kick in, I figured I’d share Nikki’s bouquet with you all to inspire!

    Fragrant garden roses, freesia, hypericum, craspedia and dahlias made this design color-fun!

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  • Sutter Club Wedding

    December 23rd, 2011 admin

    Rita and Hayden’s wedding was the first wedding of the 2011 year, and it has finally made it on the blog!  As many of you may or may not know, we are go-go-go all year long with weddings, so when things finally begin to slow down over the Winter months, we begin to reflect back on the year, get in touch with photographers who magically captured the beauty of each event, and we start to share all of the exciting designs from the year with you!

    This wedding was so beautiful, classy and timeless.  Rita was such a pleasure to work with; she was absolutely a sweetheart, and was lovely to collaborate on this wedding with, along with the girls of Fearon May Events.  Rita and Hayden were married at The Sutter Club in downtown Sacramento, a beautiful historical building that has so much character and beautiful touches! The Studio took all of the  images you see displayed on our blog, so please enjoy!

    Rita’s bouquet was designed with all miniature calla lilies.  She was looking for a simple, classic look, and this was the perfect choice for her to carry.

    The ceremony took place indoors underneath the doorway of two rooms adjoining.  Both Hayden and Rita’s closest family and friends surrounded them on all sides to be a part of the beautiful ceremony.  Crystals and pomanders hung from the doorway draped down over the couple during the ceremony.

    With long banquet tables for guest seating, we varied tall and short centerpieces throughout the room.  Tall silver candelabras with white and red flowers were spaced evenly throughout the room with red votives and shorter versioned centerpieces.  Flowers used included white hydrangea, red anemones, and red ranunculus.

    Tall silver candelabras from our inventory with crystals make for the perfect height addition to your tables.


    Square silver vases were used for the short tables to save room on the banquet tables.  Red glass votives were the perfect ‘pop’ of color to the tables.

    Smaller centerpieces for guest tables with white and red flowers.

    I am hoping to have more lovely content to share with you all as we get more images in from events from the 2011 year, so stay tuned and hold tight for some amazing posts to come!

    Location: The Sutter Club Photographer: Amy with the The Studio

    Wedding Planner: Fearon May Events Photobooth: Rocket Booths

    Cigar Roller: Casillas Cigars Personalized Napkins & Matches: The Knot

    Place Cards, Sign and table names: Bella Vita Invitations

    Florist: Botanica Floral Design

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  • Old Sugar Mill Wedding

    December 12th, 2011 admin

    Amanda and Alex celebrated their wedding day with their close family and friends at the Old Sugar Mill this September.  It was such a pleasure and honor to work with such a sweet person!  Working with Aimee of 2Chic Events and Design, Amanda’s day came together beautifully! I think you’ll just love this modern purple-inspired wedding!  Special thanks to Jessica of Stout Photography for the gorgeous images!

    You might remember Amanda’s bouquet from an early photograph I captured

    The bridesmaid’s wore beautiful orchid purple dresses.

    The couple married under the arch in the back of the Old Sugar Mill.  A chandelier from The Find Rentals hung in the center of the arch.  Floral accents were placed on the arch to add some additional color.

    Uplighting of purples from SJ’s Disc Jockey added a fun element to the room.

    Centerpieces were created in all white glass containers with purple, magenta and green florals. Magenta crushed linens were used for the tables.

    What do you think?  Do you love this look?

    Photography: Stout Photography | Event Design & Planning: 2Chic Events & Design | Floral Design: Botanica Floral Designs | Cake:  Sweet Cakes by Rebecca | Linens: Mimi & Co Couture Linens | DJ/MC/Lighting: SJ’s Disc Jockey | Centerpiece Vases & Chandelier Rental: The Find | Makeup Artistry: Christi Reynolds

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  • Ballroom Wedding Inspiration

    December 5th, 2011 admin

    If you love a soft, dreamy look for your wedding, you might just be in love after seeing this styled inspirational shoot!  The overall design and idea behind this shoot was to make a ‘fantasy-like’ day.  With tulle ‘poof balls’ and hanging umbrellas… this is just the beginning!

    Featured on Ruffled blog, one of my favorite places to point brides to for inspiration, the details are just so opulent!  We worked alongside Coquette Events who brought all of the details and day of planning together for these dreamy photos taken by Tinywater Photography.

    Typically, tulle isn’t the most err.. modern element we see in weddings these days; however, en masse, it can make a dramatic and romantic look!  We also hung these tulle balls with the umbrellas (from fishing line) to add color above our dessert station.

    The flowers for the bridal bouquet consisted of dahlias, lisianthus, brunia & ranunculus to name a few.  The overall look is texture rich and whimsical.

    Small touches such as this textured pillow and the curl leaf flatware added to the opulence of this table display.  The linens… Wildflower linens, need I say more.  With a dusty blue tone and gold metallic detailing.  For reference it is called Gatsby Aqua… don’t you love that!

    This would make for the perfect ring bearer’s “pillow.”  I always like to design something fitting to the overall look and decor for your little kids, flower girls, ring bearer’s to carry.  It’s these added touches that bring your whole look together!
    Carissa with Sugar and Spice created the most decadent dessert spread, in all whites!  From white powdered donuts to white milk chocolate dipped pretzels and all of the fixings… let’s just say it was fit for a queen.  So let them eat cake!
    LoveSpun Handmade Wedding Films created this beautiful video to go along with the photographs… it is simply Ahh-mazing!

    Fantasy Inspired Wedding Shoot from Lovespun ~ Handmade Films on Vimeo.

    Photography:  Tinywater Photography | Event Coordinator: Coquette Events | Floral Design: Botanica Floral Designs | Desserts: Sugar & Spice Specialty Desserts | Video:  LoveSpun Handmade Films | Linens: Wildflower Linens | Tutus: The Little Pea | Masks: Tom Banwell | Models: Lauren & Alex from Exalt Model and Talent Agency, Kiera Shimamoto Tong | Wedding Dress: Miosa Couture | Shoes: Hey Lady Shoes by the Leung Twins | Cake Topper: Over the Top Studios by Amada Lebel | Silverware: Classic Party Rentals | Make-Up & Hair: Rona Basa, Luxe Image

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  • Woodland Fall Inspiration

    November 21st, 2011 admin

    Here’s a lovely little Fall Inspiration shoot to gear you up for this week’s holiday.  And, while you might not be spending your Thanksgiving outdoors, you’ve got to love the Fall color combination and woodland touches incorporated.  Special thanks to Carmen Salazar Photography for capturing these beautiful images!

    A “runner” of mismatched and varied heights of log rounds were used as a tabletop for centerpieces, food and drinks.  The different heights and non-traditional table is quite fun, and really makes a statement.

    I wanted to mix in a metallic element, so we utilized antique bronzed vessels filled with simple blooms of orange gerberas, sunflowers and foliages.

    An antique tea kettle makes a perfect vessel for florals.  And, a grouping of grapes which sits a top this slab of wood is the perfect accent and doubles as a snack for your guests.

    A wooden slab makes the perfect serving platter for this rustic outdoor affair.

    I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving with your families.  There are so many wonderful things to be thankful for!

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  • Vintage Fall Wedding Decor

    November 2nd, 2011 admin

    Fall is one of my favorite times of the year!  The leaves changing color… the cool weather… boots and leggings!  I also love Fall for the warm color palettes we get to utilize for wedding design and fun decor elements!

    Here’s a quick inspirational look I pulled together in the studio this morning to share with you all!  I am LOVING these glass cloches we just added to our inventory.  Anything you place inside them becomes extra special and a focal point.

    Here I’ve simply arranged some orange ilex berries, succulents and moss… Aged bronze candlesticks and containers are used for vessels.  These would be perfect for tabletop decor and vintage Fall centerpieces.

    I’ve utilized vintage book rentals from Archive Vintage Rentals to add some height and a little “pop” of color with the teal.

    I love the look of the book under the glass!

    Clusterings of these arrangements and small vignettes would look lovely down the center of a long banquet table.

    More books and succulents.  I love using succulents for wedding design.  Your guests and family can take them home and plant them in their garden to keep for years after your wedding.

    Hope this post gets you a little in the Fall spirit!  Keep bundled up and check back later this week for more fun ideas!

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    October 4th, 2011 admin

    This dramatic and richly colored bouquet was designed with purple and lavender stock, tulips, lisianthus and tulips.  I love the texture and depth created with these varying flowers.

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  • Purple Wedding Bouquet

    October 4th, 2011 admin

    This dramatic and richly colored bouquet was designed with purple and lavender stock, tulips, lisianthus and tulips.  I love the texture and depth created with these varying flowers.

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  • Escort Cards vs. Place Cards

    September 23rd, 2011 admin

    There are some key differences between escort cards and place cards, and why you might need one or both for your wedding.

    Escort Cards are utilized to direct guests to assigned tables.  I always suggest assigning tables for your guests as it alleviates any confusion as guests walk into the reception area, and where they should sit.  You can also pair up couples or singles who might enjoy each others company and make for a more enjoyable experience for your guests.  If you need to keep certain family members on opposing sides of the room, this also comes in handy.  Escort Cards can be created in a few different ways, but there is the tent card or flat card that can be displayed on a table, hanging from a tree, crystals, or placed within a design your guests can pick these up from.

    These adorable black, white and red tent escort cards were created by Invitations Ink.

    Billy Ball escort Cards placed in a grass tabletop

    Another way you can assign tables is to write your guests’ names on a vintage window, chalkboard, or get a custom sign made that you can display on an easel.

    Place cards on the other hand assign an actual seat at a particular table.  If you and your fiance have arranged a plated meal, this is necessary, especially when meal choices are an option for guests.  The caterer’s servers can be cued to whom might be eating steak by a rhinestone colored accent on the place cards.

    I don’t recommend having place cards serve dual purposes as an escort card as well as place card as these can be easily lost or misplaced.

    Another great option would be to have your favor serve as a place card and additional adornment to your table design.

    Hopefully this little tip helps you understand the difference between place cards and escort cards.  If you have any wedding related questions you’d like answered, feel free to email me directly, and we can answer your question right here on the blog!  Email me at :  audrey@botanicafloraldesigns.com

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  • Sneak Peek: Ashly + Joe

    September 21st, 2011 admin

    Sharing a few photos from Ashly and Joe’s Newcastle Wedding Gardens wedding!  The wedding colors were in the peach to coral shades with a shabby feel to her containers and overall design.  Hope you enjoy just a few teasers!

    For the ceremony, we hung large pomander balls of carnations, roses, moss and hanging amaranthus to add a nice bright “pop” of color to the ceremony arbor.

    The bouquets featured soft tones with accents of peaches, corals and sage greens.

    Ashly made these beautiful escort cards that were hung with miniature clothespins on a wrought iron trellis.

    The shabby table centerpieces featured white-washed containers with an eclectic feel.  Small miniature birds, and table numbers created from spools with hand-stitching were the perfect accents.

    Each guest took home fabric-wrapped jams with a jute accents.  So cute!

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  • Modern Centerpiece: Blue and Orange

    September 19th, 2011 admin

    When entertaining, one of my favorite things to do is carry out a theme or look for the table you and your guests will be spending time around enjoying dinner.  I think it’s a nice touch to add to the experience, and you can always send some flowers home with your guests. Here is something I designed for a recent dinner get-together with friends:

    With a Spanish menu for the evening, I found this great runner which inspired the color theme for the table.  I loved the pattern, and thought it was a great color combo of complimentary colors.  Because blue and orange are across the color wheel from each other, they are complimentary colors.  I paired the aquamarine blue with the orange tulips and midollino sticks.  If you haven’t seen midollino sticks before, they are super cool!  You can bend them whatever way you’d like, they come in a variety of colors, and they are fun to add some movement & rhythm throughout your design as you see here.

    With a modern feel to this centerpiece, I love the test tube vases which suspend from these wired racks.  I also paired this up with some clear glass modern bud vases and tied in the aquamarine color with some decorative crushed glass rocks.  Accents of green jade plant and moss “ground” these floral pieces.  I also added some candles into the mix which is always a fun touch.  Just make sure you choose unscented candles for dinner get togethers, you don’t want a fragrant candle clashing with food scents.

    Each of the guests took home a map-wrapped journal with their initial on it.  I am kind of obsessed with maps lately, and I picked these up at a garage sale, so they made the perfect wrapping paper.

    Hope you get a few ideas to inspire your next get together with friends!  Add in these extra touches and your guests will feel extra special and have a great time as well!

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  • Purple & Magenta Bouquet

    September 16th, 2011 admin

    Is this bouquet not fun?!  The colors were so fun and playful.  I love the deep purple stock with the plum calla lilies, green berzelia accents, magenta stock and purple vanda orchids.  Designed for one of our lovely brides, we had to share this with you all!  Purple has been such a big color over this past year, and I love the pairings of other colors we added in with this…. perfect for Summer!

    We hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!  Check back in with us on Monday, we’ll be out delivering beautifulness this weekend!

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  • Pink Bridal Shower

    September 14th, 2011 admin

    The internet is so beautiful!  One of our recent clients found us from Southern California and loved our style so much, that she had to have some of our designs for a bridal shower she was hosting in Roseville.  Yes!  We do flowers for bridal showers too! The colors were light to dark pinks with a touch of brown.  We created these simple centerpieces to add a little pop of color to their celebration.  Hope you enjoy!

    To tie in the brown, we added a band of double-faced satin ribbon with a detail treatment to finish off the seam.  It’s little details like this that take the design to the next level.

    Hope you are having a great week so far!  Check back on Friday for more scrumptious flowers!

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  • Featured Wedding

    September 13th, 2011 admin

    Faith and Andrew shared an Arden Hills Wedding earlier this year; Faith was such a pleasure to work with and so sweet!  Jaqueline Photography captured the day beautifully, so excited to share these pics with you all!

    Their colors were bright green, purple and Faith’s favorite color, pink!   The look they were going for was fun and bright colors.  It turned out really fun & to see more pics, head on over to On The Go Bride where this was featured this week!

    Faith loves gerbera daisies, so we used hot pink gerberas, poppy pods, hot pink spray roses, purple stock and purple florigene ‘Moonvistas’ for her bouquet.  She was also looking for a little shimmer in her bouquet, so we added some small detailing within the flowers.

    The guest tables consisted of one vase that was colored glass, and three clear vases surrounding the center vase.  Faith wanted a fun and bright wedding, so they chose a teal runner for the tables and berry colored napkins.  These centerpieces were the perfect “pop” of color on these linens!

    Faith put together this adorable candy buffet!  I had to share!  This is such a fun way of bringing your colors together and also making a favor station.

    So beautiful!

    Congratulations Faith & Andrew!  I love this photo Jackie captured!

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  • Redlicious

    September 12th, 2011 admin

    Red calla lilies, ah yes please!  These are just stunning!  We designed this bouquet for one of our sweet brides this past weekend, and I just love how timeless calla lilies can be.  In red, they are dramatic!

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  • We Will Never Forget

    September 11th, 2011 admin

    Today, we recall the events of the tragic day ten years ago that had such a huge affect on this country and world.   We will never forget how we all united.  To the brave who lost lives, loved ones who lost family, those who volunteered and served for this great country, we are indebted and grateful for your heroism and courage.  Today, we still stand united.  God Bless America!

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  • Exciting News!!

    September 9th, 2011 admin

    Back in July we shared with you some of the exciting designs we saw and experienced at the AIFD American Institute of Floral Designers National Symposium held in San Francisco.  While in attendance, I tested in the PFDE Professional Floral Design Evaluation to become an accredited designer within AIFD.  I am honored to share with you all that I have been invited to become an accredited designer in the organization.  This is such an honor and a goal I have had for a number of years, and I am so excited to be a part of an organization full of designers I look up to.  At the moment I hold a CFD status which is a Certified Floral Designer; however, next July, I will also get to place AIFD after my name.

    AIFD is “the floral industry’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to establishing, maintaining and recognizing the highest standard of professional floral design. AIFD and its worldwide accredited members are in the forefront of the industry in presenting educational design programs and in designing flowers.”  Becoming part of this selective membership involves demonstrating advanced professional ability in the floral art through an educational pathway, an online test showing that the Elements and Principles of Design are understood as well as a “hands on” design test.  The floral design test involves creating five designs in four hours.  Categories are sympathy, flowers to wear, wedding, duplicate and arrangement.  A meeting prior to the start of the test lets you specifically know what the specifications are for each of the categories, ours being an urn sympathy arrangement, an over-the-shoulder corsage, a non-traditional bouquet and a birthday arrangement for a Mother.  Each candidate gets the same floral product and hard goods to create their designs, and the following day each design is scored by seven judges.  Scoring a 20 out of 25 with no one design scoring less than a 3.75 score is passing to become invited into the organization.  The designs are scored on creativity, scale, unity, balance, focal emphasis, line, depth, color, mechanics and category interpretation.  With a high standard of quality and integrity to meet, each design must be exceptional.  One of the most exciting parts of testing is walking through the room after the judging has taken place & seeing the designs and creative ideas that candidates create.  It is amazing how so many different people can create totally different designs and techniques with the same plant materials!  The testing process is & can be stressful and surely I put a lot of pressure on myself and my designs. Waiting over a month to receive the results even more-so. I am very thrilled and can’t wait for next July however, where I get to walk across the stage with the other 20 candidates who also received this honor.

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  • What’s Hot…. Cloches

    September 7th, 2011 admin

    If you are into interior design, you will see these little guys popping up everywhere!  They are glass cloches and they are so cute, especially to feature something special inside.  Here, we have a beautiful opened ‘Milva’ rose.  Coming in all shapes and sizes, you will definitely be seeing these make their way into wedding design and possibly your own living space!

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  • Featured Taber Ranch Wedding

    August 5th, 2011 admin

    If you love a little rustic mixed with elegance, Laura and Justin’s Taber Ranch wedding is just for you!  With soft, airy flowers in the ivories, yellows & peaches this wedding was so beautiful!  With the most gorgeous handmade touches, we think you’ll enjoy it just as much as we did.

    Be sure to check out the full feature on Snippet & Ink’s wedding blog, featured just this week!  Molly Watson Photography captured the day beautifully, be sure to check out her website and gorgeous work as well!

    Overlooking the Capay Valley, the ceremony took place atop a hill… breathtaking!

    Fresh herbs, garden roses and fragrant flowers were used for the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets.

    A traditional chuppah with a birch structure and foliage accents was held by close family members during the ceremony.

    The interior of the barn is so charming.  For centerpieces, we used an eclectic mix of metallic containers ranging from silver footed tea pots to antique brass vessels.  Flowers flowed out of the vessels to take on the feel of the surroundings.

    Laura, the bride put her personal touch to many of the details, with homemade shortbread and vintage key escort cards.

    We hope you loved this little peek at Laura and Justin’s wedding!  Be sure to check it out on Snippet & Ink’s feature!

    Get this Look:

    Photography: Molly Watson Planner: Lauren Geissler of Downey Street Events Venue: Taber Ranch in Capay, California  Bride’s dress, veil: Atelier des Modistes Bride’s shoes: Miu Miu Hair: Shannon Dean Makeup: Christi Reynolds Makeup Artistry Groom’s suit: Sarar Floral Design: Botanica Floral Designs Officiant: Rabbi Avram Davis Harpist: Ricardo Tan DJ: Sonny Garcia of Fog City Entertainment Catering: Culinary Specialists Cake: Torino Baking Rentals:Celebrations Party Rentals

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  • Rustic Wedding

    July 29th, 2011 admin

    Whether your wedding taste might be a ballroom look, winery feel or clean and modern, I love it when you OWN IT!  Now what do I mean by that?  I mean, taking each part of your decor into consideration.   The feel your venue has, how that translates into your linens, your favors, your flowers…your overall decor.  The wedding I am sharing today is the perfect example!

    Buena Vista Carneros Winery sits tucked back into a valley…as you enter the property, you walk down a tree covered driveway to a beautiful, historic building covered in foliages which creep up the sides of stacked rock.  Inside this structure, you will find the same stacked rock walls, and an open tasting room that leads to a mezzanine level where wedding receptions take place.

    After visiting the venue with our clients, the look we had discussed all fit into place.  A rustic, natural feel was our goal, and I think it was the perfect compliment to the surroundings.

    Short centerpieces were created in birch covered vases.  Flowers in a green and white color scheme enhanced the indoor and outdoor surroundings.  White hydrangea, green viburnum, hanging amaranthus and tulips were used throughout.

    Birch votives were just a finishing touch to tie it all together.

    Arrangements were created with a mounding-natural feel.

    Tall centerpieces were also accented with a birch treatment to the vase and river rocks placed inside.  With two different heights to the centerpieces, this just helped add a little interest to the room.

    Carrying into the personal flowers, the same look was carried out.  Fresh herbs, green ranunculus {which were beautiful}, and scented geranium made this bouquet extra unique!

    The flower girl wore this woodsy halo we created from birch, moss and green floral accents.

    Along the same look and feel, our ring bearer carried a moss and birch box for the rings.

    At the reception we displayed a large manzanita wishing tree where guests filled out wishes for the bride and groom on the tags above and placed them on the tree.

    Hopefully you can see how this look all ties together from the personal flowers to the reception look and feel.  Enjoy!

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  • Brides and consumers these days are savvier than ever when it comes to wedding design and flowers thanks to the numerous industry blogs and information available via the web.  I think it is a wonderful thing that brides are involved in the process, doing research and finding out what they do and don’t like.  Being part of the floral industry, having a Horticulture degree and a strong design background, there is still so much more about this industry than the everyday consumer could even dream about.

    Sooooo, after being inspired by all of my floral friends from the recent AIFD Floral Symposium I just attended, I am thrilled to start a new blog series, Demystifying the Design.  These posts are going to be focused on thoughts, ideas and deconstruction of things you may not know about the floral & wedding industry, and things that explain design, how we make a living doing what we love, and the in’s and out’s of daily life as a floral & event designer.  I really hope you enjoy this… it’s a peek backstage at my crazy-hectic life I love so much, and I hope it sheds a little light onto an industry that only those who have been there and done it really know what I am talking about.  So here it goes!

    Today’s topic:

    By the Bunch

    Did you know that our product comes in bunches of allotted numbers? Sometimes it is by the stem for pricer blooms, or groupings of 5 – 10 – 25 or a “lot” of foliage.  This is how we order it from our growers-suppliers and brokers for your wedding.

    When putting together orders, estimates and creating designs, a good designer will know how many stems will be needed to create the design, and we can plan accordingly so that we order in advance and reserve these materials weeks before an event.  By knowing the amount we need, we tally up totals and divide by the number of stems per bunch so we can put together a floral order.

    Designing in a studio such that we have, we don’t keep “inventory” or “flower stock” in our cooler because we aren’t a retail storefront.  Meaning, we don’t sell everyday bouquets; so when a single yellow rose is wanted for a ceremony, we still have to order the entire bunch of 25 stems from our wholesaler.  I’m not sure that a lot of consumers are aware of this, as most times they have ordered through their local florist or picked up a mixed bunch of flowers at their grocery store.

    Hopefully you found this post interesting!  I’d love to hear questions, feedback or ideas you would like to hear about in the future!  I have a line-up of topics I’d like to share, but if you leave a comment here with a suggestion, we will be sure to answer it in a future post, thanks!

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  • AIFD National Symposium: 2011 Imagine

    July 13th, 2011 admin

    Hi all!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are back into the swing of things! We just returned from a fabulous floral conference for the American Institute of Floral Designers held in our own backyard, San Francisco.  AIFD is an organization dedicated to the advancement of floral design education, service and leadership.  With floral designers traveling from around the world to attend, and the most fabulous presenters, we always walk away from AIFD Symposium totally inspired!  Here are just a few photos we captured to share with you all!

    At AIFD Symposium there are flowers EVERYwhere, including the bathrooms.  Here’s an arrangement that was displayed in the hotels’ lobby.  Sorry, I don’t know the designer on this one.

    We enjoyed a tour of the San Francisco Flower Market.  I tell you, we are so lucky to have the most amazing flowers here in California.  Others from around the country were gawking over the California Grown products!  Pictured above from left to right is Melinda Lynch, AIFD; owner of Festive Designs and floral instructor at California Polytechnic State University, Christin Henderson, AIFD; owner of Garden Grace Designs and agriculture teacher at Dinuba High School, J Schwanke, with ubloom and JTV, an online community for floral designers; Darci, a student of Cal Poly and SAIFD member, and myself.  J has the coolest videos and product ideas for those in the floral industry, check out ubloom and JTV online!

    Succulent trays where you can hand-pick your plant materials.

    Here is a design from Amsterdam native Rene Van Rems, AIFD.  Rene’s designs are European-influenced, and always breathtaking.  His presentation focused on “Designs Through the Centuries.”

    Bill Schaffer, AIFD and Kris Kratt, AIFD featured an event geared presentation with the most gorgeous Red Riding Hood chuppah I didn’t get a photo of… it was awesome!  Here are a few floral columns they created for a Bat Mitzvah vignette.  I love the structure and the beautiful leafwork!  Their presentation also featured interviews with highly regarded event professionals sharing trends, new industry technology and vendor interactions.  The biggest surprise of all was their own engagement at the end of the presentation… a huge secret to all, and an entire change of scene known as a “strike” in the event world.  Very cool, and such a highlight of the events this Symposium!

    A design created by Lois Hiranaga of Hawaii.  Lois was inspired by the rug hanging behind the structure, I think this compliments the look perfectly!  And so fun!

    A bridal bouquet created by Pim van den Akker.  I love the shape of this, and learned a lot of new techniques from Pim’s presentation.

    What a great and inspiring week!  Just being around flower lovers and designers is so inspirational and really re-energizing!  Until next years Symposium in Miami, it has been a fun one here in San Fran!

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  • Happy 4th of July!

    July 4th, 2011 admin

    I hope you all are enjoying the extended weekend and holiday today!  We are so lucky to live in the land of the free and today’s the day to celebrate!  Hoping you are enjoying time with family, outdoors in this beautiful California weather, and celebrating with fireworks!

    Looking for some 4th of July inspiration?  Be sure to check out our styled 4th of July wedding: Vintage Americana!

    Be safe, and have a great holiday friends!

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  • Fabric Yo-yo’s & Bouquets

    July 1st, 2011 admin

    I had to share this super cute idea with you all.  One of my wedding friends, Kristy Huston, with Kristy Huston Photography {as seen here on the blog}, recently was married, and we were able to do her wedding flowers!  Yay!

    She was looking for a very handmade accent to the floral pieces we created for her, and came to me with a bunch of fabric yo-yo’s that she had made in her colors.  I was thrilled to finish off the stems of her bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages with a few of these fun accents!

    Her bouquet featured garden roses, lisianthus, sweet peas, spray roses and godetia.  Green hanging amaranthus also was added.

    A simple jute wrapping adds a nice neutral backdrop for the yo-yo’s to be featured.  Since we really couldn’t bring in the blue colors int he flowers, this was the perfect accent place to do so.  We added fun coordinating pins in pinks and blues as well.

    What do you think?  Do you love it?  I think it is just perfect for that handmade touch!

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  • 5 Tips to make your wedding unique

    June 29th, 2011 admin

    5 Tips to Make Your Wedding STAND out!

    As wedding stylists and floral designers we see countless weddings each year.  With a keen sense of being able to forecast hot trends and what is surely out of style, we know the in’s and outs on what is hot and what is not.  No matter what your colors are, how much you spend on your wedding, or what venue you are working at, there are a few tips we’re willing to share with you on how you can make your wedding truly stand apart from being mediocre.

    1.  Be sure your colors are fluidly carried throughout.  This means, from the attire your party is wearing, to the linens you choose, and the complimenting flowers, be sure you aren’t “over saturating” or making things too bland.  I see this mistake made all too often.  Sometimes brides tend to “over do” their color palatte, and saturate their colors too much throughout there wedding.  The key is getting the combinations right, and still having a classy look.

    Our bride was going for a very soft, romantic look below.  The blush linens, gold accents and ivory napkins all worked beautifully!

    2.  Don’t focus on the small details until the larger pieces of the puzzle are put into place.  Many brides go out and buy cute accessories online; however, they end up not fitting into the grand scheme of things in the end.  You don’t want to spend part of your budget on something that doesn’t quite fit in later down the road.  In as tempting and as cute some of these details are, I suggest holding off until your decor inspiration and florals are set in stone, then go for it and accessorize!

    Here are some great birch votive holders that were used to embellish the tables and finish off the table design.  Glass would have been nice too, but this accessory was perfect for the setting and feel the bride and groom were going for.

    3.  Hire vendors with original ideas.  Sure, it’s easy and profitable for me as a designer to sell the same centerpiece style to each of my clients, but do I?  No!  I want each client to have an interesting look that reflects them, and we all know you each have your own style.  Every wedding we do is a new centerpiece, new floral combinations and twists to making things you!  Sure, there are overall common themes of vintage, modern, country, etc. but each wedding has their own unique spin.

    The cocktail table florals you see below are a mixture of some vintage glasses we already had in our inventory.  To make things a little more unique, for this specific bride, we also collected vintage tin cans and containers that we filled with flowers for an eclectic feel.  Each table was different and unique in itself!

    4.  Have a few focal pieces.  These are pieces that will get a lot of exposure.  It can be a memorable candy display, escort card display, cake table or head table.  These big impact areas are where you splurge a little and get a lot for your money.  Your guests will remember these areas, and usually this is where a lot of your photos will be taken.

    Below is an arch in progress that we created for a recent wedding.  I’m so glad our bride and groom wanted to do this look, as it was a beautiful backdrop and frame for their wedding ceremony.  After the ceremony, guests entered into the barrel room, walking under the arch.  It made such a huge impact, and really made this ceremony even more gorgeous!  If anyone is curious, this is Viansa Winery in Sonoma, a beautiful wedding location!!

    5.  Remember, it’s all about you and your fiance.  Not putting any of your personality in the wedding will make it a forgetful experience.  You want your guests to feel like they are experiencing your style, and how you want to entertain.  Let them in a little on who you are as a couple… trust me, they won’t forget your wedding years down the road!

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  • Bright & Fun Centerpieces

    June 27th, 2011 admin

    If you are planning a Summer wedding, and want a fun and exciting vibe, you will love this color combo!  There is so much energy that orange, hot pink and lime green give off, and we had so much fun creating these artsy centerpieces and florals.  I hope you enjoy!

    Melissa, our bride is such a positive and energetic person, so these colors suited her personality perfectly!  She was looking for something fun, artsy, and just loved the idea of the wheatgrass, moss, fruit accents and fun decorative wiring.

    Here, we added a fun touch by curling the decorative or oasis colored wire into little fronds.  Accents of colored pins also add a fun touch.

    Melissa’s bridal bouquet was created in the same color tones with hot pink peonies, scented geranium, cymbidium orchids, green hypericum, poppy pods and other fun colors.

    The bridesmaids each carried bouquets of the same colors, but a smaller, scaled back version.

    Boutonnieres, again another fun look with oasis bullion wiring for the stems, and a bright pop of orange.

    I love how each of our clients are unique, each personality is a new design.  We loved creating these for Melissa & Mannie’s wedding, and hope you all enjoyed these Summer colors!

    To see another similar color inspiration, see our post on Get Married Event’s Summer Cocktail Lounge featured on our blog.

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  • Sweet Little Notions

    June 22nd, 2011 admin

    I love little finishing details, and I think you will love these touches we added to the bouquets of one of our recent weddings.  Each of the bouquet handles were finished off with a jute finish, that I adore, especially for an outdoor wedding!  The bride let me know the names of each of her bridesmaids, and we added a monogrammed pendant to each bouquet handle!  What a great charm for your friends to keep as a memento from the wedding day!

    And, I had to leave you with a beautiful bouquet!

    Hopefully you can take these ideas and bring them into your own wedding, it’s a great way to add a personal touch!

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  • Appreciation

    June 14th, 2011 admin

    So, this morning I am going to get a little mushy on you all.  Last night as I finished up a batch of thank you notes to past clients I realized that we don’t always get the chance to sit down, count our blessings and share our appreciation for those around us.  I myself can attest that I tend to get caught up in work and don’t always have the chance to reflect and express my appreciation as much as I would like.

    This morning, I really wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate you.  For those who have worked with us in the past, are currently working with us, or plan to down the line, I thank you for being a part of us, and us being a part of you!  Even if you just read this blog for fun… or live across the country…I get so excited to hear feedback, get comments on Facebook and interact with the people that keep us doing what we do.  We are incredibly honored to work with our clients, and knowing that they put their trust & faith of their special day in our hands makes us feel so special. When I started this business over four years ago, I had no idea what kinds of experiences-relationships-challenges I would face in owning my business, and I have to say, it has been such an awesome adventure and journey thus far!  … and I am looking forward to what is down the road.

    There are so many positive influences in my business and my life, I am such a lucky girl!  I couldn’t even tell you all of the happiness, joy and fulfillment I get from doing what I love and it truly wouldn’t be possible without you all!  From the thank you notes we receive to our work being shared and featured across the web and world, I just want to let you know how full my heart is and how much I am grateful for you all!

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  • Get Married Event – Terra in SF

    June 10th, 2011 admin

    As a wedding vendor, it is always a nice change of pace to be a guest at an event, and we were so honored to not only be a guest at Get Married’s West Coast party in San Francisco a few weeks ago, but we were also asked to showcase some of our work as well.  Get Married is a national bridal publication that you probably have seen on the racks… or watched on WE TV.  The magazine is loaded with great ideas and tips for your wedding.  It was a great party, full of delicious desserts, catering and inspiring vignettes!

    Working with Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini with MB Wedding & Event Design, Michelle designed four table-scapes inspired by the most recent covers of Get Married’s magazines.  Here are a few photos captured by Michelle Walker Photography, hope you enjoy!

    Summer Cocktail Lounge

    Bright lounge furniture from Hartmann Studios makes a bold statement.  I love the white cabrio table!

    Spring Table

    For this space, we created floral pieces in the oranges, greens and hot pinks.  Fresh kumquats on the stems hung over the edges of the containers.  All three pieces were connected with steel grass to create movement and unify these pieces.

    This table is so romantic, I love the flowing and pillowy florals.  Here, we were looking to create different heights of arrangements, but a “runner” of flowers down the center of this table.  I just love how it all came together!  The linens from Napa Valley Linens were simply stunning and a brand new line they are introducing!

    Winter Table

    This blue and silver table with accents of lace is so regal and elegant.  I love the place settings Michelle chose!

    Blue lounge furniture {that I would love to have at my house} and fur covered cubes with a mirrored coffee table were so edgy and a great place to hang out during the event.

    I also have to share this gorgeous dessert spread created by Sweet Lauren Cakes…tasty and pretty!

    We were able to meet a lot of great new friends and contacts as well as work with some amazing vendors for this event.

    Participating Vendors and Sponsors:

    Host: Get Married Magazine Planner-Designer:  Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini, MB Wedding & Event Design Photographer: Michelle Walker Photography Venue:  TERRA Events & Gallery Rentals-Lounge Furniture:  Hartmann Studios Lighting:  Enhanced Lighting & Sound Caterer:  Thomas John Events Beverages:  Bartenders Unlimited Linens:  Napa Valley Linens Linens:  La Tavola Linens Photo Booth:  San Francisco Photo Booth Desserts: Sweet Lauren Cakes Other Participating Floral Designers: Mandy Scott Flowers, Poppy’s Petalworks DJ: Music Solution Disc Jockey Stationery: Cards de Luxe

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  • Wedding Inspiration Boards

    June 2nd, 2011 admin

    I just love inspiration boards!  Not only do I use them as a designer, but for brides, there are many, many positives to using them!

    I think it is the best way of sharing and bringing together all of your wedding ideas and thoughts into one central location.  Not only will it help keep you on track of your overall vision, but it will help you share with your vendors the overall look you want.  You can create one for invitations, one for flowers, cakes, etc.  Photos are just such a great way of communicating what you are looking for.

    Here’s one I recently pulled together:

    I think you can see the idea here with purple and metallics being the main thread throughout.

    A great resource I love to use is Style Me Pretty’s Inspiration Board Creation center.  It is really quick to set-up an account, and you can create an inspiration board in minutes, either uploading your own images, and or using images from their database.

    It’s a lot of fun, and you can get some great ideas!

    Hope you enjoy this helpful tip!  So, are you a bride?  Do you already use inspiration boards?  Are you considering?  If you create one, send one on over to me, and it just might get published here on the blog!

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  • Viansa Winery Wedding

    May 26th, 2011 admin

    We were so honored to be able to create Nicole + Ben’s wedding florals for their May wedding at Viansa Winery in Sonoma.  Though we had worries for a chance of rain, we were so lucky to be able to have the ceremony in Viansa’s beautiful outdoor courtyard which is breathtaking!

    Special thanks to Megan Clouse Photography for the amazing photographs capturing the day!  You can view more of this wedding if you head to Megan’s blog here.

    The large wrought iron doors were opened in the courtyard where we created a beautiful arch with curly willow, phalenopsis orchids, hanging amaranthus and open roses.  It was a romantic setting for the ceremony!

    The aisle was lined with floral stands with hanging Swarovski crystals and romantic florals in the pinks, white and purple shades.

    The bridesmaid’s carried bouquets of antique green hydrangeas, pink and lavender roses and pink spray roses.

    I love how everything is soft and romantic feeling!

    For the reception, a more muted color palette with added whites, blush linens and lots of clear glassware with gold touches.

    Hanging Swarovski crystals add that little touch of elegance!

    This wedding was recently featured on Wedding Chicks!  Click the photo below to read the entire post!

    Get this Look:

    Photography: Megan Clouse Photography Venue:  Viansa Winery, Sonoma  Catering: Sage Catering Cake:  Sweet Cakes by Rebecca

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  • Indian Wedding Inspiriation

    May 24th, 2011 admin

    Indian weddings are so beautiful and full of traditions, rich colors and metallic accents.  I was so thrilled to work with Anais Events to help create the florals for this vintage-fusion table that is simply gorgeous!  Caroline with Tinywater Photography captured the beautiful images, and I hope you enjoy!

    We were lucky to share this shoot not only on The Bride’s Cafe, a blog I love to follow, but also with South Asian Bride!  Both are great, inspiring blogs you can draw ideas from to infuse into your own wedding!

    A low Balinese table in a canopy of peach draped fabric frames this table and gives it a focal structure to enhance the overall look.

    A mix of vintage containers is fused with Indian gold detailed votives.  The bright and flowing florals are romantic and fun.

    I am LOVING crystal or decorative clear glass, especially these decanters I picked up at a local flea market.  IF you are on the trend watch, we first saw groupings of milkglass… and clear may just be the next!!

    These colors are AMAZING together!  I love the touches of gold mixed with the sherbet colors of pink, orange and peach!

    Simple white plates are dressed up with fresh florals.

    Intricate stem detailing with beading and beautiful designs compliment the bright florals used.

    Custom labels created by Anais Events were the perfect compliment to the colors used throughout this inspiration shoot.

    One thing that I learned at this shoot was that Indian desserts can be so beautiful!  I absolutely loved the colors, shapes and textures!

    Is this mallow kabob not the CUTEST thing ever!  If you are looking for some, look no other than World Market!  Kinda tasty too with the crunchy sprinkles and sour gummies!

    Hope you enjoy!  To view the entire album, please visit our website where all photographs are published!

    Get the Look:

    Photography:  Tinywater Photography

    Design & Planning:  Anais Events

    Floral Styling & Floral Design:  Botanica Floral Designs

    Indian Sweets:  Taste of India Restaurant, Star of India Restaurant & Samosa Garden

    Stationery:  Amrit Dhillon-Bains for Anais Events

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  • Gotta love the dessert bar

    May 17th, 2011 admin

    One of the hottest trends we have seen in the past few years is the emergence of the dessert bar.  Who doesn’t love a beautifully designed table full of delectable treats?  This is yet another area of your wedding where your can put your personal stamp and take ownership of making your event unique.

    I just love this recent table we collaborated on with the girls of Swanky & Sweet and Tinywater Photography to create a Spring-themed dessert bar.  Featured on The Inspired Bride, one of our favorite inspiration spots, we think you’ll just love this sweet and feminine look!

    Tara of Swanky and Sweet created this adorable teacup and saucer clock.  I love the eclectic look!

    Soft and romantic florals in vintage opaque milk glass containers.

    Tara and Kylie made these cute cake stands by affixing a plate atop of a candle holder… easy DIY project!

    We adorned the rustic birdcage with floral accents in pinks, whites and greens.

    I am really into mis-matched colors right now, so I love this image with the turquoise, yellow and orange all together!

    Don’t these look delish!  Lemon cake bites with sprinkles atop, love, love, love!

    Hope this little shoot inspires you a bit to put your own personal touch on your wedding day.  Whether you are creating a dessert bar, cake or pie bar, here’s an opportunity to put a little of your personality into your reception!

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  • I would like to invite you to an upcoming event that is going to be an awesome experience for any bride planning her wedding!  Featuring love and lust-worthy tables to draw inspiration from, this event is going to be a great place for you to get some great ideas you too can use in your own wedding.

    When:  Sunday, May 22 from 11-3

    Where: Sacramento Convention Center

    The best part is….. It’s completely FREE!  And, if you are one of the first 50 brides, you’ll get a goodie bag!

    Just RSVP to mimibridal@yahoo.com to reserve your spot!

    Can’t wait to see you there!

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  • Happy Monday!

    May 2nd, 2011 admin

    Hopefully your weekend was full of sunshine and beautiful weather!  Here’s a little arrangement to brighten up your Monday morning!  A gorgeous purple anemone is the focal of this vintage little arrangement created in an old tin can.

    Purple lisianthus and sweet peas also are part of the mix.

    Wishing you a happy week!  Check back in later this week for some wedding inspiration!

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  • Kate Middleton’s Bouquet

    April 30th, 2011 admin

    If you didn’t watch the entire Royal wedding yesterday, I’m sure you got a peek to see some of the footage, and notice Kate Middleton’s sweet bouquet.  Royal weddings are really exciting because of two reasons I think, 1. We don’t see them very often and 2. They are extravagant.  I wanted to highlight Kate Middleton’s bouquet created by her floral designer, Shane Connolly for this joyous occasion.  There are a few interesting facts about Kate’s bouquet, and some ideas you too can incorporate into your own wedding.

    One of the predominant design decisions was to create the bouquet of all British grown flowers with the “language of flowers” entwined into each bloom selected.  This is not only a “greener way of creating a bouquet,” but also very patriotic to their country.  Mostly created of lily of the valley, a traditionally used bloom in Royal weddings past, the lily of the valley symbolizes trust.  A sprig of myrtle, symbolizing love was also a traditional addition.  Upon Queen Victoria’s marriage, a myrtle tree was planted from the sprig in her bouquet, and has since been pruned and incorporated into Queen Elizabeth II and Diana, Princess of Wales bouquets’.  Sweet William flower was also incorporated along with hyacinth, meaning unobtrusive loveliness.

    One thing you do notice is that her bouquet was not a huge, dramatic display of florals that we saw with Diana, Princess of Wales’ bouquet.  With her delicate dress, I thought it was a nice compliment to her gown, not too overpowering to the dress or her small figure.

    In tradition, Kate’s bouquet was placed at the tomb of the unknown warrior, a tradition dating back to the 1920’s.

    So, how can you take inspiration from Kate’s bridal bouquet?

    1.  Ask your floral designer to create a bouquet with locally grown or US grown blooms that are in season.

    2.  Choose flowers within the “launguage of flowers.”  You can learn more at: LanguageofFlowers.com

    3.  Take a cutting or a sprig of plant from your Mother’s or Grandmother’s yard to incorporate into your bouquet.

    4.  Be sure your bouquet compliments your dress style and your body stature.

    And that’s how you can take some inspiration from a trend-setting Royal couple!  What are your thoughts, did you love Kate’s bouquet?

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  • The Flower Farm Inn Wedding

    April 26th, 2011 admin

    This beautiful Sacramento wedding was held last June at The Flower Farm Inn in Loomis, California.  I love the Flower Farm Inn for a number of reasons: the luscious garden, beautiful barn, and free-range chickens!  Yes!

    Shauna and Wagner were married at The Flower Farm Inn, and what a delight it was to design their gorgeous dusty pink and garden-feeling florals.  A special thanks to Maurice Ramirez Photography for providing some lovely images to share with you all.  If you haven’t checked out his website already, his work is amazing!

    Alison with Alison Ulshoffer Events coordinated the day for a smooth and seamless day!

    Gorgeous pink peonies, anemones, antique green hydrangeas.. ahhh, so beautiful!

    I thought this was such a sweet photograph.  The flower head wreath she is wearing was created with roses and antique hydrangeas, the perfect match to her champagne colored dress.

    The men wore pink cymbidium orchid boutonnieres.

    Detailing treatment on the stems with rhinestone accents.  The peonies used here were stunning!

    The bridesmaid bouquets were created with a soft look.  I love the combinations of pink and ivory as well as the soft, romantic florals we used to create these.

    The arch at Flower Farm Inn was decorated with hanging amaranthus and lush florals for a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony.

    Kissing balls lined the aisle for the ceremony site.

    For the guest tables, a simple grouping of peonies surrounded by vintage glasses with peonies inside were used for centerpieces.  Sometimes simplicity speaks volumes.

    Finally,  I had to leave you all with this gorgeous image!  Congratulations Shauna and Wagner!

    Hopefully you enjoyed this lovely garden-inspired peony wedding.  As the weather continues to warm up, I look forward to more weddings like this around the corner!

    Get The Look:

    Photography: Maurice Ramirez Photography

    Coordinator:  Alison Ulshoffer Events

    Catering:  All Seasons All Reasons

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  • Easter Inspiration…

    April 19th, 2011 admin

    As you get ready to celebrate Easter, here are just a few Spring arrangements to get you in the pastel mode for this weekend!   The fragrant lilac, mixture of textures and florals are just so cheery!  Hope you enjoy!

    Peach garden roses, lavender sweet peas, yellow tulips, purple lilac, scented geranium and pink ranunculus are just a few of the florals used here.

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  • Citizen Hotel Wedding

    April 7th, 2011 admin

    Today, I am so excited to share Elizabeth and Justin’s wedding at The Citizen Hotel in Sacramento, CA!  Elizabeth’s wedding day style was sophisticated with soft tones, accents of succulents and romance!  The florals featured soft ivories with accents of greens and touches of blush pink.

    Jen and Chris of Jen Stewart Photography photographed this wedding, and I was so excited to finally get to work with them!  The pictures are so beautiful!

    Elizabeth’s bouquet was so romantic with white florals and accents of small green succulents and tulips.

    The gentlemen wore succulent boutonnieres that were quite fun!  You can check a closer image on our FB Business page here.

    Such a beautiful picture!

    The ceremony took place in the Terrace room.  We placed petals on the outer edges of the aisle and had two displays of florals on either side of the bride and groom.

    The reception was held in the Terrace Room at the Citizen Hotel as well, and featured tall and short centerpieces.  White hydrangea centerpieces with blush pink ranunculus, roses and green hanging amaranthus were a beautiful touch in the space!

    Get this look:

    Venue & Catering: The Citizen Hotel

    Photography: Jen Stewart Photography

    Day of Coordination: Caitlin Zick 916.949.6501

    Hair Stylist: Shannon Ertel

    Make-Up: Jen Craig

    DJ & Lighting: Joe Kalamaras with SJ’s Disc Jockey

    Bridal Gown: Bella Donna Bridal Boutique

    Linens: Mimi & Company

    Florals: Botanica Floral Designs

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  • Bachelor Party Ideas

    April 5th, 2011 admin

    This table idea started out by asking the question, ‘What would a bachelor party look like?’  And what guy doesn’t like potatoes and all the fixings?  Styled with a mid-century modern theme with orange and green tones, I think you’ll be hungry by the time you see all these tasty images taken by Caroline with Tinywater Photography.

    This table was featured on The Inspired Bride as well as Somewhere Splendid.  Thank you Maddy for featuring our work, we just adore your blogs!

    Photography: Tinywater Photography

    Florals & Styling: Audrey Gardemeyer of Botanica Floral Designs

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  • I wanted to share these beautiful images we captured of the sweetheart table at our most recent wedding at the Citizen Hotel in Sacramento.  It got me thinking as I put these images up, that maybe not all brides understand the different options when it comes to head tables, so here you go!

    Whether you are doing a head table for you and your bridal party, or a simple sweetheart table for just the bride and groom, you’ll want to put some thought into the decor and design you will use for this feature table.

    Though it is nice to be able and re-use or re-purpose the bridal bouquet and bridesmaid bouquets, it’s also nice to add a little more finishing touches to this table to make it look beautiful!

    Short arrangements always work best so that guests can see you and your bridal party.  Make sure your florals are complimenting to the rest of your decor and centerpieces.  If you plan on using a floral piece from your arch at the ceremony, be sure to have additional pieces if your table is large, and make sure your designer knows that this will be used for the head table following the ceremony.  You’ll want to be sure he-she designs something that will fit on the table, and will be easily removed and transported to the reception.  I always suggest incorporating plenty of candlelight to add some lighting as your evening progresses.

    When it comes to table design styles, we’ve done various options of head tables:

    Standard Head Table: where the bridal party typically faces guests

    King’s Table : where the bridal party, sometimes including parent’s join around a large rectangular table.  This is also a great option if most of your bridal party has significant others that may feel left out if you are using a traditional head table

    Sweetheart Table: for just the bride and groom

    Upgraded linens and upgraded rentals are also a great way to have your table stand apart from guest tables.  A subtle variation in linens or a beautiful laced overlay as you see in the photos here are add a touch of elegance to your special table.

    What will you be using for your head table at your wedding?  I’d love to hear!

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  • Yet another real wedding of 2011 to share with you all!  Yes, wedding season is in full swing again, and I just can’t wait to share all of the fabulous weddings we have coming up with you!

    This Lake Natoma Inn wedding with oranges and greens was held just a few weeks ago.  These are just a few images I captured, so I am hoping to share some pics of our beautiful bride and groom when the professional images come on in.  For the moment, here are just a few of the details…

    The centerpieces were created with orange ranunculus, orange cymbidium orchids, orange ‘Milva’ roses and green hydrangea.  The green hydrangea really softens the orange vibrancy.

    The bridal bouquet also featured the cymbidium orchids, mokara orchids and touches of ivory to compliment the bridal gown.

    The ends of the chairs had groupings of simple poseys of green hydrangea and ‘Milva’ roses.  Following the ceremony, these were moved into the reception and used on the head table for additional decor.

    Finally, we decorated the arch with smilax vine, roses and hydrangeas to “frame the couple” for their photographs.  It’s always suggested to add florals to a structure such as this, it allows for a “pop” of color, and will make your photos look that much more amazing!

    The colors orange and green were used in combination for a few of our weddings this past year.  I love these colors together, they are so fresh and fun!

    To check out the other orange and green weddings we have done, see the posts below:

    Old Sugar Mill Wedding: Tiffany + Travis

    Fall Inspired Table

    Sacramento Wedding Reception

    Orange and Green Wedding

    Hope you enjoyed this great wedding!

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  • Interview with Wedloft

    March 16th, 2011 admin

    We are excited to share with you our latest interview with the wedding website wedloft!  Wedloft is a great resource for brides and grooms planning their weddings as well as wedding professionals.  Check out inspiring real weddings, fashion and decor ideas and expert advice to help you through the planning process.

    When Michelle asked to feature Botanica Floral Designs on their blog, we were thrilled!  She had a number of questions about our business and what makes Botanica Floral Designs unique.  You can see some images she pulled from our site displayed on their blog, as well as the full article by clicking on the image below:

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  • Wine Lovers Guest Book

    March 14th, 2011 admin

    Instead of having a traditional guest book that just collects dust on your shelf, why not have a three-dimensional guest book that’s a little more personalized, especially if you are a wine lover!

    Save up those wine corks and have your guests write a wish and drop the corks into a stylish apothecary jar you can display in your home.  I love this look, as I had been just collecting corks myself, but thought it might be a fun concept for a wedding.  Hope you do as well, and maybe this will be an extra special touch for your winery wedding!

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  • Simple Love Notions

    March 11th, 2011 admin

    Wishing you a Happy Friday as you kick off the start of your weekend!  Enjoy the beautiful Spring weather and get outside to do something fun!

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  • Green and White Wedding

    March 10th, 2011 admin

    Here are a few bouquets from one of our weddings this past weekend.  Our bride was looking for a green and white wedding with a natural feel.

    The bridal bouquet featured white lisianthus, white spray roses, Queen Anne’s Lace and white ornithogalum.

    The bridesmaids carried green and white bouquets as well; however, we had the green tone be the more predominant color.  Flowers used here included green hydrangea, Queen Anne’s Lace, white chrysanthemums and seeded eucalyptus.  Long satin streamers in the sage green color hung from the front of the bouquets.

    Hope you enjoy both of these beautiful designs.  I think the look would look lovely if you have an outdoor garden wedding or just love nature!  Hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday!

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  • Retro Surfer Wedding

    March 4th, 2011 admin

    I have some of the most amazing friends {and to boot}, they are uber talented at their trade!  So, here we are back again with some stunning wedding inspiration that you’ll just love!

    Featured on a blog I follow on a daily basis, Snippet and Ink… here’s a retro-themed surfer shoot chocked full of ideas you too can infuse into your own wedding.  But first, let me introduce all the wonderful people who help make this happen!

    Amber Novey with Platinum Planning achieved this pulled together look perfect for any beach bum at heart.

    Lovespun Handmade Films captured video of the day, Jessica is not only a sweetie, but so gifted!  The old video projector is one of Jessica’s vintage memorabilia pieces, just love it!

    Tinywater Photography…I think the photos speak volumes, Caroline oozes talent and always has the most beautiful lighting and color.

    Rona with Luxe Image is so knowledgeable about make-up and hair, she did a phenomenal job!

    Alice Koswara created all of the cute surfboard place cards and signage.  They were simply the perfect look!

    Yummy cookies from The Cookie Drop, I can attest, they are yummy!

    Idea Farm Designs provided the most intricate necklaces that were over-the-top awesome!

    Oh, and that super cool car, thanks to TNT Automotive for the Edsel, that thing rocks!

    Flower Inspiration:  Elements of driftwood, a fun color palette, underwater feeling flowers, teal glass elements.  These were all bits and pieces we pulled together to make this table feel a little retro with the colors, but totally do-able for any wedding these days.

    Here on the bouquet handle, we finished off the stems will natural jute and a St. Christopher pendant.  A lot of surfers from the 60’s wore St. Christopher pendants to protect them when they surfed.  It was also a sign of love to give your romance a St. Christopher pendant.  My husband was an avid surfer when we lived by the beach, so I thought I’d embellish the stems with something to add a little personal touch.

    Can’t you imagine sitting here with your friends and enjoying dinner?  So fun!  Even just for a small get together!

    Retro Inspired Surf Wedding Video from Lovespun ~ Handmade Films on Vimeo.

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  • Purple Garden Centerpiece

    February 28th, 2011 admin

    Hi everyone!  Hope you all have been well!  I wanted to share this image of a purple garden inspired centerpiece we recently created for a themed concept for Amber with Platinum Planning Events and Design.  Amber brought me this super cute watering can in a pastel-purple shade.  She was looking for something outdoor-garden feeling, and I just love the combo of the dark and light purples mixed with the greens. Here we used ornamental kale in purple, Florigene carnations in the ‘Moonvista’ variety, lavender roses, stock and green berzelia.  Hope you enjoy!

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  • pizzelle engagement party

    February 21st, 2011 admin

    Happy Monday everyone!  Today I get the pleasure of sharing this double-feature shoot featured on The Inspired Bride and Somewhere Splendid that we styled and designed for Valentine’s Day… I know, a little late now, but nonetheless, definitely worth the wait!  We teamed up with Caroline from Tinywater Photography who shot the images here which you are going to L-O-V-E!

    Be sure to check out The Inspired Bride and Somewhere Splendid for more inspirations and lust-worthy party and wedding ideas!

    Get the look:

    Photography: Tinywater Photography

    Floral Design and Styling: Audrey Gardemeyer of Botanica Floral Designs


    Coming from a Swiss-Italian heritage, I grew up eating traditional foods infused with our families recipes passed down and shared throughout generations.  Pizzelles, an Italian cookie made from simple ingredients is something my Mom has made for us growing up, and something I thought would be fitting for a colorful dessert bar for this engagement shoot we designed recently.  We’ve all seen the colorful macaroons, cake pops, and cupcakes, but here is a sweet treat I haven’t seen done for a dessert bar before… hopefully a new trend to emerge?  I hope you all enjoy!

    My good friend, Caroline of Tinywater Photography was so kind to capture all of these edible treats, and enjoy a few as well!  This colorful combo brings a smile to my face, I just love the unexpected “pops” of colors we used to liven’ things up a bit!  From the hot pink candelabra I painted… which used to be gold… I know, very fun, to the yellows and blues, I am loving this look!

    Pizzelles are made on a flat press that has intricate designs on both sides.  They can be created in a number of ways including: flat, rolled, cup shaped, cone shaped and then… the options are endless after that, from filling the pizzelles with whipped cream, dipping in chocolate, adding sprinkles, and so on!

    I created all of the paper products you see from the heart cut-outs to the cute tags on each of the variations of styles of pizzelles.  I love all the different prints of papers.

    Hob nob pink and blue glasses filled with chilled milk are a perfect pairing for the yummy pizzelles!

    Yellow football chrysanthemums and yellow flowering acacia blooms were an attractive and interesting hue to add to the colors.

    I love cherubs, and I couldn’t resist putting a flower halo on this one I picked up that matched the colors perfectly.  I know he is a little eclectic, but he will look lovely in my garden!

    Hope you enjoyed this little inspiration we dreamed up.  Stop back in and enjoy more ideas next time!

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  • Pink Sweet Peas and Mason Jars…

    February 16th, 2011 admin

    Thought I would share this little arrangement from the studio with you all today.  I just love blue mason jars, and with pink sweet peas, ahhh, so pretty!  Hope you all are having a great week!

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  • Napa Wedding at Harvest Inn

    February 15th, 2011 admin

    We love Napa weddings, and we think you’ll just love this Harvest Inn wedding we worked on in the heart of wine country!  Kami and Dan, our bride and groom, planned their wedding from southern California, and chose the Harvest Inn for their wedding and reception.  The Harvest Inn is a gorgeous Napa wedding site with stone walkways throughout the property and gardens surrounding the villas and rooms.  The wedding location backs right up to a vineyard where the ceremony and reception take place.  Shaded by tall redwoods, a calming fountain and a gorgeous view of the hillsides, the Harvest Inn is simply gorgeous!

    For Kami and Dan’s florals, they were looking for something light and vintage-feeling.  Florals all consisted of white and ivory tones of roses, hydrangeas, dahlias, and a few green accents.  Centerpieces were created in mismatched and eclectic milk glass that is part of our inventory.  From milkglass compotes to budvases, each piece was different and unique!

    This wedding was recently featured on The Knotty Bride, a wedding website we invite you to check out yourself, and follow!

    Kami’s all white bouquet featured miniature calla lilies, freesia, ivory spray roses, hydrangea and brown fiddlehead fern scrolls.

    The stems of Kami’s bouquet were finished off with lace ribbon to match her gown; little details to tie it all together!

    The men’s boutonnieres were created with white miniature calla lilies with a brown fiddlehead fern scroll backing.

    What a gorgeous photograph with the light coming through the trees!

    The ceremony aisle was lined with white rose petals.

    Tables with white linens and lace runners added to the vintage feel.

    Within the dance area we created a candle display around the large fireplace.  Lighting provided by SJ’s Disc Jockey added a fun, lounge feel to this portion of the evening.

    Visit our wedding friends and get the look:

    Photographer: M David Media Wedding Planner:  2 Chic Events & Design Dress: Rosa Clara Linens: Simply Elegant Rentals & Decor Rentals: Classic Party Rentals Cake: Sweet Cakes by Rebecca Lighting-DJ: SJ’s Disc Jockey String Trio: Ovation Strings Floral Design: Botanica Floral Designs

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  • Mark Hopkins Wedding in S.F.

    February 7th, 2011 admin

    I am so excited to share with you all this amazing wedding we were so honored to work on.  Megan and PJ were married in San Francisco on Thanksgiving weekend, November 27, 2010.  The ceremony took place at Grace Cathedral, one of San Francisco’s historical landmarks, followed by a reception at Mark Hopkins Intercontinental.

    Megan, our bride is not only gorgeous, but she has a huge heart, just like her family.  One of my favorite things about my line of work is that I get to be exposed to such great people, and this family is definitely one of them!  You can see the love and emotion this family has for each other in this video, all captured by the talented Philip Alan Films.  I hope you all check it out and see some amazing details, great moments captured and one heck of a party!

    Florals used consisted of deep red roses, dahlias, orchids and the most amazing peacock feathers, vintage brooches and gold candelabras.  We’ll be posting more pics as soon as we can!

    It takes some awesome team of wedding vendors to pull together a wedding such as this.  Make sure you check out these other amazing vendors who all worked to make this wedding awesome!  2Chic Events & Design, Gino Creglia Photography, Extreme Productions Entertainment, Stephanie J Designs – Social and Wedding Invitations, Mimi & Company Couture Linens and Sweet Cakes by Rebecca.

    A rock star inspired wedding film – filmed at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental & Grace Cathedral in downtown San Francisco. November 27th, 2010


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  • Orange Wedding Flowers

    February 6th, 2011 admin

    Though it seems like Spring is finally here in Northern California, I just had to share these Fall wedding flowers we created for a Wilson Vineyards wedding in Sacramento this past year.  The orange cymbidium orchids paired with the orange roses and asiatic lilies were that gorgeous “pop” of color that was infused throughout the personal flowers for this Sacramento wedding.

    Jacqueline Photography captured all of these lovely images… aren’t they gorgeous?!

    The details on the bouquet handle are the finishing touches that I just love to add a little flair to.  Here we’ve used a combination of orange and brown ribbons with a brooch embellishment to finish off the look of this Fall bridal bouquet.

    The groom wore an orchid boutonniere to compliment the flowers used in the bridal bouquet.  We finished off the stems with gold wiring to add a nice touch.

    The ladies all wore brown dresses, and carried orange bouquets to add contrast against their gowns.

    Hope you enjoyed the share.  Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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  • Citrus and Succulents

    January 27th, 2011 admin

    Today we’ve been featured on Floret Cadet! {a site you are going to love as much as I do} This flower blog features everything and anything on flowers, floral design and inspiration.  A great resource for brides and anyone who simply loves flowers!  Make sure you check it out!

    This citrus and succulent inspired table setting is vintage feeling with the old antique books and worn brass vessels.  I paired it along with succulents, light yellow florals and some lovely fresh kumquats to give an earthy feel.

    For the bridal bouquet, I chose to use the most gorgeous double paperwhites {which were super fragrant}, eucalyptus pods, kumquats on the vine, and other seasonal botanicals.  We finished off the stems with a jute wrap and simple yellow pearl pins.

    I love these brass vessels because they look old and worn, and they don’t match.  I think the pods hanging over the edges along with the bright kumquats are fun and unexpected.

    Each place setting featured a succulent which guests could take home and plant in their yards or kitchen windowsill.  If you’ve never tried this, it’s fun! Your succulent will start to grow roots and soon enough, you’ll have a new plant!

    I hope you enjoy this little vignette I wanted to share with you all!

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  • Housewarming Donut Party!!

    January 21st, 2011 admin

    Talk about a fun way to liven’ things up and do something a little differently!  This housewarming donut-themed party was all about tasting and scoring donuts and espresso pairings.  With the most gorgeous images, and beautiful paper products, ahhh, it’s just dreamy!

    Get This Look:

    Photography: Tinywater Photography

    Paper Products: Alice Koswara

    Florals: Botanica Floral Designs

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  • Blue Baby Shower

    January 20th, 2011 admin

    We are excited to share this adorable feature which was published on Hostess with the Mostess just yesterday!  You’ve got to love the details Aimee with 2Chic came together with for Jackie’s little Evan!

    Jackie, a Sacramento wedding photographer { Jaqueline’s Photography } is the proud Mommy of baby Evan!  This was her shower, and she also just so happened to take all of these lovely photographs!  Just goes to show you what happens when you team up the best Sacramento wedding vendors… you get a totally rockin’ baby shower!

    Get this look:

    Design and hostess: Aimee with 2Chic

    Paper Products, Invites: Invitations Ink

    Treats and Desserts:  Sweet Cakes by Rebecca

    Photo Booth: SJ’s Disc Jockey

    Florals: Botanica Floral Designs

    The girls with Invitations Ink totally outdid themselves, look how amazingly cute these paper products are!

    And, Sweet Cakes by Rebecca, with the most tasty tricycle cookies and decadent cakes!

    Joe with SJ’s Disc Jockey provided a fun photo booth for guests to take a little memento home with them!

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  • Cute as a Button Dessert Bar

    January 19th, 2011 admin

    Is this not the cutest thing ever?!  A button-themed dessert bar, rightfully titled “Cute as a button.”  This shoot was recently featured on Somewhere Splendid, a blog focusing on kitchen, party and entertaining ideas.  We were so honored to have a back-to-back features on the blog, so we’ll be back on Friday with another feature focused on a party idea we think you’ll just love!

    Tinywater Photography shot all of the crazy-beautiful images you see below.  Their work is so amazing, I just love the passion and artistic eye! And, Carissa with Sugar and Spice Specialty Desserts really took the button-theme to the next level as you will see below… her work is amazing, and tastes just as good as it looks in these photos!  Trust me, I went home from this shoot with a full tummy and a sugar-high!

    Get this look:

    Photography:  Tinywater Photography

    Desserts: Sugar and Spice Specialty Desserts

    Florals: Botanica Floral Designs


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  • Garden Wedding Flowers

    January 16th, 2011 admin

    An outdoor garden wedding can be casual and elegant at all the same time.  Take this table inspiration we designed along with a floral palette that will make you smile with joy.  We think these sherbet colors would be the perfect “pop” to any outdoor setting.

    This garden bouquet is inspired by the outdoors with a colorful palette of florals ranging from peachy-toned garden roses to pink sweet peas and variegated foliages.  Hand-tied style, with a little hanging amaranthus towards the front, it’s a bit of whimsy and garden elegance.

    To go along with this look, we’ve used a three-tiered dessert rack that we filled with flowers to be placed on a guest book table.

    Each place setting has a pink mercury glass compote and an open peach garden rose to greet guests as they are seated.

    The finest linens provided by Mimi & Company were used in a layering affect for the tables.  Glistening accents of pearls and sequins on the sheer overlay picked up pink tints in the flowers and mercury glass containers.

    What do you think, do you not love this look?

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  • Premier Wedding Show

    January 7th, 2011 admin

    Be sure you come see us and Sacramento’s top wedding vendors at the Premier Wedding Show held this Sunday, January 9th from 11am to 4pm at Arden Hills Resort Club and Spa.

    If you are still looking for wedding vendors, or just started with the planning process, this is a great place to start… or finish your wedding details.

    To view more information and to reserve your tickets online, please visit: Premier Wedding Show’s Website.

    Hope to see you there!

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  • Congratulations!

    January 1st, 2011 admin

    Photograph courtesy of: Sarah Maren Photography

    Centerpiece Design: Botanica Floral Designs

    For those of you who entered into this 2011 year as a freshly engaged woman, I’d like to extend my congratulations to you!  Your path to the altar will be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life.  Celebrate and embrace being engaged {after all, we only get to use the word fiance for so long}, enjoy your time with family and all the fun that goes into planning your very special day.

    I invite you to browse the ideas on our blog, read the posts for helpful tips, and visit our website to see how we can help you bring your wedding together for that polished, elegant and romantic look you that you so desire!

    Be sure to sign up to be a part of our Bridal Club where you can get insider trade secrets and tips only available to club members.

    Check out our Website to view our work more extensively.

    Email us to set-up your personal Consultation to hear how we can not only create the most gorgeous flowers for your wedding, but how we can offer some design ideas and vendor referrals to make your wedding all things lovely.

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  • Grey IS the New Black!

    December 30th, 2010 admin

    Today we are talking color!  And, if you aren’t up-to-speed on grey, here’s your chance!

    Grey IS the new black, brown and well… the ultimate neutral!  Today we’re here to share with you how you can use grey in your wedding color palette to make for an interesting combination.

    Grey is defined as hues between black and white, and is called an achromatic color, meaning a neutral.  A perfect base for any color palette then, right?!

    Here are a few of my favorite grey combinations:

    Pale pink, grey and soft apricot

    This soft, feminine palette is perfect for an outdoor garden wedding, or dressed up for a ballroom affair.

    1. Aubrey Necklace {is this not fabulous?!}: Prismera 2. Wedding Invitation:  Angela Dal Bon Custom Invitations 3. Pink Wedding Cake: Vanilla Cake Shop 4. Grey Dress: J. Crew 5. Bouquet: Our friends from across the world, Blushing Blooms

    Grey and sunny yellow

    Think modern, edgy, yet “girl next door.”  I love this board, from the frilly bridesmaid dress to the soft fabric petals!

    1. {Sarah Seven} Grey Dress with yellow bouquet: Stephanie Williams Photography, Florist Unknown 2. Fabric Flowers: The Pleated Poppy 3. Invitations: Botanica Invites 4. Handmade Necklace from Blue Room Gems 5. Candy Bar: Designed by Caplan Miller Events

    Seaglass blue, grey and Majolica blue

    The palette is so sophisticated, perfect for a city wedding!

    1. Chiffon Velvet Peacock Linen: Wildflower Linen 2. Invitations: Invitations by Dawn 3. Teal Bridesmaid Gown: JLM Couture 4. Grey Suit: Elizabeth Anne Designs 5. Fei Liu Whispering Earrings 6. Cake: The Cake Blog

    Hope you are a little inspired by our inspiration boards.  If you are looking for a little help to tie your colors together, feel free to email us so we can help you and your wedding decor!

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  • Purple and Grey Wedding Flowers

    December 29th, 2010 admin

    The following designs were inspired from a previous vignette designed by Fearon May Events for the wonderful bridal event, Lavish and Fabulous.  Just so happens a bride saw the tablescape and in her words “it was designed to fit her personality perfectly!”

    With her wedding taking place just a few weeks ago, I snapped a few photos of the centerpieces and bouquet I’d like to share with you all!

    The color palette ranged from a deep purple to a vibrant orchid-purple and of course, grey!  {If you haven’t taken style note, grey IS the new black, and we will have a whole post dedicated to this tomorrow, so check back in!}

    These containers are so sleek and sexy!  We combined different textures and finishes of matte, dimpled and shiny designs to add interest to the table.

    I am just loving the matte finish on these containers, and the shape of them are different and unique.

    Even just a simple grouping of like vases with the same flower in them can make a great impact.  Here, we lined them up down a long banquet table.

    And, the brides rocker bouquet!  Finished off with feathers and all!  Pink miniature calla lilies, purple lisianthus, ‘Moonvista’ carnations, and orchid-purple stock.

    We incorporated a little bling into the bouquet with tulle covered jewels.  I think these are just over-the-top!

    Hope you enjoy this look, check back tomorrow for our Grey IS the New Black feature!

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  • Parisian Inspired

    December 18th, 2010 admin

    Here’s today’s inspiration board, and it’s inspired by Paris!  From crowns, to the eiffel tower with a bit of vintage flair, this inspiration board is here to get the ideas flowing of what it’s like to bring together a look.  And, these are just a few things that I am LOVing at the moment.

    No. 1 : Burlap Pillows, I love these, a little rustic, yet chic with the crown.

    No. 2 :  Parisian Stamp Collection by Cavallini & Co., one of my favorite stationers.

    No. 3 :  Pink Bridal Bouquet from Botancia Floral Designs

    No. 4 :  Vintage Mannequin, I am OBSESSED with vintage mannequins right now.  Would love to get one, they are just so expensive!

    No. 5 : French Drying Rack, Something else I am OBSESSED with right now.  I would love to use one of these on a dessert bar, or for escort cards with tags handing off of this.

    These are so cool, look what you can do with them:

    Put bottles on “spokes” and a light underneath to illuminate the colored glass.

    Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

    or, hang ornaments off of:

    Image Courtesy of: Bricolage

    or hang office products on it:

    Image Courtesy of: Casual Cottage Chic

    No. 6 : Black French Chandelier

    No. 7 : Mercury Fleur De Lis Votive

    No. 8 :  Parisian Necklace

    No. 9 : Parisian Office Folder from Cavallini & Co.

    I hope you enjoy this little piece of love I’ve thrown together.  Hopefully this inspires you in some way.  I enjoyed putting this together with a few ideas and things I am adoring at the moment.

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  • Handmade Wedding: Part 2

    December 17th, 2010 admin

    And, we’re back again with more details from Melissa and Justin’s wedding.  Today, we’re focusing on the reception!  You can read more about this wedding on Style Me Pretty, where it was recently featured.

    As guests entered the reception, we cleverly made these escort cards which were attached to craspedia for each of the guests.  It was a beautiful display and fun!

    Dinner was served family-style, so centerpieces were kept simple so that platters of food could be shared.

    For the main head table, we lined it with flowers and wine bottle candlesticks provided by the bride.  I love how it all came together!

    Table numbers were made by the sister of the bride, and were shingles from the groom’s grandmother’s home.

    Napkins served a dual-purpose being favors as well.  Each was mis-matched, and made by the mother of the groom.  Tied off with a piece of jute and a tag made by the brother of the bride, what a lovely reminder of this special day!

    The set-up at Scribner Bend Vineyards.

    And, they lived happily ever-after!

    Congratulations Melissa and Justin!

    Get the Look:

    Photography: Heidi Huber Photography

    Flowers: Botanica Floral Designs

    Event Planning:  Mindy Shock

    Venue:  Scribner Bend Vineyards

    DJ: Mr. DJ

    Catering: Mulvaney’s B & L

    Dress: Liancarlo from Destiny’s Bridal

    Make-Up: Reanna Saddoris

    Hair: Salon Cuvee

    Band: Golden Cadillacs

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  • Handmade Wedding: Part 1

    December 16th, 2010 admin

    I’m so thrilled to share with you Melissa and Justin’s handmade Sacramento wedding!  Held at Scribner Bend Vineyards, this wedding is chocked full of eye candy and steal-worthy design ideas!  And talk about some details… Melissa made this wedding personalized down to the table numbers… and we’ll share!

    A little background… Melissa was referred to me by her good friend, Mindy {a bride of mine from 2009, see Mindy + Matt’s Wedding}.  Melissa works in the hospitality industry herself, so she knows everything about a pulled together look, and for her own wedding, it meant going all out!

    One of Melissa’s favorite wedding blogs is Style Me Pretty, and what a greater honor to have her wedding featured here after she admired and followed this as she planned her own wedding.

    Photographed by Heidi Huber Photography, here are some of the lovely images Heidi captured of the day….

    Guests were welcomed with Justin’s bike which we adorned with flowers.  The bike theme was subtly placed throughout the wedding, including Justin’s cuff links Melissa gave to him as a gift.

    I love this photograph Heidi captured of Melissa, simply gorgeous!

    Bridesmaids carried bouquets with a little rustic feel to them.  The wedding was outdoors, and we wanted to “play off” the feel of the flowers in the same way.  Yellow roses, yarrow, celosia and craspedia made this yellow-golden palette work wonders!

    The men’s boutonnieres were created with yellow craspedia, or billy balls.  We finished off the stems with natural jute, the perfect match!

    Gotta love this, the bridesmaids all wore dresses in the yellow and gold palette, none matching!  They all looked so beautiful, and their dresses were something they could wear again!

    A “Here Comes the Bride” sign…. gotta love that, right?  And, instead of a traditional runner, a burlap runner {so fitting} was used.

    Shepherd hooks with floral accents we later used in the reception as additional decor.

    Until tomorrow… there is just too much to share in one posting!  Check back to see the reception!

    Get the Look:

    Photography: Heidi Huber Photography

    Flowers: Botanica Floral Designs

    Event Planning:  Mindy Shock

    Venue:  Scribner Bend Vineyards

    DJ: Mr. DJ

    Catering: Mulvaney’s B & L

    Dress: Liancarlo from Destiny’s Bridal

    Make-Up: Reanna Saddoris

    Hair: Salon Cuvee

    Band: Golden Cadillacs

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  • Nature Inspired Wedding

    December 14th, 2010 admin

    Janelle and Scott were married this April at Carvahlo Family Winery at the Old Sugar Mill.  Their wedding day was nature inspired from the green leaves we used as petals, to their birch centerpieces, and of course, their tree cake!

    You may have seen their wedding which was featured in the recent issue of Real Weddings Magazine.  If you haven’t, make sure you pick up a copy and check out more of the gorgeous details and Janelle + Scott’s love story!

    Hope you’ll enjoy these lovely images brought to us by the talented Brian Ganyo Photography.  Thanks Brian!

    The aisle was lined with varying heights of vases filled with white river rock and birch candles.  Two large birch trees flanked either side of the stage to bring the outdoors in. Doug with Music on the Move up lit the birch trees to finish off the look.

    Janelle wanted a white and green bouquet with lace wrapped stems to compliment her dress.  An embellishment to the stems added a bit of elegance to this classic bouquet.

    Janelle was simply stunning in her wedding gown!

    Each of the bridesmaids wore dresses in differing shades of green… I just love this trend.  Just having the differing shades really livens things up!  The girls all carried white bouquets with green accents.

    The flower girls carried birch baskets we filled with green leaves they scattered as they walked down the aisle.

    Each of the girls wore these bird’s nest inspired rings.  They loved these fun little accessories!

    Birch centerpieces featured white and green flowers.  Moss and leaf accents were placed on the table tops with green votives.  I love the natural feel of these arrangements!

    Finally, there tree cake was featured on a slice of wood and a bed of grass… with two love birds perched a top!

    Congratulations Janelle and Scott!

    Get the look….

    Photography: Brian Ganyo Photography

    Bridal Attire:  House of Fashion

    Floral Design:  Botanica Floral Designs

    Catering: Fresh and Quick

    Cake: Baker’s Delight

    DJ-Entertainment-Lighting:  Music on the Move

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  • Old Sugar Mill Wedding: Tiffany + Travis

    December 9th, 2010 admin

    I can’t wait to share the professional images from this wedding… these were just a few details I captured of Tiffany and Travis’ Carvahlo Family Winery Wedding!  Both alums of Cal Poly, SLO {Go Mustangs}, Tiffany took many of the same horticulture classes as I, and she also occasionally designs and works with us on weddings.

    I’ll wait to go on and on about the details of her wedding, there are many, so I’ll just post a few teasers….

    Flower Girl Purse created with live flowers, succulents and decorative touches.

    Craspedia boutonnieres paired with green safflower, decorative wiring and a “pop” of orange finishings.

    Bridesmaid bouquets created with green spider mums, craspedia, orange safflower, and lilygrass caging.

    Tiffany and Travis’ centerpieces were created with an eclectic mix of vintage milk glass.  We added yellow sunflowers, green accents and “pops” of orange to add a fun feel to the reception.

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  • Winchester Country Club Wedding Shoot

    December 7th, 2010 admin

    I was thrilled to design a few bouquets and have the opportunity of working with some fabulous wedding vendors at the ever-gorgeous Winchester Country Club.  I just love this venue, and I love Darcie, the on-site coordinator who is such a sweetheart.  Darcie does an amazing job with each of her brides, it’s always a pleasure working with her!

    This was my first opportunity to work with Kim J Martin photography, who captured all of these lovely images I just adore!  Kim is a Sacramento based wedding photographer, and her youthful, go-get’em energy is contagious and inspiring!  Make sure you check out her website and blog!

    Some of the other wonderful vendors participating included:

    Enchanted Bridal Shoppe who carries a large selection of wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.  If you are looking to be treated like a princess, visit the helpful staff at Enchanted Bridal Shoppe.

    Teshara Homes, Make-Up

    Megan Richman, Hair megan.richman@yahoo.com

    This Fall wedding bouquet was designed with orange celosia, red spray roses, red calla lilies and a variety of seasonal items.  We finished off the stems with a vintage brooch embellishment to add a nostalgic touch.

    This pink and burgundy bouquet was created with pink dahlias, deep burgundy calla lilies and burgundy carnations.  Small accents of pink berries add depth.  The stems were adorned with a pink lace treatment for a feminine touch.

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  • How I’m Feeling Today….

    December 4th, 2010 admin

    1.  Plaid Rainboots from Famous Footwear 2.  Olive Wreath from Attempt A Style 3.  Smore photo courtesy of ExhibitorOnline.com 4.  Hot Cocoa with whip cream and chocolate shavings on top!  Yum!  5.  Moose Head from Christie’s 6. Brown fur hat, source unkown 7.  Brown Cow Hide Settee 8.  Railroad Lantern  photo courtesy of Polyvore 9.  Antler Chandelier from Antler Chandelier 10.  Michael Kors plaid satchel from The Purse Page

    I’m going to be starting a new trend with my blog posts relating to the mood I’m in. Just a kind of  fun, inspiring way of expressing myself and showing how you can pull together looks and inspiration boards by focusing and getting to a collective frame of mind.   As women, I think we go through moods or phases all the time, whether we feel feminine, outdoorsy, trendy… pretty much wherever our mood takes us!  I’d like to channel this into some inspiring ideas that might just inspire you!

    Today’s mood is Rustic Indoors

    This mood makes me crave a hot cup of cocoa that I can enjoy by a warm fireplace.  Of course all wrapped up in a blanket with a good book to read.  I included plaid into the mix because I am just adoring it right now… we are seeing it in the department stores, and to me it is classic American heritage.  This look is perfect for a lodge or cabin setting, but is laced with sophistication from the Michael Kors plaid handbag to the chic olive branch wreath.

    I just adore moose heads { so much that I bought one for my new office, not real of course} so I had to throw this one in here too.  Whether snowed in or just cuddling up to the fire on a rainy day, this inspiration board is Winter at her finest!  Hope you enjoy… a little of what is brewing in my head today!

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  • Botanica Floral Featured Weddings

    November 20th, 2010 admin

    If you haven’t already picked up the recent issue of Real Weddings Magazine, make sure you get your hot hands on this little number!  We were so honored to have four of our past brides’ weddings featured in the publication, along with images of our designs for the inspirational Style Files!  To view more images from the weddings featured, check out our blog posts on them:

    Aimee & Jarrod

    Caitlin & Sean

    Danae & Josh

    Janelle & Scott {Coming Soon}

    You can visit Real Weddings Magazine Website to see more features, vendors and ideas!

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  • Fall Inspired Table

    November 17th, 2010 admin

    We teamed up again with the creative ladies from Invitations Ink to put together some Fall inspired eye candy.  These girls just always seem to impress me with their drive to be creative and their sweet, giving nature.  And here we are in the giving season with more of their Friday Freebies!  If you want to create this project yourself, click on over to their website and start this little project to spruce up your table for Thanksgiving!

    Nicholas Wilson with Wilson Fotografie captured the table design Jessica and Rashell put together so lovely! This was my first time having the opportunity of working with Nicholas, and I just love how he captured the details! Thanks Nicholas!

    Rashell and Jessica really brought this table together with ideas that anybody can do, and by visiting their website and downloading these templates, you can simply pull together a table just like this quickly and easily!  They even have some of their yummy recipes you can download so you can look like a seasoned hostess in front of your guests!

    Their color inspiration was a little on the retro side with the orange, bright green, brown and hint of deep purple.  The arrangements you see with the owl paper is created in a soup can!  Yes, something you already have in your home!  An idea that I thought was quite cute was that each place setting had a question like ‘what is your favorite holiday?’ I think these are great ideas to a conversation starter as you enjoy your meal or appetizers.  How fun!

    I hope you enjoy the photos, and be sure to visit my friends, Invitations Ink and Wilson Fotografie!

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  • Vibrant Purple Flowers

    November 15th, 2010 admin

    These vibrant purple flowers are so fun!  The sleek black ceramic container with the soft, velvet ribbon, and bright colors is just a powerful combination.  I also love the purple bell peppers I picked up at our local produce stand.  Kind of fun and unexpected!  Hope you enjoy!

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  • Grand Island Mansion Wedding

    November 10th, 2010 admin

    If you’ve never been to the Grand Island Mansion, let me tell you, you are missing out on a little slice of heaven!  This Sacramento wedding property just takes me to another place and time!

    Genevieve and Andrew were married at the Grand Island Mansion in April of this year, and it was more than a pleasure to work with them, and their wonderful planner Amber Novey with Platinum Planning {who, might I add, does a phenomenal job!}

    The images below were all captured by Jeff with Unique Photography, thanks Jeff, your work is amazing!

    Genevieve’s colors surrounded around the light pink hue, accented with the subtle use of foliages. Genevieve’s bouquet was created with pink peonies, pink lisianthus, pink tulips, and white ranunculus.  We finished off the stems of her bouquet with a rhinestone treatment.

    The pink bridesmaid bouquets complimented the look of Genevieve’s bouquet.

    The aisle featured gold chivari chairs with hanging flower pomanders on either side.

    Two styles of centerpieces added a soft touch of color to the ballroom.  Tall glass vases with light pink flowers and green hanging amaranthus were the perfect compliment to the ivory and gold embellished room.

    We hope you enjoyed a few images from this real wedding, leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

    Congratulations Genevieve and Andrew!

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  • Seaside Ringbearer Pillow

    November 8th, 2010 admin

    This ring bearer pillow is created from a giant starfish with a clustering of flowers and succulents for the rings to be tied to.  In a challenge to ever-personalize each wedding we do, we think this would be the ideal accessory for an ocean wedding.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, or see if you’ve seen any other interesting sorts of ringbearer pillows!  Please leave a comment!

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  • Light, Blush, and All Things Must

    November 6th, 2010 admin

    We recently teamed up with the girls from Invitations Ink, to put together one of their Friday Freebies {which I recommend you check out!} for a Breast Cancer Awareness inspired fundraiser project.  The idea behind Friday Freebies, is that you out there can actually download useable images and graphics to use yourself! Pretty cool, right?  Oh, and did I mention they are all free?!  Gotta love it!

    The images you see below were all captured by Tiffany Grace with Tiffany Grace Photography.  If you haven’t checked out her website, it is uber cute!  Tiffany specializes in children and infant photography, and might I say her images are so sweet!

    This feminine table just makes me melt!  From the cute little pinwheels to the scalloped edges of the cupcake toppers, I {heart} pink!  For the florals, we were able to use one of my favorite flowers, the dahlia, which are so soft, plush and delicate feeling.

    The Frosted Cake Shop made these little numbers that just look delectable!

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  • Damask Wedding

    October 28th, 2010 admin

    I am so fortunate to have the coolest clients EVER!  Alicia and Isaiah were so sweet, and talk about pulling together some fun details!  I think you’ll {heart} their wedding as well; all captured beautifully by Kristy Huston with Kristy Huston Photography.  {Just love her, and her work!}

    Congratulations Alicia and Isaiah!

    Alicia and Isaiah’s colors were black, white and chartreuse green.  The green color gave the whole palette an “edgy” pop, don’t you just love it!

    Their wedding ceremony and reception took place at the gorgeous Wine and Roses property in Lodi, California.

    Alicia’s bouquet featured green hydrangeas, and white with black centered anemone flowers.

    The Maid of Honor bouquet was created with green flowers.  We used green hydrangeas, green spider mums and other green flowers.

    Instead of the standard circular tables, long and wide king’s tables were used for the reception.  Black chivari chairs finished off the look.  I love mixing up the look of the tables!  These king’s tables allowed for us to create multi-compositional centerpieces in black containers of various sizes of square and rectangular shapes.  The black damask runners added a fun pattern to the tables.  The green florals again, added an “edgy” punch that made a statement!

    For the Sweetheart table, we did a raised glass tabletop featuring flowers between the glass and actual table.  We were able to slip flowers between the layer of glass and tabletop, creating the sense of a floating table.

    The room was finished off with a sweet wedding candy bar.  Alicia and Isaiah supplied the green treats, and we arranged and brought in our glass rentals for this tasty display!

    If you are a bride out there looking to infuse some well-rounded design elements into your wedding, email me!  I’d love to hear what you’ve planned so far, and I’d love to share with you some great designer tips to get your wedding that “pulled together” look.

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  • Green Centerpieces

    October 26th, 2010 admin

    These eco-friendly centerpieces were created for a luncheon event we did this past week.  Not only are they beautiful, but they display many eco-conscious aspects of how you can have beautiful centerpieces and be earth-friendly!

    The box which is used as a planter for these succulents is actually made from re-claimed wood.  Following the reception, or luncheon guests were able to take these with them to be used for their own homes.  What a great favor to leave your guests with!

    Succulents are not only fun and interesting, but they are also very drought tolerant, making them have low water requirements.  I love, love, love succulents, so this was just too fun to work on!

    We actually added some live flowers to the finished product, which you don’t see below, but we used California grown flowers to add a “pop” of color to these centerpiece, which matched the table napkins.  Yes, flowers can be eco-friendly.  By purchasing locally grown or CA grown flowers, beings that we are in California, we eliminated the ecological footprint of shipping flowers in from other continents.

    Draping string of pearls hung over the edge of the planters.  I think the combination of the natural wood with the succulents looked fantastic!

    What do you think?  Do you think you’d opt for an eco-friendly centerpiece option after seeing these stylin’ designs?

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  • Bridal Show

    October 24th, 2010 admin

    Come join us for a couture bridal event full of inspiration and ideas!  You can follow the link below to view more information and purchase tickets.

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  • Pink Bouquet

    October 15th, 2010 admin

    Don’t you just love this feminine and soft feeling bouquet?!  Created with light pink roses, lavender roses, white snowberries and pink lisianthus, this hand-tied style bouquet is the perfect compliment to your wedding day ensemble.  We finished off the look by adding pearl and crystal beads into the flowers as well as finishing off the stems with a lace treatment and pearl accented vintage brooches.

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  • Hot Flowers

    October 12th, 2010 admin

    So, today’s post is on trends, and I have definitely noticed a flower trend this year and last year.  What might it be?  Oh, the “yellow ball thingies!”  I get asked what are these flowers are all the time, and I guess we should all know what they are by now, so I’ll introduce you to Craspedia {crass-PEE-dee-a} a.k.a Billy Balls.  I think these little blooms have won the hearts of many tying the knot and looking for something a little different to incorporate into their decor.

    These small, spherical flowers are native to New Zealand and Australia.  They are typically available Spring through Fall, and are perfect for a boutonniere or a “pop” of color to your centerpieces.

    These are some recent boutonnieres we created for a wedding, don’t you just love!

    And, a little different look for a spring wedding below:

    Photo Courtesy: Carmen Salazar Photography

    We used the Craspedia as escort cards, attaching guests names and table numbers to assigned seats.

    And, in wedding centerpieces:

    Photo Courtesy: Carmen Salazar Photography

    What’s your take, do you like Craspedia?

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  • Corporate Event Centerpieces

    October 11th, 2010 admin

    Though we are heading into Fall, we had to share these luau centerpieces we created this past week for a corporate event that was themed for the tropics!  With a large number of tables, we mixed up the style and flowers of each of the tables to create some visual interest throughout the room.

    From centerpieces with birds of paradise, to pincushion proteas and orchids…. the look was fun and tropical.  Adding little details such as caging over the flowers, moss accents and reed bound sticks all added a different look to spice things up.  The containers were two varying sizes, and were created with natural wood to accent the flowers and designs on the tabletops.  We hope you will enjoy!

    Tropical centerpiece with orchids.

    Tropical centerpiece with birds of paradise.

    Tropical centerpiece with pincushion protea.

    Close up of pincushion protea.

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  • Central Coast Wedding

    October 8th, 2010 admin

    Rebecca and Kyle’s Paso Robles wedding was held at Eagle Castle Winery, a true castle venue. The couple was married in front of the large doors as you enter the venue.  Talk about a fun place!  It really takes you back in time!  Special thanks to Andy Bowlin Photography for sharing these images with us!

    Rebecca carried a bouquet created with white peonies, white lisianthus, lavender, and lavender sweet peas.

    Her bridesmaid’s wore black cocktail length gowns and added a splash of purple which they wore as necklaces and carried in their bouquets.  Flowers used here included lavender roses, purple orchids, purple lisianthus, purple hydrangea and purple bullet alliums.

    Flower girls each carried a flower girl purse.  We designed these to match the rest of the wedding, so cute!

    Their purple wedding decor carried into the reception with a mixture of square and round tables, and a large wedding banquet table as the centre of the room.

    Congratulations Rebecca and Kyle!  It was great working with you!

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  • Lavish and Fabulous

    October 5th, 2010 admin

    Lavish and Fabulous is a couture bridal event which will take place at Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa on November 11, 2o1o.  Created and designed by Fearon of Fearon May Events, we are thrilled to be a part of this lovely gathering of Sacramento’s elite wedding vendors.  This event will feature fabulous food, fashions, table decor and entertainment.  Expect to see ways in which you can enhance the look of your wedding day, all while sipping champagne and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

    Tickets are available at:

    Lavish and Fabulous

    We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • Fall Wedding Flowers

    October 4th, 2010 admin

    Fall weddings are just around the corner, and I wanted to share this lovely orange Fall wedding bouquet with you all.  I think it has just enough modern touches to re-invent the more traditional Fall wedding flowers. Instead of wrapping the stems with ribbon, we opted for a natural, almost jute binding and finished off the stems with a gold embellishment.

    Flowers used include ‘Flame’ miniature calla lilies, brown conepods, orange celosia, orange bittersweet, orange spray roses, brown fiddlehead ferns and a collaring treatment around the base of the bouquet with these fun calathea leaves.  It’s clean and modern with just a little flair.

    What is your favorite Fall flower or foliage?

    Photograph By: Jodi Yorston Photography

    This bouquet was featured in:  Real Weddings Magazine

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  • Braided Bouquet Handle

    October 1st, 2010 admin

    Taking inspiration from the Fashion world, I decided to implement a new look to the standard bridal bouquet handle.  Here we have braided ribbons to add a new dimension to the handle of this fun pink bouquet.  I have a few shirts in my closet that have braided straps like this, and I thought it would be kind of fun to incorporate this into flowers.  I think it just goes to show, you can get inspiration from any place, some of them the most common.  I think this look would be quite gorgeous in a hue on hue ensemble to add some texture and interest to the bouquet handle.

    What do you think, do you like the look?

    To see more bouquet handle styles check out our other post on:

    Dress Up Those Stems

    Photograph by: Botanica Floral Designs

    This pink wedding bouquet features pink dahlias, pink veronica, pink nerine lilies, pink peonies, miniature calla lilies and burgundy scabiosa.

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  • Green and Black Wedding Feature

    September 30th, 2010 admin

    Today I am sharing just a few teaser photos of a wedding we designed the flowers on, which is featured on Kristy Huston Photography’s blog today!  This wedding was held just a few weeks ago at the ever lovely Wine and Roses in Lodi.  I have to say, I was just in love with the decor!  I’ll be posting a more in-depth blog post on this, so for now, enjoy a few images:

    Kristy is an awesome, awesome photographer, it is always a pleasure to work with such talent!

    To see the full post, visit:

    Kristy Huston Blog: Alicia + Isaiah, Wine and Roses Wedding

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  • Wedding Boutonnieres

    September 23rd, 2010 admin

    I thought I’d share a few photos of different styles of boutonnieres to show how you can customize these personal flowers to your wedding decor.  Gone are the days of standard boutonnieres, have a little fun and make them unique!

    Kristy Huston Photography

    Brown chrysanthemums are backed with brown feathers and a glass accent bead.  The stems are bound with gold decorative wiring.

    David Pascolla Photography

    A black scabiosa is the focal point and is paired with hot pink sweet William and a few pink spray roses.  The stems are finished off with hot pink bullion wiring and a rhinestone pin.

    Pink ranunculus are paired with pink pepperberry and turquoise accents.

    Light pink ranunculus are paired with pink pepperberry and pink sweet peas.  The stems are finished off with pink wiring.

    The Memory Journalists

    This paper boutonniere was created from a vintage postcard.  Green bullion wiring and beading was added to tie in the wedding colors.

    Kristy Huston Photography

    This peacock feather boutonniere features peacock feathers paired with teal bullion wiring to the stem treatment to compliment the feathers.

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  • Shelly and Austin were married at the beautiful Morris Chapel in Stockton, California.  This Stockton wedding featured yellow wedding flowers with accents of white.  Shelly’s yellow bridal bouquet was designed with white hydrangeas, yellow tulips, yellow cymbidium orchids and white roses.  Special thanks to Briggs Photography for sharing these wonderful images with us!

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  • Your wedding centerpieces don’t have to be a single, traditional centerpiece anymore these days.  Here’s an example of some party flowers we created that we call a “break-a-way” centerpiece.  What exactly does that mean?  Instead of one large centerpiece, we created three pieces, so that at the end of the evening or party, the hostess was able to send her guests home each with flowers to enjoy for days!

    The same concept can be done for wedding centerpieces, where you have multiple vases that each guest can take home with them.  It’s a fun reminder of the fun you had at the event!

    These photos were kindly captured by Kristy Huston with Kristy Huston Photography.  Kristy’s work is simply amazing, she captures details with a fresh and innovative light.  Check out her website!

    Florals you see above include:  ‘Milva’ roses, scabiosa pods, fiddlehead ferns, ‘Flame’ miniature calla lilies, amaranthus and mokara orange orchids.

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  • Sacramento Wedding Reception

    August 25th, 2010 admin

    Day two of our orange and green wedding feature, and what better place for a wedding reception than an art gallery?  When Kevin with Do An Event started forming the details of this wedding, I thought, how exciting, unexpected and fun!  An art gallery for a reception, that’s just not your typical reception locale.  Held at Beatnik Studios in downtown Sacramento, the art, the fun colors and the unexpected elements made for a memorable occasion.

    And, the decor, not so typical either: fish, succulents and hanging arrangements?  Right up our alley!  Here are more lovely photos from the fantastic crew with The Memory Journalists:

    The tables were a mixture of tall hi boy cocktail tables, long conference style raised tables and an assortment of varying types of centerpieces, all with orange goldfish and green accents.

    Succulents are a great addition to add to tables, and you can always take them home and plant them following the reception!

    Hanging structures and plants provided by Do An Event were placed throughout the room adding an interesting look to the ceiling as well as all the other excitement going on in the room!

    What do you love most about this wedding?  We’d love to hear!

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  • Orange and Green Wedding

    August 24th, 2010 admin

    There are so many fun Sacramento weddings we have worked on this year, and Sean + Caitlin’s wedding was definitely a highlight!  Working with the very talented Kevin Cohee of Do An Event, there was more excitement and unexpected personal touches to this fun wedding than you could imagine!  Here are just a few of the exciting wedding elements all captured by Sacramento wedding photographers, The Memory Journalists.

    The Sacramento wedding ceremony took place at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church.  Here are two church arrangements we created that actually had live fish in them!

    Bridesmaid bouquets were created from a few miniature calla lilies which we wired and added a few green hanging amaranthus to.  These modern bouquets were not only different, but cost effective as well!

    The green and orange bridal bouquet was a teardrop bouquet, created with ‘Flame’ calla lilies, succulents, orange ornithogalum, orange dahlias, string of pearls and white freesia.

    The gentlemen wore boutonnieres which were created with vintage postcards, which the couple used as save the dates.  This was Kevin’s original inspiration which we interpreted into these fun pieces.  Each was different, and we accented these paper boutonnieres with decorative green wiring, orange beads to tie in with the color theme, and a single hypericum berry.  Very fun boutonnieres, modern boutonnieres… for a unique couple!  Love it!

    Tomorrow, we will get into the details of the reception, so make sure you stop back in to see the fun wedding ideas we’ve got in store to share!

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  • Wedding Planning Tips

    August 20th, 2010 admin

    Here’s one of my must have wedding planning tips I share with all of my clients…. follow wedding blogs!  If you are looking for wedding inspiration, or a “pulled together” vision for your wedding decor and wedding decorations, wedding blogs are loaded with the most amazing wedding photos, wedding ideas, and expert wedding help.

    From design templates where you can create a customized inspiration board, to hundreds and thousands of photos for you to browse through, there’s nothing like keeping the pulse of what the latest wedding trends are then right here on the internet.  And, a bonus, you’ll discover new bridal vendors, budget-friendly wedding ideas and free give-a-ways for your own wedding!

    Here are a few of my favorite blogs to follow, I think you’ll love them too, so add them to your Google reader or RSS:

    Green Wedding Shoes

    Style Me Pretty

    100 Layer Cake

    The Inspired Bride


    Snippet and Ink

    Junebug Weddings

    Ritzy Bee

    I know we are all “on the go” type people… I’ve added an app on my iphone so I can catch up with any down time during the day.  If I need a little inspiration or want to see what other weeding ideas are becoming more trendy, I’ll check in and see the many talents of my peers!

    Do some research and find a few blogs to follow for a little wedding inspiration for your own wedding.  There are budget wedding blogs, DIY wedding blogs, luxury wedding blogs, wedding planing blogs, and much more!

    Personally, I have found that brides who follow blogs are much more confident in their overall decor, they have a more personalized wedding experience and their photos to die for!

    What’s your favorite wedding blog?  Any suggestions you’d like to share with me?

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  • Tall centerpieces are a great way to add visual interest to your wedding reception.  Here is an example of some elegant centerpieces for a recent wedding we designed at Serrano Country Club located in El Dorado Hills, CA.  Instead of using all low centerpieces, which don’t tend to bring your eye up from the tables, our clients opted to do a mixture of low and short centerpieces to add some interest to their elegant wedding decor.

    Photo courtesy of Sacramento Wedding Photographer:  Gino Creglia Photography

    For this tall centerpiece, we used white hydrangea, white stock, white delphinium and white lilies.  Tall brown branches added additional height to this brown and white wedding.  Loops of beargrass created movement throughout the arrangement.

    To see more tall centerpieces at Serrano Country Club visit our recent post:

    Fall Wedding at Serrano Country Club

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  • California Outdoor Wedding

    July 27th, 2010 admin

    Debbie and Scott were married a few weeks earlier at an intimate ceremony in Lake Tahoe.  They celebrated last week by having a photo shoot and small reception captured by Kristy Huston with Kristy Huston Photography.  The venue where these photos were taken is at Empire Mine State Park in Grass Valley, CA.  Don’t you just love the background of this gorgeous venue!

    Debbie was looking for shades of pinks with black accents for her florals.

    Debbie’s bouquet was created with pink hydrangea, pink sweet peas and pink lisianthus.  The dark and light pink tones just “pop” off the green backdrop!

    The bridesmaids carried shades of pinks with black accents of scabiosa in their bouquets.  I think the colors look quite fun with the zebra print gowns!

    And lastly, this flower girl purse is to die for!  Finished off with a girly bow and a few rhinestones, we all loved the final look!

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  • 4th of July Wedding

    July 4th, 2010 admin

    Let’s celebrate the 4th with a photo shoot to inspire brides and groom’s tying the knot on our country’s favorite holiday!  Themed around a Sacramento backyard wedding, this shoot has details galore to pull some inspiration from!  Featured on a blog I follow on a regular basis and draw inspiration from myself, Style Me Pretty,  we were so thrilled to have been able to share this with all of their wonderful followers!  Caroline and Daniel with Tinywater Photography took these amazing shots for the feature and Amber with Platinum Planning pulled together the details and stylizing for the shoot!  Along with some of California’s finest wedding vendors listed below, this shoot was a true ode to Vintage Americana!  Awesome work team, it was a pleasure to do this one with you all!

    A short wedding dress for a warm Summer evening, red high heels, deep red lipstick and a red dahlia bouquet, what girl could ask for more?

    Festive red, white and blue paper adornments hang from a vine covered arbor.  The table scape: simple, garden feeling and American at heart!

    We created the centerpiece out of a wooden rectangular box which I covered in antique produce labels I found at an antique faire.  I think the red and blue on the labels bring together our theme and colors very nicely.  And, with local labels, a nod to the past.  For the flowers, we were going for a wild-garden look.  I used passion vine, red dahlias, burgundy dianthus and a mixture of green foliages in varying textures.

    Guest favors included locally grown cherries and strawberries each in their own personalized baskets with flag name tags to double as place cards.  Glasses embellished with cut strawberries are the perfect elixir to quench your thirst on a hot day!

    The groom wore a simple boutonniere which is an antique piece we found at the antique faire.  It symbolizes George Washington chopping down the cherry tree.

    Fresh cherries and whoopie pies, yum!

    A milk and cookie bar was finished off with fresh fruit and cool whip for guests to enjoy!

    Annie is wearing a 40’s feeling blusher-feather hearpiece we just love!  Her bouquet was created to mimic the feel of the centerpiece with poppy pods, freeform passionvine and little stem treatment to give the feel of a “picked from the garden” look.

    Special thanks to:

    Tinywater Photography for taking the amazing photos you see here!  Caroline and Daniel ROCK, they are super sweet and uber talented.

    Amber Novey with Platinum Planning who organized and brought together the details.  You couldn’t believe all of the goodies it takes to bring together a shoot like this!

    Tina Chan with The Cookie Drop who made all of the cookies you see in our cookie bar… which were later scavenged by ants!

    Herdah Warner who created all of the custom labels, soda pop flags and invitations!  So festive, so 4th!

    Rona Basa with Luxe Image for the hair and make-up which looks amazing!  Rona is located in the Sacramento area and is available for travel!

    Wish Bridal for the awesomely cute short wedding dress!  Isn’t it lovely!

    Hair accessories by Pegasus Maiden, super cute, stylish and all customizable to you!

    And of course, Callie the super cute golden retriever!

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  • Men’s Wedding Fashions

    June 29th, 2010 admin

    So, today I am going off topic from the traditional floral post to share with you this totally cute store I happened to walk into while on my stay in Boston for the American Institute of Floral Designers Annual Symposium.  The store is called vineyard vines – martha’s vineyard, and they carry women’s and men’s “preppy” attire.  I totally love the look of the store, which has the feel of where the store was created, Martha’s Vineyard!  And, when I saw the darling array ties for men, I couldn’t help but think of these for use in a wedding! You can definitely add a little personality to your wedding day attire by finishing off your suit with one of these funky ties.  Also available in bow ties, which are all the trend right now, you can shop these lovely designs at:  Vineyard Vines Here are a few of my favorites!

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  • Beach Wedding

    June 26th, 2010 admin

    Yesterday we designed a destination wedding in Paso Robles, California which turned out gorgeous, and just about a month ago, we were out of the studio at another destination wedding in Malibu, California.  I was just able to get my hands on some amazing photos Sarah Maren, of Sarah Maren Photography took of that Malibu wedding and I just couldn’t wait to share!

    Aimee and Jarrod are such a lovely couple, and I was more than honored to work with them on bringing together their decor and flowers for this hip and trendy wedding full of family, friends and the most amazing details!  Their wedding took place on a gorgeous sunny afternoon at the Malibu West Beach Club.  The ceremony was held on the patio which later tuned into a glowing lounge thanks to the talented Sonny Gallardo with Exquisite Events and Entertainment.  {See photo, bottom left}  The ceremony was filled with bright florals, a crystal strung backdrop with hanging orchids, and a mixture of lounge and traditional furniture for guests to sit and watch the couple marry.  Turquoise-teal glass added a pop of color with fun and bright florals to liven up the outdoor setting.

    As guests entered into the reception area, the feel was “cabana chic.”  Thick black and white striped runners which the bride’s grandmother made were placed across the tables.  Turquoise glass was filled with white phalenopsis orchids and other white blooms to add to the stylish decor.  A dessert bar created by the talented Carissa Jones of Sugar and Spice was filled with colorful treats to match the decor of the wedding day.

    Beach Centerpieces

    Get the Look….

    Photography:  Sarah Maren Photography

    DJ:  Exquisite Events and Entertainement

    Desserts & Cake:  Sugar and Spice

    Bridal Dress:  Miosa Couture

    Hair and Make-Up:  Image Provocateur

    Videography:  Acti-Video

    Invitations and Paper Products:  Stephanie J Designs

    Floral Designs:  Botanica Floral Designs

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  • We’re Loving This…

    June 23rd, 2010 admin

    A couple of months ago we participated in the Glitz and Glamour Wedding Showcase out at Scribner Bend Vineyards.  I love wedding shows because it gives me an opportunity to create something not every bride comes to me with a picture of.  An all rose bouquet has been done thousands of times… I thought we’d liven it up a bit with this lovely design.

    This bouquet is a bit rustic, but still very elegant! The look was designed for an outdoor- casual wedding.  It was a show favorite of the brides with the preserved cotton bolls, soft lamb’s ear, ‘Sahara’ roses and green hanging amaranthus.  I also finished it off by adding a few rustic branches throughout the flowers to add some movement.  The stems were treated with a layering affect of brown freshwater pearls of various sizes and styles.

    Not necessarily a bouquet a bride would come to me and ask for, but now maybe a little interest has been peaked?  Of course we do the traditional designs, but this had to spark more thought and creativity and when you take a look at this in person, you say, “yeah, I like… no, I love it.”

    What things are you interested in seeing in a bouquet?  I’ll take on the challenge and surprise you to create something any bride would be proud to carry, all while staying elegant and stylish for your wedding day.  Let’s hear from you??

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  • A few insider tips from wedding flower expert, Audrey Gardemeyer! Today we are teaching brides {and bridesmaids} how to properly hold their bouquet{s} so you look awesome as you walk down the aisle. Check it out and let us know what you think! If you are a wedding vendor, check it out and share with your brides!

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  • When Aimee with 2Chic Events and Design asked me to create a beach inspired centerpiece for the NACE tabletop contest, I was thrilled!  Having grown up near the beach most all of my life, I truly miss being so close to the ocean.  Aimee’s color palette centered around a modern twist to the beach feel, utilizing steel gray, metallics and whites.  It turned out looking, clean, crisp and oh, so chic!

    The centerpiece was created in a metallic container Aimee chose, we filled it with white flowers from phalenopsis, stock, tulips, ranunculus and tall white manzanita.  The table was accented with starfish and sand dollars which stood out perfectly against the gray pin-tick linens.

    Get the Look:

    Table Design:  2 Chic Events and Design

    2 Chic Events and Design provides day of to full-service wedding planning and design for the Sacramento area and beyond.

    Photography:  Kristy Huston Photography

    Kristy Huston Photography is based out of the Sacramento area, but available for worldwide travel.  Amazing, modern, and fresh!

    Check out this photo shoot featured on Kristy Huston Photography!

    Linens:  Mimi and Company

    Mimi and Company has the most luxurious linens, custom options and wide range of looks for any event or wedding.

    Rentals:  Classic Party Rentals, Sacramento

    For the bride or client looking for a one-stop shop, Classic Party Rentals can put up a tent to finish off the details on your table tops.

    Paper Products:  Bella Vita Invitations

    Looking for the most exquisite invitations, Sara with Bella Vita will create something perfect to match you and your fiance’s style!

    Venue:  Le Rivage Resort and Hotel

    Located on the riverfront of the Sacramento River, Le Rivage will treat you and all of your guests like royalty!  From the amazing Scott’s seafood, to the in-hotel spa, be prepared to get pampered!

    Flowers:  Botanica Floral Designs

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  • California Wedding in the Foothills

    June 14th, 2010 admin

    As many of you know, we do weddings all over Northern California, and lately, all over the state!  We’ve recently been down to Malibu, we have a wedding in the San Luis Obispo region in a few weeks, and this featured wedding comes in from the delightful town of Murphy’s, California.  The couple was married at Broll Mountain Vineyards, a gorgeous winery about an hour East of Stockton.

    Get the Look:

    Wedding Planner:  Paige One Events

    Photography:  Angel’s Photos by Jeannette

    Wedding Flowers:  Botanica Floral Designs

    Shayne’s floral colors ranged from deep purple to hot pink and lime green accents.  We used miniature calla lilies, lisianthus, fiddlehead ferns, pink gerbera daisies, ‘Hot Lady’ roses, dianthus, and green dendrobium orchids.

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  • True Passion

    June 11th, 2010 admin

    I can’t believe I am posting this!  Yes, that is me with my first arrangement I ever created.  Gotta love how my shirt matches it!  I was in the fourth grade, and while my arrangement looks scary now, I’d like to think I’ve come a long way!  Hope you get a laugh, I think it is pretty funny!

    Most people don’t know that I started designing flowers over ten years ago when I entered high school, started judging cut flower quality and designs in FFA {Future Farmers of America}.  I participated in a Statewide competition which my team won and further participated in Nationals, placing 7th in the Nation and individually, placing 4th overall.  My agriculture teacher, Mr. Jones, now Dr. Jones was a huge influence on my career now.  Hey Dr. Jones!  He taught me one of the lessons I live by:  ” if you take what you love and make it your job, it will no longer be a job, and you won’t ever have to work.”  Isn’t that so true?

    Upon graduation I went off to study to become an ag educator, and with a change in major I knew that my decision to study horticulture was the right choice.  I transferred from Fresno State to California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo where I learned everything horticulture. From floral design, to studying plant materials, plant physiology and cultural greenhouse and landscape practices, the “learn by doing,” philosophy taught me hands on what the horticulture and floral industry is like.  Studying under inspiring and supportive floral artists, such as Melinda Lynch, AIFD and many other industry leaders, I was lucky enough to participate in more National Competitions, even earning the title of  the countries top Floral Crop Evaluation team and individual champion.  Managing the on site floral shop on campus, working with wedding professionals on the Central Coast, and keeping industry ties all had such a positive impact on where I am today.

    Here I am with Kim {left} and Pam {right}, both AIFD designers that I worked with at A Secret Garden Florist in Clovis, CA.  In this photo we are at the Rose Parade where we were contracted to work on the floral designs for the floats!  If you’ve never attended, you’ve got to, it is AMAZING!  Thanks ladies for all you’ve helped me with!

    It’s easy to do something you are passionate about.  As I look back over the years of all of the events, people and wonderful things I have been a part of, I feel so lucky and blessed to be loving what I’m doing and doing what I love.  With all of my industry exposure, there is a lot to say about apprenticeship in this industry.  I have been so lucky to what seems like “meet the right people at the right time,” but I think it is more than just coincidence.  It’s passion, It’s finding what you love and living it!  I’m going to keep doing what I love and loving what I do, hopefully you’ll do the same.

    What are you passionate about?  What drives you?  I want to know, what makes you get up and do what you do every day?  Is it for the money, or is it much more?

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  • Pink Wedding Flowers

    June 10th, 2010 admin

    Happy to share a few images from one of our recent pink weddings!  The bridal bouquet was created with pink peonies, roses, gladiolus blooms and sweet peas.  Our Sacramento bride asked to have her bouquet collared off with white ostrich feathers.

    Get The Look….

    Flowers: Sacramento Wedding Florist : Botanica Floral Designs

    Cake:  The Sweetest Things

    Photography:  Jessie’s Photos

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  • Photo By: Allison Stahl Photography

    1.  What colors are really available?

    There are some gorgeous color trends out there right now, but what you may not be thinking of is how these colors you commit to may not coordinate with your flowers.  You’ve got to see the big picture first.  How will the bridesmaid gowns tie in with your flowers?  Your linens?  And your ultimate vision that you are piecing together?  Instead of making a bunch of separate decisions, think of the grand scheme and how it is all going to come together.

    I also see many brides come to me with inspiration photos of flowers which have been edited by a photographer with computer software.  The flowers are tinted with shades which aren’t true to their natural color, and sure, they look cool in photos, but they are totally unrealistic.  That’s fine if you like the look, just be open minded that you are seeing an edited photo.  You’ve got to talk with a professional designer who knows what they are doing and can help you coordinate your flowers with the other pieces of the puzzle you have already selected.  Show them swatches and other items you have chosen to find the best match.  And, keep in mind that saying your color is plum doesn’t cut it.  Bring in a swatch or color chip to show your designer the exact shade you are looking for.

    2.  Is your budget realistic?

    Unfortunately there is a lot of mis-information out on the market regarding how much you should budget for flowers.  Magazines and wedding shows are partly to blame, but my suggestion is to always talk with a professional who is going to meet your needs to get you accurate pricing for what it is that you are looking for.  Your style might be more expensive based on a number of items.  I always compare it to purchasing a home and getting the upgraded granite, crown moulding and finishes…..  What is it that you are looking for?  It will have a direct effect on how much your flowers are going to cost.  Along with this, you should express any concerns with your budget upfront so that your designer can offer realistic options.

    3.  Is what you are asking for available?

    Let’s face it, we are dealing with Mother Nature, plants and flowers are dependent on weather, worldwide trade and availability.  Are you looking for red roses the week or two after Valentine’s Day?  This is when supply is very limited.  Are you wanting peonies in September? Chances are, not going to happen. Unfortunately there are letdowns, and you need to be working with someone who is smart enough not to promise you something you can’t have.

    4.  Can your designer do the job?

    Don’t just meet with four florists to meet with them.  Narrow down your search by finding the right people to match your needs.  Do you like their work?  Will they deliver?  Does their work look good, clean and professional?  Most importantly, do you feel comfortable with them and can you trust that they will do what you are asking them to do?

    5.  Do your flowers fit your personality and theme?

    Ultimately, you want your decor to tie all together.  Whether you are having a Spring wedding tented-event or a Fall inspired candlelit reception, your personality, style and wedding day decor should be easily recognizeable and YOU!

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  • Fun Wedding Flowers

    June 4th, 2010 admin

    Yeah!  It’s the end of the week!  I love Fridays, whether we are working on a wedding or not, I love to just get excited for the weekend!  Today I am sharing a few fun photos I shot this morning of a couple of lovely floral ideas to ponder….

    Here we have some vintage clear bottles in a metal wired holding rack, I just couldn’t resist to use this for a photo opportunity!  Inside the vases are blue eryngium variegated geranium, oregano (which smells fantastic) and a few strings of pearls.  I just love this look!  Perfect for an outdoor wedding!

    Secondly, I wanted to share this re-invented ring bearer pillow.  Don’t know about you, but I am tired of seeing the traditional stuffed pillows that are so cliche.  I think this presentation is so much more personalized and fun!  We’ll be sharing more of these ideas to come, so stay tuned!  What do you think, out with the pillows and in with personality?  I want to hear from YOU, please leave a comment and let me hear your thoughts!  Until next week, enjoy the weekend… and hopefully a little sunshine!

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  • Granite Bay Golf Club Wedding

    June 2nd, 2010 admin

    Danae and Josh were married at Granite Bay Golf Club in May and what a more wonderful couple to work with! Danae is such a sweet woman, and it was no surprise that her family was just as wonderful to work with! When Danae came to us, she had a few ideas in mind for her flowers, but left the details up to us.  She was looking for a green and white color scheme that was timeless, rustic, and a little nature inspired!  I must say, it is one of my favorites of the year so far!

    Special thanks to Chris Shepard Photography for capturing the day, and creating this awesome inspiration board of the details!

    Get the look….

    Venue:  Granite Bay Golf Club

    Photography:  Chris Shepard Photography

    Emcee and DJ: Extreme Productions

    Cake: Village Cake Shoppe

    Officiant:  Linda Dew Hiersoux

    Videography:  Team Video Production Services

    Bridesmaid Dresses: Brides and Maids, Santa Rosa, CA

    The ringbearer carried a pillow we custom created to fit right in with the natural, rustic feel of the day.

    Cocktail Tables featured our signature artichoke design with rustic branches and passion vine wrapped around.  Fun!

    Escort Cards which were printed on wildflower seed paper were displayed in a container we filled with split peas.  The edges were finished off with fresh florals.

    Tall centerpieces featured hanging passion vine, amaranthus, green antique hydrangeas, kale, tulips and rustic branches.

    The decor was reflective of the couple, their love of nature, but so timeless and gorgeous!

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  • Do your flowers have Mono?

    May 21st, 2010 admin

    Bridal Bouquet Created By:  Botanica Floral Designs

    Photo By: The Memory Journalists

    Mono-chromatic that is!  Monochromatic is a color term used to describe the use of all one color in varying shades.

    Monochromatic wedding bouquets make such an impact and splash of color against any wedding gown.  They add drama and say FUN to any bridal ensemble.  The hot trend of having bright shoes to match your flowers ties right in with this look.

    Worried about what your bridesmaid’s might carry then?  Another hot trend is to have them carry white flowers while you carry bright colors.  If your wedding color palette is only of a few colors, this is the way to go.  Your bridesmaid’s will still get contrast with carrying a white bouquet against their dresses, and your bouquet won’t get lost by being the same hue as your dress.

    This monochromatic  Scarlet red bouquet is made of red gladiolus, ‘Black Magic’ roses, and red celosia.  Accents of red Guinea rooster feathers tie in the black embellishments on the handle.

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  • A Bold Boutonniere

    May 17th, 2010 admin

    Photos By: Kristy Huston Photography

    Just a few bold boutonnieres to start off the week… Left: A few peacock feathers finished off with decorative wiring. Middle: A couple of button mums are accented with feathers to back and gold wire accenting.  Right: Eucalyptus pod with millet and scabiosa pod.  Jute wiring finishes off the stems.

    These are just a few fun examples of boutonnieres to liven up the look of your groom and groomsmen’s lapels.  More and more we are seeing a more stylized look rather than the traditional rose boutonniere.  Try using some interesting blooms when it comes to your bridal party!

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  • Glitz and Glamour Wedding Showcase

    May 11th, 2010 admin

    You are cordially invited to attend a wedding showcase that will inspire and engage your inner bride!

    When:  Sunday, May 23, 2010 Noon-5pm

    Where: Scribner Bend Vineyards

    For more details, and to pre-register, please visit:


    We can’t wait to see you there!  Expect great give-a-ways, gorgeous fashion shows, tabletop designs and the best wedding vendors for your special day!

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  • Hindu Wedding Inspiration

    May 8th, 2010 admin

    We were so honored to be invited on for the Arden Hills Beyond Platinum event which was held back in October of 2009.  This exclusive event featured Sacramento’s elite wedding professionals displaying and inspiring brides and grooms with how to take their weddings to the next level, Beyond Platinum!   Our Team created the florals and accent pieces for the Indian Summer vignette.  The color palette was warm, rich tones of marigold orange, magenta and royal purple.  Working alongside Praveen of Shaadi by Shivam rentals, we teamed up to create a lounge feeling vignette that put guests in awe!

    Gold embellished ornate pieces filled the sweetheart table which was placed in the center of the mandap.

    Hanging gold garnished lanterns were accented with magenta phalenopsis orchids and hanging crystals.

    Garlands traditionally worn in Hindu weddings were created with colorful carnations and marigolds.

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  • With prom and wedding season in full gear, today we are going to teach you how to pin on a boutonniere so that it won’t fall off and you’ll never see a pin.  Take a look at the video and let me know what you think.  It was our first, I’d love to hear some feedback!

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  • A Handbag to Envy

    April 28th, 2010 admin

    Photo Provided By: The Memory Journalists

    Design By: Botanica Floral Designs

    Here’s a handbag you won’t find in your closet or the department stores.  I love accessories and when Our Wedding Magazine came to me with a request for a vintage inspired photo shoot, I thought why not create something unique and different to show brides that you don’t always have to be conventional when it comes to your flowers.

    We create a lot of floral purses for flower girls; it is a fun accessory, an updated and sophisticated look from the pomander or kissing balls we see commonly.  Also, the flower girl can keep the purse as a keepsake that they can have.  With a church ceremony where petals aren’t allowed, this is just the perfect substitution.

    This purse was created with a base of reindeer moss which will keep it’s color.  The yellow globular flowers are craspedia which are native to Australia and New Zealand.  These blooms have become quite popular and are so much fun:  their shape, color and keeping quality are fantastic!

    We’ve embellished the purse with a jute handle and rhinestone accents to add that extra special touch for any little girl.

    We hope you enjoy this special accessory we think any little girl or bridesmaid would certainly love to carry.

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  • Have you checked in?

    April 14th, 2010 admin

    Have you checked in yet?  Well, the Doctor is in, Dr. Bride that is!  Do you have a wedding day dilemma, or is something just eating at you and you don’t know how to handle it?  Make sure you attend this complimentary session with Dr. Bride herself!

    Helping brides for over a decade long, Dr. Bride, Kristina Smith has heard it all!  From wedding dress dilemmas to future Mother-In-Law problems, she’ll be here to help you and solve your problems.  Below is an invitation to the event. Please be sure to r.s.v.p. so the Doctor will be ready for your check in!

    You can read more about Dr. Bride and the advice and help she offers on her website: www.askdrbride.com

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  • You’re Invited

    April 8th, 2010 admin

    We are happy to announce and invite you to the WeTv’s Platinum Wedding airing of Charity and Frank’s wedding on April 18th!

    To double the excitement, we are combining this with the Bridal Bliss Workshop to take place before the show airing.

    The event will be held on Sunday, April 18th

    4:00-6:00 Bridal Bliss Workshop

    6:00 Show Airing

    This event will take place at the Mix Downtown Rooftop Lounge.

    What else can you expect?

    Incredible table designs to inspire!

    Gift Bags with discounts for local wedding vendors!

    Live music!

    Free mini make-up trial runs!

    Delicious cake tastings!

    You will also have the opportunity to mix and meet the vendors from this Platinum Wedding and learn how you can have Platinum quality for any budget!

    To view a more detailed listing of the workshop presentation and to register for this event, please visit:

    Sacramento Wedding Planning

    Admission is $25 for two guests.

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  • Wine Country Wedding: Part 3

    April 7th, 2010 admin

    A close up of the table arrangements.  Burlap runners tied in with the rustic venue, wine box crates and wine bottle candelabras.

    Below is a close up of where the bride and groom sat for the dinner reception.  Cones on either side of the chairs doubled as decor for the aisle.

    At the end of the evening, the open air tent was lit with market lights and a starry sky!

    Photography By:


    This wedding was featured on WeddingChannel.com.

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  • Wine Country Wedding: Part 2

    April 6th, 2010 admin

    Day two of our featured winery wedding!

    It’s the special extra touches that make a wedding day truly unique.  Here, the couple displayed a chalkboard of the cocktail hour drinks.  We simply just added a few fresh florals to the board to soften the look, and tie in the colors of the day.

    As guests entered the large lawn where the reception was to take place, Italian city postcards were used as escort cards to direct them to their tables.  Another personal touch I just loved!

    Guests enjoyed dining at long banquet style tables.  Mismatched wine crates lined the center of the tables and displayed flowers in the cornflower blue to peach and subtle orange shades.

    Photography By:


    This wedding was featured on WeddingChannel.com.

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  • Wine Country Wedding: Part 1

    April 5th, 2010 admin

    Mindy and Matt were married last year at the end of Summer on a gorgeous day at Young’s Vineyards in Plymouth, CA.  What a sweet couple, and so in love!  Their wedding was so gorgeous!

    Mindy’s bridal bouquet was created with peach and white fragrant garden roses, fragrant tuberose, jasmine, helleborus, freesia, and pieris buds.  We also finished off the handle of the bouquet with a heirloom brooch of Mindy’s family.

    Photography By:


    This wedding was featured on WeddingChannel.com.

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  • Simple Wedding Flowers

    April 1st, 2010 admin

    Today I thought I would share this photo of a very simple arrangement I put together in a small vase with some Mokara orchids.  I love the simplicity of the look!

    Simple designs just as this are timeless.  Grouped together with other vases in this hue and more mokara orchids, you can make quite a stunning statement.  Using only one flower type and vases in the same look makes a simple arrangement turn into a focal piece your guests are sure to notice!

    Kristy Huston with Kristy Huston Photography captured the image.  Kristy’s eye for detail is amazing!  She picked out this lichen covered rock and I think the vase and florals were featured just perfectly here.  Thanks Kristy!

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  • This exclusive wedding showcase will be held at the beautiful property of Scribner Bend Vineyards located just outside downtown Sacramento.  Showcasing Sacramento’s finest wedding professionals, this event will be just as the name states, full of Glitz and Glamour!

    Designer wedding gown fashion shows, elegant table linens and florals, ideas for the chic bride… you won’t want to miss this one!

    In addition to meeting with Sacramento’s most exceptional wedding vendors, you can have the opportunity of taking home some wonderful door prizes and raffles just for attending!

    To pre-register and view more information, please visit the Glitz and Glamour Wedding Show website.  We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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  • Couture LeFleur: part 2

    March 5th, 2010 admin

    Here are some more hand-crafted pieces from our Couture LeFleur collection:

    Special thanks to Carmen Salazar for these photographs.

    This silver bangle is accented with spray roses, green amaranthus and helleborus.

    The necklace of this rhinestone pendant is created from wired pink heather.  The pendant was handcrafted and created with rhinestones.

    To compliment the heart pendant, this dainty floral band is also created with pink wired heather and is accented with rhinestone embellishments.

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  • We just got news that the “Platinum Wedding” of Frank and Charity will air on April 18, 2010!  Make sure you tune in to see this gorgeous wedding that we created the flowers and centerpiece decor for.  Filled with the glitz and glamour any bride would want, anyone who loves bling will be gaga over this wedding!  Tune in and check it out!

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  • Vintage Wedding Bouquet

    March 3rd, 2010 admin

    This has got to be one of my favorite bouquets of the year that we’ve created!  When Jennifer with The Memory Jornalists asked me to make some bouquets for her vintage inspired photo shoot, I was totally excited!  Along with the floral headpiece Jennifer and her lovely girls picked out, isn’t this just fabulous?

    The reasons why I love this bouquet so much:

    1} The color combo:  We’ve got miniature brown cymbidium orchids, two shades of button chrysanthemums {very inexpensive}, a collar of brown feathers, fiddlehead ferns and pheasant feathers.

    2} The asymmetry:  The feathers jetting off to her left shoulder adds a bit of attitude.

    Against the gorgeous backdrop, it’s quite a great compliment!

    Thanks to Jennifer with The Memory Journalists for putting this shoot together.

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  • Duchess Roses

    March 2nd, 2010 admin

    A duchess rose is a type of composite flower, which is created from multiple flowers to create one flower. They are created by gluing or wiring petals or flower parts together to create a larger or more intricate bloom. Below is a photo of one we’ve created with rose petals.  The overall size is about four times the original size of a standard rose.  You can make these larger or smaller depending on the look you are going for.  I think they are very romantic, fun and different looking.

    You can also create composite type flowers with gladiolus, orchids, and a variety of other types of flowers and foliages.  The options are endless!

    Photo By: Carmen Salazar Photography

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  • Boutique Wedding Show

    February 25th, 2010 admin

    If you missed out on attending the “Let Them Eat Cake” event this past weekend, it was an afternoon full of sweets, eye candy and a cake competition like no other!  Put on by V.I.B. Productions {Very Important Bride}, the idea was to showcase Sacramento’s premier cake designers in a Marie Antoinette themed competition.  Brides in attendance judged the cakes on appearance as well as taste!

    Congratulations to all who participated, your hard work, dedication and talent was quite, quite impressive!

    Check out some of the awesome work featured:

    The event was held at Antiqute Maison Privee, a new venue located in midtown Sacramento.

    This whimsical carriage featured above by can be rented along with two white horses from: Vintage Carriage.

    Gorgeous cakes!

    The winner based on appearance went to…..River City Cakes!  Congratulations!

    Best overall table display went to…. Sweet Cakes by Rebecca!  Rebecca’s table was so cute!  From cake bits to white chocolate dipped apples and apothecary jars filled with candies, it was a feast of eye candy.  Signage created by the awesomely talented Stephanie J. Designs!

    Best cake judged on taste went to…..Pastry Heaven! Congratulations!

    Other cake designers who participated:

    The Sweetest Things:  Lisa Marie’s cake was a tower of fondant which resembled a gown Marie Antoinette would wear!  Finished off with jeweled brooches, it was stunning!

    Shelton’s Wedding Cakes:  This cake had intricate molding around the edges, and the shimmer finish was lovely!

    Village Cake Shoppe:  This cake had an out-of-the-box interpretation.  Cupcakes were wired around the cake like a full skirt a lady from Marie Antoinette’s era would wear!

    Babycakes Bakery:  This towering powder blue cake was also very intricate with detail and fondant draping!

    Sugar and Spice: Carissa’s cake was covered in sugar flowers!  Much hard work and dedication!  Her table was covered in hand-made edible treats from macaroons to mini cupcakes with lemon topping!  Yum, Yum!

    Music helped keep the fun vibe going, thanks to Sound Image Entertainment.

    Gorgeous and super tasty candy display created by Shelley Larkin with Pizzazz! Event Planning.

    Aren’t those linens pretty, pretty?  Contact Mimi & Co. to take your linens up a notch!  Everything they do is couture, custom and in-house.

    The Calligraphy Girl made name tags for each of our guests to wear along with the sweet girls from Invitations Ink.

    Thanks to Carmen Salazar Photography for the wonderful photos!

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  • Couture LeFleur Collection Part 1

    February 24th, 2010 admin

    Couture LeFleur is a collection of bridal floral jewelry and accessories.  For the bride who is looking for the perfect embellishment to her hair or a couture piece to carry down the aisle, these precious florals are hand-crafted to reflect your personality.

    Below are a few images of our latest additions to the collection:

    This birdcage veil is embellished with spray roses and feathers to add a vintage feel.

    This cuff bracelet has green hypericum berry embellishments giving a rocker cuff look.

    A woodsy feeling headband is accented with green foliages, berries and a little sparkle.

    This pearl and organza choker necklace is accented with peach spray roses. A helleborus blossom is added to a pearl headband for a dainty accessory.

    This partial head-wreath is created with a variety of foliages, helleborus blossoms and green ribbon which drapes down and is filled with love knots.

    Thanks to Carmen Salazar Photography for capturing these images.

    Wish Bridal Consignment for the gown and model.  Kristina with Wish Bridal is the other half of the jewelry designs and inspirations with Couture LeFleur.

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  • Love Birds

    February 20th, 2010 admin

    Here’s a fun idea for a centerpiece or a lovely accent to your guest book table.

    This vintage feeling metal bird cage is accented with two love birds inside and is adorned with a peach gerbera daisy, leucadendron and kumquats!

    Bird Cage Centerpiece

    Bird Cage Centerpiece

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  • {Introducing: Couture Le Fleur}

    February 20th, 2010 admin

    Serving the Sacramento area as well as all of Northern California “Couture Le Fleur” is like no other…

    Conceived by the desire to blend their craft of fresh flowers with cutting edge trends and fashion inspiration. Audrey Gardemeyer and Kristina Smith have created this exclusive collection of couture botanical bridal accessories. In a world looking for the personal and authentic, Couture Le Fleur allows their clients to tell their own personal stories and capture their most precious, memories hand crafted specifically for their special day.  Call today for a private showing and see first hand for yourself the design and crafsmanship that make Couture Le Fleur the hautest thing in floral design.


    Carmen Salazar Photography-35

    Carmen Salazar Photography-7

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  • {Let Them Eat Cake}

    February 17th, 2010 admin

    If you haven’t already R.S.V.P.’d, make sure you do, this event is going to rock!  Sacramento’s best cake designers in a competition that is Marie Antoinette themed!  And the best part?  You, as a bride are going to judge it!  Yes, you will judge these cakes based on appearance and taste!  What better way to celebrate a Sunday!  And, if you are looking for a cake artist, what better place to see all at once!  Here’s the invitation and information so you can check it all out yourself!


    Sunday, February 21st

    Antiquite Maison Privee

    2114 P Street, Sacramento, CA

    Admission $10 at the door

    R.S.V.P. to wish_bridal@yahoo.com

    Or call: 916.969.9721

    See you there!

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  • {Why You Shouldn’t Shop Solely on Price}

    February 15th, 2010 admin

    I meet with many brides each year to provide them with a complimentary consultation where we can better see what their floral needs are and also provide them with accurate pricing to reflect the look that they desire.

    I will be honest in that I cringe when I hear a bride is just price shopping, they’ve met with four florists, and they are “waiting to make a decision.”  Not that researching pricing is bad, no, I think it is something that absolutely should be done.  As most brides don’t know how much flowers cost, this is understandable, but there is a difference between shopping for price and finding the perfect match when deciding on a floral designer.

    Here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t shop solely on price:  And, this can be applied to hiring a wedding planner, photographer, caterer, or other wedding vendor:

    1.  There is no way to compare two florists’ bids.  Even if you show two florists a photo, they may both interpret what you are looking for in a different manner.  One may make your centerpieces larger than the other, one may use more stems of flowers, one florist may include the rental cost of vases and vessels, while the other does not.  There’s just no way to compare apples to apples.

    2.  What are you really getting?  Are you settling for a lower price point and having the quality of work compensated?  Will the flowers be less than premium quality?  Will your delivery and set-up be included, or will this be tacked on after a contract is signed?  Are there additional fees for rentals?  Before deciding or signing a contract, you need to know the details.

    3.  What kind of experience, or added benefits are you getting?  Has the designer been working in the industry for many years, do they have any credentials or is this just a hobby they do every now and then.  Having experience and a portfolio to back this up is essential.  You need to see their work, and ask many questions to see if they are a good match for you.

    4.  Are they going to devout the time to you and your needs?  Will they be prompt in returning emails and phone messages, or do they have other priorities.  Sure, designers are busy, but making time for you is essential in having a stress-free bride.

    My advice:

    1.  Qualify florists before meeting in person.  Browse their websites, designs and read their backgrounds as well as their philosophy.  Make sure they are a good match for you first.  After reviewing their portfolio, you may find that you don’t even like their work.  You don’t want to waste your precious time nor theirs if you don’t get excited when looking at their website.

    2.  Follow-up after receiving an estimate.  Chances are, you may have forgotten what you discussed.  If the estimate is out of your price range, suggestions can be made as to other options.  Many changes and additions or deletions are made before a contract is signed with clients.

    3.  Most importantly, during your consultation did you have a connection with the designer?  Did you feel that they could make your vision come to reality, or did you have hesitations and didn’t feel very confident after meeting with them?

    Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, you want to make sure you hire the perfect vendors to make your day spectacular!

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  • {Happy St. Valentine’s Day}

    February 14th, 2010 admin

    I am a romantic at heart, I love love, and what better day to celebrate than Valentine’s Day!  I found a few vintage Victorian Valentine’s cards to share with you on this day of love!  Hope you and yours are enjoying a day together!




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  • {Pretty Purple}

    February 10th, 2010 admin

    Today’s featured bouquet showcases all shades of purple!  From light lavender scabiosa to deep purple-blue anemones, this bouquet would look gorgeous against a purple dress for your bridesmaids.

    The stems are finished off with a bold purple embellishment brooch to dress this bouquet up just enough!

    Purple Bouquet

    Purple Bouquet

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  • {Eclectic Is In}

    February 9th, 2010 admin

    One of the leading trends emerging in 2010 is getting that eclectic vibe going!  The vintage feel is certainly in, but we are talking about mixing things up, creating interest to your tables and your designs.  Using different styles of vessels, say all in one color, but having them in different shapes, forms and textures to make a statement!  Here’s a few photos captured by  The Memory Journalists of an event we did this past year with this eclectic type feel we are talking about.

    Held at Le Rivage Hotel in Sacramento, this event was all about FUN!  Working along with Aimee Wendell of 2 Chic Events and Design our vision was to dress up a casual afternoon mixer into a colorful and fun outdoor soiree! We used green and blue glass along with textured green votives to bring out an eclectic feel to the table decor.  Brightly colored flowers made these hues “pop” off the white drop ceiling.

    Eclectic Centerpiece

    Blue and Green Vintage Centerpiece

    Green Glass Vase

    Interesting vessels add a unique look, even though they aren’t being used to display florals.

    Green and Teal Damask Plates

    Teal and Green Damask Plates tied in with our colors.  Get them at: Classic Party Rentals

    Wine Bottle Vases

    Recycled wine bottles seemed to fit right in with the look and displayed a few floral blossoms.

    If we had done plain clear glass for this event, it wouldn’t have been near as interesting, but the colors chosen, the variations within the glass, and the added “pop” of yellow florals simply said FUN!

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  • {Wedding at Berghold Vineyards}

    February 8th, 2010 admin

    Katie and Austin held their April 2009 Lodi wedding at the beautiful Berghold Vineyards and Winery.

    Katie’s theme was pinks, purples, whites and polka dots.  For the ceremony, hot pink pomander balls were lined down the aisle, tied onto chairs with black and white polka dot ribbons.  Following the ceremony, these pomanders were tied into olive trees behind the bridal parties’ head table.

    Berghold Vineyards Wedding

    Berghold Vineyards Wedding

    Hot pink carnation pomander balls with polka dot ribbon to line the wedding aisle at Berghold Vineyards and Winery.

    Berghold Vineyards Wedding

    Berhold Vineyards Wedding

    Katie’s bouquet was created with fragrant tuberose, light blush pink roses and ‘Vendella’ ivory roses.  Light pink freshwater pearl accents were also added into Katie’s bouquet.

    Katie’s bridesmaid’s carried hand-tied style bouquets created with ‘Hot Princess’ roses, hydrangea, fragrant stock and sweet pea blooms.

    Lodi Wedding

    Photos By: Brodie Jayne Photography

    Guest tables had tall centerpieces atop of glass cylindrical vases.  The bright colors tied in well with the gorgeous blooming bougainvillea in the outdoor setting.  Hanging crystals and floating candles surrounded the centerpieces to add to the atmosphere after the sun set that evening.

    Congratulations Katie and Austin!  Wishing you many, many happy years ahead!

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  • {Dress Up Those Stems}

    February 7th, 2010 admin

    Perfection is in the details, and nothing finishes off a bouquet quite like a little detailed treatment to the stems of a bouquet.  Whether it be satin white ribbon or a textured velvet finish, I love to add a little personality to the last finishing touches on the handle.

    A little bling or a family brooch, you can tie in your wedding day look right down to the final touches.  Above are a few of my favorites we’ve created.

    Crown Bouquet

    Photo By: Carmen Salazar Photography

    Here we finished off the stems with a tone on tone brown french twist treatment along with a complimenting gold brooch and pearl pins.

    Wedding Bouquet

    Photo By: Gino Creglia Photography

    A brown flocked ribbon treatment wrapped the stems, accented with a brown brooch to pick up the feathers.  Gold freshwater pearls created bands to add that extra lush touch!

    Wedding Bouquet Handle

    Photo By: Gino Creglia Photography

    Cerise ribbon wraps the stems here along with decorative bullion accented with blue freshwater pearls for a fun color combo!

    Pink Velvet and Brooch Treatment

    Soft velvet ribbon is accented with a pink brooch.

    Croton Leaf Stem Wrap

    Photo By: Wendy Hithe Photography

    For this bouquet we used colorful croton leaves wrapped around the stems of the bouquet. Over this we then did a french twist treatment to hold these in place.

    Fur Stem Treatment

    Here we’ve wrapped the stems with faux fur accented with rhinestone detailing.

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  • {Join Us This Month}

    February 6th, 2010 admin

    Sacramento Wedding Show

    I am so excited to invite all you Sacramento brides out there to a truly decadent event happening at the end of this month!  Let Them Eat Cake will be a confectionary competition held here in Sacramento with a truly fun theme, Marie Antoinette.  Local talented cake designers have been asked to create a Marie Antoinette themed cake as well as tasting cakes for you, the brides to judge based on creative style and taste! If you are interested in putting these talented cake designers to the test, and want see who’s fit to do your wedding cake, contact information for the event is below:

    Sunday, February 21st

    Antiquite Maison Privee

    2114 P Street, Sacramento, California

    Admission is $10 at the door

    R.S.V.P. to wish_bridal@yahoo.com

    Or call: 916.969.9721

    Wish Bridal Boutique will be hosting the event.  If you are in need of a bridal gown, call Kristina with Wish Bridal!  Offering designer gowns at discounted prices, what girl could ask more!

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  • {New Look for the Ring bearer}

    February 5th, 2010 admin

    Ringbearer Pillow

    Ring bearer Pillow

    This ring bearer pillow is more than just the generic pillows we’ve seen from years past.  Created with accents of berries and a band of fluffy ribbon treatment, your ring bearer will be strutting down the aisle in style!  Of course we added a little jeweled accenting as well, as nothing says special like a little glitz!

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  • {A Lovely Note of Appreciation}

    February 4th, 2010 admin

    Serrano Country Club WeddingPhotography:  Vida Mia Photography

    I received this lovely note of appreciation about a week ago from Jessica and Max who had her Fall wedding at Serrano Country Club this past year.  What a gorgeous couple and they both have the sweetest families ever!

    Hi Audrey!

    I am finally getting around to saying thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much for all your help with our wedding.  When I look back at the pictures the flowers make them so gorgeous!  I wanted you to know how much we appreciated the beautiful flowers and all the help you were to us!  Weddings have so many details and can be stressful so your help was wonderful and greatly appreciated!  The flowers really were the icing on the cake and made it the wedding I had imagined!  We hope you are doing well and enjoying this new year!


    Jessica and Max

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  • For a bride looking for a gorgeous setting for an outdoor wedding, Grace Vineyards is a charmer!  Located only 20 minutes from downtown Sacramento, this Sacramento wedding venue is surrounded by vineyards, and a golf course view.  What I love about this venue is the Antebellum Estate found on the property, it really takes you to the South.  The property surrounding the estate compliments just as well, lush grasses, beautiful vineyards, a great starting point to make any wedding spectacular!  With an on-site tent included in rental, we think Grace Vineyards is more than accommodating for any bride.  To view their website and contact for booking rates and availability, contact Grace Vineyards at 916.447.3774 or visit their website: www.gracevineyards.net

    Grace Vineyards, Sacramento wedding venues

    Photo By:  Andrea’s Images

    Antebellum Wedding Venue

    Sacramento wedding locations

    Photo By: Andrea’s Images

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  • This past week we were so lucky to have been featured on one of my favorite blogs, Hostess {with the Mostess}!   The wedding featured was held in the foothills of California, and was full of color and personality!  Check out the details by clicking below and explore more on HWTM!


    Here are the links for the other vendors who also participated in making this wedding extra special:

    Paige Galla: Paige One Events

    Photographer:  Wendy Hithe

    Catering + Cupcakes:  Lila + Sage

    Entertainment: Manicato

    Venue:  Larsen Family Ranch

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  • { Join Us This Week! }

    January 17th, 2010 admin

    Carvahlo Family Winery

    You are cordially invited to:

    Unique Elegance

    An Evening At Carvalho Family Winery

    Friday, January 22, 2010

    6-9 pm

    $10 pre-registration, $15 at the door

    Tickets Available At:


    All event proceeds will go to benefit Kiwanis House, the umbrella organization for Kiwanis services to children.

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  • { For the Flower Girl }

    January 15th, 2010 admin

    Flower Girl Purse

    Here is a purse we created for the flower girl to carry.  It is completely covered in live flowers and foliage.  Because it is lightweight, it is the perfect accessory for any age.  And, what a great keepsake for her to take home!

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  • {Designer Showcase + Symposium}

    January 13th, 2010 admin

    Sacramento’s Designer Showcase + Symposium

    Are you a recently engaged Sacramento bride?  Want to attend an evening of pampering and get educated all about your upcoming wedding?  Well then join us and some of Sacramento’s premier wedding vendors this month!

    Wish Bridal is hosting a designer showcase and symposium for engaged Sacramento wedding brides.  From invitations to gorgeous gowns, custom men’s suits to florals and catering, it’ll all be under one building!  Here’s your chance to speak with the pros, and get some added information to take your wedding to the next level.

    January 14th from 6pm-9pm

    Negative Space Studio

    2114 P Street

    Sacramento, CA 95693

    Free admission with a donation of a new or gently used bra for {Bra}vo, a campaign for women’s homeless shelters.

    Please RSVP to Kristina Smith at:  wish_bridal@yahoo.com

    We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • {To Have And To Hold}

    January 9th, 2010 admin

    Pink Bouquet

    Photo By:  Carmen Salazar Photography

    On your wedding day you will be glowing with confidence, poise and breathtaking beauty.  When it comes to carrying your bouquet down the aisle, you want to make sure you look your best and that you are properly carrying your flowers.  This will ensure flawless photos, and can make you look even better than you already do.  I always share with the bride and her bridesmaids a few helpful tips when I deliver a wedding so that they can look their best.

    Before you Start Photos:  Make sure you dry the stems off of the bouquets before starting photos.  Your bouquets will be delivered in a vase of water so that they stay looking fresh and beautiful that day.  The last thing you want is a wet mark on your dress or your bridesmaid dresses in your photos.

    Carrying the Bouquet:  The back of your forearms should rest on your hips, placing the bouquet around your belly button, angling the bouquet out a bit.  You don’t want your bouquet “creeeping” up into your face as you walk down the aisle. Elongating your arms with a slight bend will also elongate your torso and give you good posture as you walk down the aisle.

    There’s A Front to the Bouquet?:  Yes!  Your designer has chosen the best view for your bouquet based on how it was designed.  This will ensure that your bouquets are all looking perfect and at their best angle for your photos.   The front usually has detailing such as decorative pins.  Your designer should inform you the correct way to hold your bouquets.

    Keep these few tips in mind on your wedding day, and you’ll look poised to perfection!

    Do you have a question for Audrey?

    Email me at audrey@botanicafloraldesigns.com and I’ll get your questions answered!

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  • {Wish Bridal presents….}

    January 8th, 2010 admin

    Sacramento Wedding Show

    Sacramento’s Designer Showcase + Symposium

    Are you a recently engaged Sacramento bride?  Want to attend an evening of pampering and get educated all about your upcoming wedding?  Well then join us and some of Sacramento’s premier wedding vendors this month!

    Wish Bridal is hosting a designer showcase and symposium for engaged Sacramento wedding brides.  From invitations to gorgeous gowns, custom men’s suits to florals and catering, it’ll all be under one building!  Here’s your chance to speak with the pros, and get some added information to take your wedding to the next level.

    January 14th from 6pm-9pm

    Negative Space Studio

    2114 P Street

    Sacramento, CA 95693

    Free admission with a donation of a new or gently used bra for {Bra}vo, a campaign for women’s homeless shelters.

    Please RSVP to Kristina Smith at:  wish_bridal@yahoo.com

    We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • {Premier Wedding Show}

    January 6th, 2010 admin

    Botanica Floral Designs

    Photo By: Jensen Videography

    Thanks to all of the wonderful Sacramento brides who stopped by to meet us at the Premier Wedding Show this past Sunday!  We had such a wonderful time getting to meet you all!

    As a newly engaged bride, you may be overwhelmed with the magnitude of details before you.  When it comes to your flowers and decor, we are here to put you at ease.  Working alongside your other vendors, we will help you come up with and coordinate the perfect flowers and decor to go with your venue and style.

    Forecasters say that 2010 will be a very busy wedding year, with couples pushing back their 2009 dates due to the economy.  What does that mean for you?  More brides, the same number of venues and vendors, so more competition to book the vendors that are the perfect match for you!  If you haven’t done so already, make sure you contact us to set-up your complimentary consultation where we can come up with a custom proposal for you and your beautiful Sacramento wedding!

    To get in touch with our design studio, you can complete a Contact Form on our website or phone us at 916.673.8650.

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  • {Choosing a Vessel}

    December 31st, 2009 admin

    Definition of A Vessel

    What is a vessel?  A vessel is a container or receptacle to hold and display your floral centerpiece.  It can be as simple as a box, crate, pot, vase, bowl, basin, or urn.  And, it can be made of any sort of material from ceramic to lucite, cement to wood, mercury glass to bark….any finish to suit your style.

    So, What Can A Vessel Do for Me?

    Depending on the theme and feel of your venue, as well as the atmosphere you would like to achieve, your vessel choice will help accomplish the overall ambience.  For example, an outdoor rustic setting may lend to a ceramic mossed urn, while  a modern indoor reception with simple and clean lines may opt for a white, sleek, boxed rectangular vessel to play off the clean and modern edge.

    Mixing Up The Look

    Mixing and matching of vessel types such as vintage blown glass with different shapes and sizes as well as colors can give off an eclectic feel.  A more modern tablescape with kings tables may have a variety of rectangular and square vases to mimic the look and feel of the long tables.  Whatever your decor already has going on can be accentuated with the look of your vessel choices.

    In Use

    As a designer, I too often see brides settle for a less than fitting vessel due to budget constraints.  What most brides don’t know is that Botanica Floral Designs as well as most floral design firms carriy a wide variety of different vessel “looks” to suit your taste and wedding day style.  If we don’t have it, we’ll source it out and find the perfect fit!

    The other  truth of the matter is that it can be the simplest of items which can bring out the most in your reception decor.  I had one bride who acquired wooden wine crates we used as vessels for her winery themed wedding.  Each of the wooden boxes had a different winery logo and name wood-burned into the side.  They  made a huge impact, and guests loved them!  One of my newfound hobbies is glass collecting.  I am drawn to different bottle and glass styles of beautiful colors.  For an outdoor backyard wedding, these would be absolutely gorgeous…. and quite a conversation piece for guests.  And, they don’t all have to match!

    Below is a collection of different styles and shapes of vessels that can be used for your centerpieces, sign in table arrangements and other floral feature pieces.


    For a More Rustic Wedding Look…


    How about a vintage wedding…


    And lastly, a modern wedding…


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  • {Recently Engaged? Planning a Wedding?}

    December 30th, 2009 admin

    Botanica Floral Designs would like to congratulate all of the newly engaged Sacramento couples!  This is one of the most exciting and memorable times of your life, and what better time to start planning than right now!

    I would like to invite you to come see some of Sacramento’s finest wedding vendors at the upcoming Premier Wedding Show Sunday, January 3, 2010 at Arden Hills Resort.  From caterers to venues, florists to invitations, every aspect of your wedding will be represented by the best of the best in the wedding industry.

    To see more information, please visit Premier Wedding Show’s website.

    Make sure you stop by our booth, see our floral artistry and set-up your complimentary consultation!  We will be offering some un-passable show incentives, so make sure you stop by to say hello!  We look forward to meeting you and starting the planning process!

    Sacramento wedding florist

    Botanica Floral Designs | Sacramento Wedding Florist


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  • {New Look, New Year!}

    December 29th, 2009 admin

    With the New Year just around the corner, we were in need of a make-over!  So, what do you think of our new logo?  We’re loving the girly look and new crown icon.  What do you think?  Botanica LogoGraphic Artistry By: Denialle Chabot

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  • While flowers such as gardenias, lilac, freesia and tuberose can be quite fragrant and wonderful in certain situations, they can be competing and overpowering in a centerpiece setting.  For your reception, you don’t want the florals to compete with cuisine, and you certainly don’t want a guest with scent sensitivity to not enjoy your reception because they have a migraine from the overpowering smell of your centerpiece.

    Used in small amounts, these blossoms are alright, but creating a very fragrant centerpiece, especially if your venue is an indoor environment can be less than enjoyable.  Your guests will enjoy the atmosphere, the smell of the fine cuisine they are about to eat, and the beauty of your centerpieces without overpowering them with a floral fragrance.

    Fragrant Flowers

    Clockwise from top left: Lilac, tuberose, freesia, gardenia, jasmine vine, paperwhites, casablanca lilies.

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  • {Have You Considered Your Bouquet Color?}

    December 27th, 2009 admin

    Have you always dreamed of walking down the aisle carrying an all-white bouquet?  Or maybe you are considering carrying something with a little more drama?  Whatever your preference may be, there are a few words of wisdom when it comes to selecting the perfect hue for your aisle accessory.

    While an all-white bouquet can be ultra chic in person, an all-white bouquet doesn’t show very well in photos against a white dress.  One suggestion is to add a few light hues of creme, or a beautiful rose such as the ‘Sahara’ to give contrast against your white gown.  Adding another hue gives contrast, depth and interest to the white palette you already have going.  Something as subtle as silver foliages or a naturally found green accent would also give the perfect contrast and compliment to your white florals.   You may also consider collaring off your bouquet with sleek leaves or scented geranium {one of my favorites!}  Some florals such as freesia, veronica and tulips show a bit of green naturally in their blooms, so you can also get contrast right from these blossoms.  Whatever option you choose to go with your white hued bouquet, make sure you take into consideration how your white blooms will show in photos.

    For more drama you may be considering carrying a bouquet full of color.  Whether it be monochromatic {all one color} or a variety of colors, there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to colorful bouquets.  A monochromatic bouquet to me says high drama!  The new popular trend of having matching colored shoes to your floral bouquet is quite stylish too!  You really can’t go wrong with a monochromatic bouquet, it is very classic.  When it comes to multi-colored bouquets, you want to make sure there isn’t too much going on.  No bride wants guests to be distracted by a bouquet that takes away from your natural beauty on your special day.  Keeping things simple with colors, and adding textural elements within your color palette will help avoid these wedding day don’ts.

    No matter what you hue you choose to carry, you will be the center of focus, so make sure your florals compliment your look.  As a seasoned wedding florist, we are able to come up with the perfect florals, color palette and style to make you look your best!

    White Bouquet

    Photo By: Botanica Floral Designs

    This white toned bouquet also has some very light peach tones in addition to green accents found in the flowers themselves.  See how the bouquet shows against the white gown?

    White bouquet

    Photo By:  Element Studios

    This bouquet features not only white florals, but a taupe colored roses as well.  The green calla lily stems add contrast as well as movement to this piece.  Large pearls tie in the color from the ‘Sahara’ roses to add a bit more elegance.

    Yellow wedding bouquet

    Photo By: Kristy Huston Photography

    This monochromatic yellow bouquet is created with yellow ranunculus and is collared off with scented geranium.  The all yellow hue has contrast against the white gown, and shows in this Sacramento bride’s photos.

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  • {Arden Hills Resort Wedding}

    December 27th, 2009 admin

    Clients Michelle and Thomas tied the knot mid-December, and chose to hold their Sacramento wedding at the beautiful Arden Hills Resort.  For a California destination wedding, Michelle and Thomas planned their wedding from nearly 2,500 miles away!  Michelle also works in the wedding and event industry, and contact me through an organization we both are a part of, NACE, the National Association of Catering Executives. Because we have worked with similar situations as this in the past, Michelle and I were able to communicate via email, phone, sketches and photos to achieve the exact wedding flowers she was looking for.

    Michelle’s blue bridal bouquet was created with light blue hydrangeas, delphinium blossoms, white lisianthus, roses, silver brunia and a collar of dusty miller.  The subtle silver tones with the brunia and dusty miller were the perfect compliment to the cool blue tones.  The stems were finished off with an ivory ribbon laced up with a cornflower blue french twist treatment.

    The gentlemen wore boutonnieres to compliment the wedding flowers the girls carried.  White spray roses accented with silver brunia and cornflower blue ribbon gave a polished look to these boutonnieres.

    The impeccable cake was designed and created by Freeport Bakery, and they did an excellent job!

    Lighting and emcee services were provided by Mike with Creative Memories.

    Congratulations Michelle and Thomas!

    Blue Wedding Flowers

    Blue Boutonniere

    Arden Hills Wedding

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  • {Cover Model Contest, Are you the Next???}

    December 20th, 2009 admin

    Sacramento Wedding Flowers, Sacramento Real Weddings, Real Weddings Sacramento

    Real Weddings Magazine is calling all local brides out for their annual cover model contest!  Three lucky girls chosen as finalists will get pampered for an all day photo-shoot, and get their photos in Real Weddings Magazine!

    If you are interested, you can download an entry form, but make sure you complete it soon, as the deadline ends January 31, 2010!  Make sure to let your personality shine through with your answers!  Also, make sure you read the rules to ensure you are eligible to enter.

    To read more about Real Weddings Magazine, log on to http://www.realweddingsmag.com.

    Above: Winter 2010 cover featuring cover model winner Kimmi Armstrong.  Photo by Jodi Yorston Photography, dress from The Bridal Box, flowers by Botanica Floral Designs, hair and make-up by Image Provocateur/VIP-CAT Academy.

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  • {Winchester Country Club Wedding}

    December 17th, 2009 admin

    If you are a Sacramento bride looking for the perfect Sacramento wedding venue, take a little trek just past Auburn where you will find Winchester Country Club.  For a nature lover as myself, I instantly fell in love with this truly gorgeous property!  Surrounded by lush forests, and a legendary golf course there’s no shortage of beautiful scenery.

    Winchester Country Club can accommodate an intimate gathering of guests as well as up to 400 people.  With various options for ceremony and reception set-up as well as fine cuisine and an “all-inclusive” package, who wouldn’t want to tie the knot at this luxurious site?

    Here are a few photos from their website, but to get the whole effect, you must go see!  You will enjoy working with Darcie Carrier, the on-site wedding and event professional who will guide you throughout your planning at Winchester Country Club.  Darcie can be contacted via phone at 530.878.3015.

    Winchester Country Club Wedding

    Winchester Country Club Wedding

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  • {Real Weddings}

    December 15th, 2009 admin

    If you haven’t already picked up the “hot off the press” Real Weddings Magazine, you’re missing out!  Featuring real Sacramento weddings, this publication is loaded with awesome ideas for the Sacramento bride getting married.  You’ll also see some of our very own work, including the deep red bouquet we created which is featured on the cover of the Winter Issue!

    You can also see more of our work featured on pages: 47, 50, 51, 52, 139.  One of our Real Weddings from last year, Nicole and Raymond, were also a featured Real Wedding in the publication, page 76 & 77.  Make sure to check out the style files where you can also see some of our trendy ideas to use for your wedding!

    So, if you haven’t gone and picked this magazine up already, make sure you do so!  We think you are going to like it!

    Cover Shot Taken By: Jodi Yorston Photography

    Sacramento Wedding Florist, Real Weddings Magazine

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  • {Pretty in Pink}

    December 5th, 2009 admin

    This romantic, pink hand-tied style bouquet was created for a Sacramento wedding we did this past month.  The flowers used included pink hydrangeas, pink miniature calla lilies, ‘Sweet Unique’ pink roses, pink standard gerbera daisies, pink lisianthus, light pink waxflower and hot pink spray roses.  The stems were finished off  with a pink silk ribbon french twist treatment.

    Photo By: Botanica Floral Designs

    Pink Wedding Flowers, Sacramento Wedding Florist, Sacramento wedding flowers, Sacramento wedding florists, Pink bouquet, Sacramento wedding

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  • {The Indestructibles}

    December 4th, 2009 admin

    Last night I had the pleasure of enjoying a local party-rock band, The Indestructibles!  If you are throwing a corporate party or a wedding and are in need of some awesome tunes to liven things up, look no further!  From country to the classic hits, these guys know how to get a crowd dancing and singing along.

    The Indestructibles can be contacted and booked through their website.

    The Indestructibles, Sacramento Band, Sacramento Rock Band, Sacramento Entertainment

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  • {Featured on WeddingChannel.com!!}

    November 24th, 2009 admin

    One of my favorite Sacramento weddings of the year was Mindy + Matt’s Italian inspired wedding which took place at Young’s Vineyard in Plymouth, California this Summer.  It was also just recently featured on weddingchannel.com!

    Catriona Arcularius of Arcularius Events helped Mindy + Matt plan their wedding, and no detail was left untouched!  From sandals for their guests to lounge in, to sparklers to finish off the evening…. the attention to detail didn’t go unnoticed.  { I just LOVE it when brides really shine their personality through from start to finish!! }

    Mindy’s colors were cornflower blue paired with peach.  The wedding ceremony featured a burlap lined aisle with brown cones filled with flowers.  Guests enjoyed cocktails amongst wine barrels, mason jars filled with flowers and specialty drinks focused on Italia!

    The reception took place under an open air tent { my favorite new spin on the traditional tent} accented with long king’s tables topped with burlap runners.  Table numbers featured Italian cities, custom created by the bride herself.  It was the perfect touch! Centerpieces in wooden wine crates were filled with peach blossoms as well as blue flowers.  Flowers used included: peach roses, peach stock, dahlias, delphinium, jasmine vine for a bit of fragrance and hydrangeas.  We added a variety of greenery to add to the outdoor-rustic feel.  The centerpieces were tied together with smilax vine lined with votive filled mason jars.

    Mindy’s bouquet was created with peach garden roses, tuberose to add a tinge of peach color, green helleborus {so gorgeous!}, calcynia, freesia and a brooch from Mindy’s family.

    Guests enjoyed great wine, a cool evening from the warm day, tunes from Joe with Extreme Productions DJ’s and a star filled sky!  Congratulations Mindy + Matt!

    Here are some images captured by Ashley Forrette Photography.

    Sacramento wedding florist, Sacramento florist, Sacramento wedding flowers, Sacramento platinum wedding, Northern California wedding, country wedding

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  • {Designer Showcase + Symposium}

    November 23rd, 2009 admin

    Sacramento wedding florist, Sacramento florist, Sacramento wedding flowers, Sacramento platinum wedding, Northern California wedding, country wedding

    Are you a Sacramento bride in need of some inspiration?  Want to come enjoy an afternoon of being pampered, as well as seeing some of the latest trends, beautiful gowns and awesome Sacramento wedding vendors?  Well, then you need to come to The Designer Showcase and Symposium hosted by Wish Bridal.

    Admittance is free with a small donation:  bring in a gently used bra for the [BRA]VO Campaign for local homeless shelters and help support our community.

    By Invitation Only:  If you are interested, please rsvp at idobridalconsignment@yahoo.com.

    When:  Sunday, December 6th, 2009 from 1-4 pm

    Where:  Negative Space Studio |  2114 P Street, Sacramento

    For more information, please visit wishbridal.com

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  • {Platinum Wedding: Part II}

    November 13th, 2009 admin

    This is a follow-up to a previous post on the October wedding we worked on which will be featured on WE tv’s reality show “Platinum Weddings.” Frank and Charity’s reception transformed the already stunning Arden Hills into a masterpiece!

    Along with their wedding planner, Aimee Wendell of 2 Chic Events and Design, Frank and Charity created an uber-chic lounge for their guests to enjoy cocktails, followed by a reception to remember!

    The Heritage room was fully draped by CMC events, and finished off with hanging crystals and some awesome lighting!

    For the tables, Charity wanted something very sleek and modern, and for someone who doesn’t looove flowers {….it hurts me to say this}, the focus was on clean lines and bling!  The five foot tall centerpieces were created with hand painted silver manzanita, a clear cylindrical vase filled with ice gems, and over 350 Swarovski crystals per centerpiece!  Totally bling!  Each centerpiece was lit by an LED platform to illuminate the gems and crystals in the branches.

    A candy display featured upgraded couture linens from the fabulous Mimi & Co..  Mimi & Co. also did fully custom chair covers with a rose accent on the back of each chair!

    Sacramento wedding florist, Sacramento florist, Sacramento wedding flowers, Sacramento platinum wedding, platinum wedding florist, Northern California wedding

    Photo By: Christopher Kight Photography

    Sacramento wedding florist, Sacramento florist, Sacramento wedding flowers, Sacramento platinum wedding, platinum wedding florist, Northern California wedding

    Photo By: Christopher Kight Photography

    Sacramento wedding florist, Sacramento florist, Sacramento wedding flowers, Sacramento platinum wedding, platinum wedding florist, Northern California wedding

    Photo By: Christopher Kight Photography

    Sacramento wedding florist, Sacramento florist, Sacramento wedding flowers, Sacramento platinum wedding, platinum wedding florist, Northern California wedding

    Photo By: Allison Stahl Photography

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  • About a month ago we were hired to do the flowers for a local wedding which will be featured on the WE tv series, “Platinum Weddings.” The crazy part of this whole story is that we were hired less than 36 hours prior to the wedding!  Considering that clients normally hire our services a year to nine months in advance, this was a rare occurrence, especially for a wedding to be featured on reality tv!

    With six hours to meet with their wedding planner: 2 Chic Events and Design, put a floral order together, and make it to the S.F. Flower Market, we were extremely lucky that we got all of the necessary items needed….the day before the wedding! {FYI,  we normally place our floral orders with much time in advance so that we can guarantee the availability of the flowers, get in any specialty items and special order hard-goods. }

    Frank and Charity were married at the St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Rocklin, with a reception followed at the beautiful Arden Hills Resort.  Their style:  Modern Elegance.

    Charity’s bouquets for the bridal party and herself were created with ‘Vendella’ roses along with ivory spray roses.  Each bouquet was collared off with ostrich feathers.  Charity’s bouquet was finished off with the most gorgeous Swarovski crystal band, simply amazing!  The simplicity of her bouquet was the perfect compliment to her custom-made couture gown created by Miosa Couture.

    For the church decor, each pew end had a pillow of roses with long ivory hanging wide satin ribbon.  At the altar, two full arrangements of roses framed the couple.

    We can’t wait to share more of the details, especially the stunning reception, so stay tuned!

    Photos By:  Christopher Kight Photography