Transporting Your Rentals

We are just as excited about you picking up your rentals as you are!  We want to make sure it is a smooth and easy process for yourself, or if you have a friend or family member coming to get your items.  Here are some helpful tips!

  • Be sure to review your order for specific pick up and return times.
  • Please pass along a copy of your order to whomever is picking your order up.  If it won’t be yourself, be sure we have the correct contact name and phone number listed on your order for the person who will be coming.
  • Make sure the delivery vehicle you have coming to get items is large enough.  Here are some helpful measurements of crates:
    • Goblets:  19″ l x 19″ w x 9″ h crates for 25 cups.  Pink Goblets transport in qty of 16 per crate.
    • Saucers / Coffee Cups:  23″ l x 16″ w x 6″ h crates for 20 cups
    • Dinner plates come in milkcrates with 20 plates per crate.  13″ square by 11″ h
    • B + B Plates (40 plates per box) Salad Plates (30 plates per box) 16″l x 11″ w x 10″ h
    • Flatware boxes 13.5″ l x 9″ w x 5″ h
    • Decor items will be boxed up into other containers.
    • You can always call us to get a rough idea if your items will fit into your vehicle.  We can also send via text a video of the items pulled on Wednesday, the week of your wedding.
    • All upholstered items must be transported in an enclosed vehicle or trailer.

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